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  • Agreed @RockyMountainBriar
    Never occurred to me the similarities, and I have 2 Nonpareils... If there's any difference, I would guess the Mastersen has a VERY slightly thinner bowl. But it so close I would probably have to used my micrometer to know for sure...
    Also, the stem end of the shank extension is shaped and finished a little differently...
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    The Kaywoodie Canadian and Zulu look like pretty nice pipes.
  • @KA9FFJ
    What are the two pipes, The Liverpool second down on the left and the Canadian fourth down on the right? They both look like pretty nice pipes too.Yello-Bole or maybe Kaywoodie’s too?
  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
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    @RockyMountainBriar I put them all back in a box. I'll get them back out and try to post a list sometime tomorrow afternoon after golf...
  • As promised @RockyMountainBriar Here's the pic followed by the description...

  • 1st column:
    JOST'S A1
    JOST Deluxe
    Dr. Grabow Regal
    ROPP Supreme (cherry wood)
    Dr. Grabow Riviera

    2nd column:
    RONA freehand sitter
    Kaywoodie Standard
    No-name Italy
    JOST A1 prince
    Kaywoodie Prime Grain
    Penthouse #9456

    3rd column:
    The Pedestal Pipe - Israel
    Savinelli SherWood #604
    JOST'S Old English Deluxe
    Yello-Bole Century Model
    KayWoodie HI-BOWL  H9

    Very Bottom:
    The stemless Mastersen 
    (Stummel only)

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    There are definitely some nice work horse pipes there.
    Thank you for listing them.
  • RondyRRondyR Enthusiast
    Pre-restoration pictures. 

  • @RondyR

    Freakin’ find of the year candidate!
  • You guys are pretty damn lucky. Since Covid there have been minimal outdoor or indoor Flea Markets here in my area. And for the most part the little antique shops seem, to be closed.
  • @RondyR that's the score of a lifetime. Nice find and great looking after the refurb as well!
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
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    If you check out http://www.pipephil.eu/logos/en/dunhill/index.html and https://pipedia.org/wiki/A_Dunhill_Pipe_Dating_Guide you will be able to determine the exact year that pipe was made.

    I occasionally find Dunhill's in my wandering around antique/junk malls and shops but usually they are way overpriced for the condition the pipe is in. 

    I have a 1926 Dunhill Bruyere Innertube patent number. I spent more money than I normally spend on a new pipe to have a new Dunhill stem made for it but it was worth the money. 

  • RondyRRondyR Enthusiast
    I have Pappy, but the patent number was used both in the 1920s and the 1940s, so I’ve been unable to nail it down. 
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
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    Either post a clear photo of the stamping or the exact wording and numbers on the pipe and I will see if I can pinpoint the year for you. I can't read what is in the photos because of the glare and because the stamping gets too fuzzy when I enlarge the photos.

    Dunhill uses a suffix number either after Made in England or after the Patent Number to identify the year. The suffix number is always smaller than the other numbers or letters.

    I don't see a suffix number after "Dunhill Shell Made in England" so the pipe was made before 1942. From 1925 through 1941, the Dunhill Shells, Tanshell, Redbark and Cumberland finished pipes had a suffix number after the patent number.

    For the years 1925-34 other patent numbers were sometimes used in place of 119708/17 & 116989/17 for Dunhill pipes. I'm guessing at the exact patent number but I think it's 1341418/20. That means your pipe was made during that time frame for the U.S. market. 
  • RondyRRondyR Enthusiast
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    Hey Pap,

    You are right on the money. The stamping reads:

    Dunhill Shell Made in England
    Patent No 134148/20
    To the left of that stamping is 34/( and then a smaller) 4

    Would be awesome if you could nail it down!!
  • RondyRRondyR Enthusiast
    edited November 2020
    @PappyJoe I found this interesting article and I think that my Dunhill is most likely one of the Shells made during WWII which, while maybe not quite as awesome as having been made during the 1920’s, is still pretty awesome. 

  • @RondyR
    Interesting read about the Dunhill WWII pipes.

    I used to use Briarville for occasional pipe work I didn't want to do myself but I haven't used them since the company changed ownership. The new guy does good work for the prices he charges but when I had to replace the stem on my 1926, I sent it to a specialist here in the U.S. that only does high end collectible pipes. The vulcanite he uses for stems is the same as what Dunhill uses and he even replaces the white dot. He takes the extra time to make sure the fit of the stem to briar is perfect. He also charges a lot more than Briarville.

    Anyway, I have emailed George with the details about the stamping on your pipe. He may be able to provide some more information.
  • RondyRRondyR Enthusiast
    @PappyJoe has your buddy gotten back to you? I’m definitely interested in learning some more about this pipe. 
  • @RondyR
    Sorry. I've been a little tied up with "seasonal" events. 
    George didn't know but he said, "
    I do know that WWII produced a lot of oddities.  I have a 1943 that I thought was a 1953 for thirty years (my birth year), and only learned otherwise by accident.  A certain stamp combination was the key, not a particular stamp or lack of one. 
    Anyway, your best bet is to post some clear pics on Kevin's forum with the header, "Calling the Duke Street Irregulars" (it's a play on Sherlock Holmes' "Baker Street Irregulars").  There are guys who live for that stuff, and if an answer CAN be found, they'll do it."

    The forum he referenced is another pipe smoking forum. If you can post some clearer pictures of all the stamping, then i will post it on the other forum as George suggested. The key will be to take some better pictures of the pipe...
  • RondyRRondyR Enthusiast

    No apology needed at all, my dude. You’re free to take as long as you wished to get back to me! I appreciate you looking into it. Are you talking about Kevin Godbee’s forums or a different one? I will try to take some better pictures, but my iPhone 11 Pro Max that supposedly has the best camera available on any phone likes to take super-blurry pictures when I try to get zoomed in to the stamping. 
  • @RondyR
    Yes. That's the forum. 
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