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  • Consider this category a catch-all, an area for “off topic” conversations or posts that are tangentially related to pipe smoking but do not fit in another category. We've all got other interests, feel free to talk about those here.
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  • This category allows the veteran pipe smokers to offer up expertise and help keep the tradition alive by passing on their vast knowledge. If you're new to pipe smoking, or just want the opinion of an expert, post your questions and thoughts here.
    RSS Feed 160 discussions 2.7K comments Most recent: The pipe people have been talking about by PappyJoe September 18
  • This category is home base for all things pipe and tool related. Share your thoughts on your favorite pipe, or ask others for their opinion on one you've got your eye on. And if you're looking to show off a little, don't worry, we won't judge you.
    RSS Feed 431 discussions 16K comments Most recent: Pipe refinishing by KA9FFJ September 24
  • This category focuses on questions about tobacco brands, types, cuts and individual user reviews as well as providing members with a place talk about their own unique blends. If it is tobacco you seek, this here is where you'll find it.
    RSS Feed 627 discussions 30.3K comments Most recent: What are you guys smoking right Now? by KA9FFJ September 24
  • This section focuses on food, drinks, travel, entertainment and what pipe smoking means to you. Think of this as an extension of our own Lounge section here on the site, giving life to our own articles and allowing you to submit your own. Let's talk culture, folks!
    RSS Feed 221 discussions 9K comments Most recent: The World We Live In by PappyJoe September 20
  • This category highlights famous pipe smokers, pipe craftsmen, events, gatherings and more to celebrate pipe smoking and foster social connections among "the pack" - that's you. Introduce yourself here and we may even select you to be a featured member of The Pack on the site.
    RSS Feed 75 discussions 2.1K comments Most recent: Famous Pipe Smokers by motie2 August 31