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The Loot! - What's your latest tobacco purchase?



  • Got some Irish Meadows and a tin of Edward G. Robinson from the StoryTellerPipe.
  • Thank you for the info @motie2 !
  • @Kmhartle
    Quite the purchases lately! Did they all come from that cigar shop?
  • @Balisong ~ No, but I am swinging by that cigar shop tomorrow to browse. This was actually from 2 online orders. One from The Briary and the other from Boswell's. They happened to arrive at the same time. 
  • @Balisong

    Jeez Louise! Where do y'all get all that disposable income? I'm green with envy.....
  • @motie2, it was $85 in total and I haven't bought much this year! I was reminiscing about the time I walked out of the shop with a tobacco they guaranteed would fend off New Hampshire mosquitoes. That was my intro to lat bombs!
  • @Balisong

    Great mini-epic! Thanks for your response....,
  • @motie2 ~ If it hadn't been for an unexpected bonus at work (conveniently timed with a Esoterica\Sobranie drop at my local B&M) I wouldn't be as freewheeling with disposable income. The portion I set aside for tobacco purchased is sadly about depleted.
  • edited September 2020
    As a side note,
    The fresh St. James Flake smells like good strong black tea😋
    The Chocolate Flake smells like Cēpacol (the stuff that is used as an analgesic for a sore throat)😖. I hope it smokes better than it smells.
    The Kendal Cream smells faintly like some spice herb I can’t quite place? Tarragon, Basil, Sage, Mint?
  • @RockyMountainBriar ~The chocolate flake is growing on me.  Jarring it has done wonders for it. Age seems to make all SG blends better, IMHO.
  • My most recent purchase was at the last CPCC meeting. I bought two oz of a blend called Two Blends. I mentioned that I really don't enjoy latakia. The blender said that she put only a handful of latakia in a 10 lb batch of the blend. Sorry, even that was more than I really enjoy.
  • @Winton
    I’m with you on the latakia.  A pinch in 10lbs would still be too much.
  • This is also going to be a rant.

    What will probably be my last purchase from the local B&M I've supported for the last five years:

    1 50g tin Solani Tropical Mango Flake.
    1 100g tin Peterson Summertime

    The b&m was a Tinderbox which became a Mayan Import location. The main Mayan Import is on Magazine Street in New Orleans and while it caters mainly to cigar smokers, it had an okay selection of pipes and pipe tobaccos. The second location is in the French Quarter (currently closed due to the pandemic) and it catered only to tourist cigar smokers. That left the Metairie location which I supported because it always had a very good selection of pipes and pipe tobacco but, more importantly, the two main employees had extensive knowledge in pipes and pipe tobacco and both were also pipe smokers. They were both let go after the pandemic grant money ran out in May. The owners decided to move the employees from the French Quarter store to the Metairie location.

    The rear ends of a cross between a horse and a donkey not only know less about pipes and pipe tobacco than I know about flying a space shuttle, they are rude and basically don't give a gnat's ass about pipe smokers.

    A friend and member of the New Orleans Pipe Club is retired and normally spent four or five hours a day sitting in the shop and helping out (for no pay). He was in there having a pipe a couple of weeks ago. A new pipe smoker came into the shop and asked about a new pipe. The guy behind the counter opened the case holding some of the pipes and walked away. Then the customer started asking questions about pipe tobacco and was basically told to "read what the tin says". My friend went over and started talking to the new pipe smoker and helped him pick out a pipe and a couple of tins of tobacco. A sale was made.

    After the customer had left, the asshole behind the counter told my friend, "You don't work here, don't interfere with our customers." 

    When we start holding meetings again, it won't be at Mayan Imports.
  • @PappyJoe

    A well founded rant, sir.
  • Just bought 2 tins of HH Balkin Blend; 2 tins MacBaren Dark Twist, and 1 tin of Astleys #2 from Smoking Pipes.
  • @PappyJoe, I agree with your comment about the employee.
  • @thebadgerpiper, congratulations on the birth of your son!!!!!!
  • Just received two tins of C&D Red Virginia Flake. Now the trick is to not smoke it in the next two weeks.
  • Just received a tin of John Cotton’s Double Pressed Burley and Double Pressed Latakia, and two pouches of John Bull.
  • Thank you @mfresa ! It's been quite the change, but a good one.
  • Well, I had searched for it in the past, but the other day after smoking a bowl, I decided to search for it once again.  Low and behold, I found two more tins at an online tobacconist I had not “popped” before👍🏻
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