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What are you guys smoking right Now?



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    I just took a quick gander, my guess would be a Stirling or Arcadia.  Similar pipes, one with a push stem the other threaded.  I do not know which yours has so I cannot make that determination.  Also, I am guessing it has a threaded in bowl and not a plug in bowl :)
  • Smoking some Countryside in my Molina Shorty Anse.
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    I just realized the Sam Gawith “Chocolate Flake” has Latakia, no wonder I think it smells like Cēpacol=crap😖
    I decided to give it a try anyway in my little Eaton Cob so I would not ruin any good pipes.  It got through the charring light and another and another (the stuff is tough to get going straight from the tin) maybe ten puffs, now I have some nasty sheen in my mouth that ruined my latte and now I am sad for my Eaton Cob.  I am going to set it aside to take outside later to smoke....more like dump out....nasty....nasty.  Why the hell is this stuff called chocolate flake? There is no chocolate anything.  I hope I can salvage my cob, what can I say, I’m a cheap bastard.
  • Sorry to hear about that, @RockyMountainBriar, but it did sound funny.
  • Wow, that's one negative reaction @RockyMountainBriar! I bought that flake once and tossed it after the second bowl. I wasn't a very good Catholic either, me and a friend used to make up a sin list before confession and compare Hail Mary counts afterwards. I've been thrown out of a few churches and a few bars, not much difference. 🥴
  • Too early for Early Morning Pipe, starting with Balkan Mixture. 
  • @Balisong
    You are well up on me, I have never been thrown out of either...yet😬
  • Just loaded a bowl of Esoterica Pembroke for this morning's smoke.
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    That’s kinda scary😳

    Trying to excise the SG “Chocolate Flake” ghost out of my little IPSD 2018 Eaton Cob with some of that Sutliff “Barbados Plantation” that I have dried and dried. It is still sitting at 16% moisture (still a little wet for smoking for me).  I sat it outside (80+) degrees in a screen strainer for 30 minutes, it did not really dry out anymore.  I shook the strainer a bit and about half of the tobacco went through the screen as “snuff” particles.  I should have had a bowl to catch it.  After drying and accidentally sifting the tobacco, a nearly full 1.5 oz. tin is now only 0.65 oz.  I did smoke one bowl before I weighed it, so if a bowl is about .07 ounces then there was only about .75 ounces of smokeable tobacco in that full Sutliff tin, and that is being generous.  I will say, after getting it dried down to 16%, it is the best bowl of Sutliff tobacco I have ever smoked👍🏻  It is quite tasty, it would be even better without the slight latakia ghost.
  • Kmhartle;
    Take care of yourself. We can't afford to lose a member of the brotherhood!
  • @Kmhartle

    Thoughts and prayers, amigo.
  • @RockyMountainBriar

    Break down and try it not bone dry. I’ve had great success with a 20 minute airing; even more by adding a bit of Balkan Sasieni. In any event, BP has been my go-to blend since I resumed pipesmoking in 2016. It now is my second choice, after Cross Eyed Cricket, which is goldilocks out of the tin and has its own Latakia and Perique, along with “rum punch.”
  • @Kmhartle, clots are not good, I had one in my femoral artery that put in on the operating table and left me disabled! 

    @RockyMountainBriar, with that kind of shrinkage I'm glad you like the small bowl on the Eaton!
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    The “Barbados Plantation” is still plenty sticky, it still clumps together, far from bone dry.
    Latakia😖 even a hint...blech, ptooy, I’ve tried many, even a ghost in a pipe ruins the good tobacco I’ve got loaded.  I’m glad the salt/coffee grounds/alcohol treatment along with the final ozone chamber treatment gets rid of ghosts in my estate pipes.
    Yes, the Eaton is great for a short smoke.  I like my big pipes too, but I definitely gravitate toward a group 3-4 straight pipe.
  • Enjoying some Balkan Mixture in an older Missouri Pride that I  loaded for a trip to the feed store. There was plenty left of my Early Morning Pipe to get me there and back, a little Latakia goes a long way, I was like you at one point @RockyMountainBriar!
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    I hope I don’t burn my tastebuds out enough where I can smoke latakia, because I think that is what it would take for me.
  • Tastebuds are funny sensors. I smoked 1Q for years then got away from all tobacco for a year or two. Stressful situations and spotting pipe tobacco cigars at a convenience store got me started again. I tried more aromatics than I can count and none was satisfying. A tobacconist asked if I disliked the taste of tobacco.  I thought about it and ventured into flakes. I found I didn't like Perique, it gave me niccups so I stayed with Virginia Flakes for a while and bought a tin of EMP by mistake. Two years later I opened the tin and got hooked!
  • @Balisong
    I have to say I like perique, orientals, Va/Per’s, burley and combo’s thereof.  Most of the time straight virginia’s take a back seat.
  • @opipeman
    Threaded stem, It looks to be the Arcadia🙂
  • @RockyMountainBriar;
    I believe you have solved the mystery. I have been wading through the pictures on the site you sent, but hadn't identified it yet. Thank you for your research and time spent figuring it out..
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