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Aromatic Smoker Only please....

OK Guys and Gals.
What is your favorite Aromatic Blends?
Do you buy and/or smoke Special Blends?
Do you smoke and enjoy Holiday type Blends?
What would you recommend? (Your favorite Aromatic)
Lets Bond and come in here and talk about all Aromatic Blends.
I am trying a lot of Aromatics so within a year or two I should have tried most of the ones you can got online and my local stores, I hope to share the knowledge and maybe recommend a few blends to others. If we all do this we could build this post up to be a TOP site for Information about Aromatic Blends.



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    Going to list some Aromatics I have and have tried sometime this weekend or next week.
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    Something I tried the other day and absolutely loved was Ennerdale Flake by G&H.
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    The only aromatic that I like is 1Q, most of the time I smoke Balkan.
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    RedhorseRedhorse Newcomer
    edited October 2016
    McClelland "Best of Show" is a very good aromatic.
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    Once in a while, McClelland's Raspberries in Cream for dessert.
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    I am not ordinarily an aromatic smoker, but I was really surprised by EITC Officer's Club. It is a rich, decadent aromatic that tastes like rum custard. When I opened the tin, I groaned inwardly because the paper was brown and when I loaded my pipe it looked and felt wet and oily. It smoked evenly, stayed lit, and was smooth and cool. I would strongly recommend this one to anyone. The flavor remained full to the very bottom of the bowl. It is one of the few strong aromatics that I can't get enough of. For a while, it was my morning pipe with a cup of coffee.
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    Comments are looking good, a lot of good advice being shared.  :)
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    Lane 1Q, Ole Shenandoah barrel 76, Orlik Golden Sliced

    looking forward to trying Scottish Mixture, Ole Shenandoah berry & Bob's Chocolate flake 
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    I freaking LOVE russ' blend thumbprint cookie, and scottie's pancake blend!
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    @tomatobodhi yeah....EITC Officer's Club is legit!
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    Going over to the trading post comments and listing all the tobacco I don't want anymore so I can go get some of the ones listed here and try them.
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    Some great posts in the mixing blends thread.
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    Not a bit aromatic smoker but:

    Cornell and Diehl Autumn Evening (buy a tin every fall)
    Lane 1Q and/or Lane RLP-6 (always on hand for when I get a sweet tooth)
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    I am feeling old now....LOL   I know I am not that old but I have had my first pipe since the 80's.....
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    OMG @wolf41035 you've been smoking pipes for as long as I've been alive...  There is a part of me who wishes I could go back in time when smoking wasn't look at as being absolutely the worst thing for your body "says the person ordering McDonalds" I find it too relaxing and too much of a stress reliever to see if from that negative light so many people do now days.
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    LOL  Well I was born in the 60's  But I feel old because of my health, if it wasn't for that I would still feel 22 and running around. 
    Tonight I feel like a truck ran over me and then a plane crashed on top of me......That is why I have not been on here for 6 days. 
    Did go Deer hunting and got a Doe, as soon as I feel better I am going again and going to try to get that trophy buck, if not I will take more Doe to fill the freezer!

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    Aros for me mostly. Top favorites are Dan Pipe "Devil's Holiday", Lane BCA/Captain Black Dark, W.O.Larsen "Signature", Lane RLP6/Captain Black Regular. I have around 100 different tobaccos and only a couple with latakia...and it will probably stay that way.
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    Sutliff's Maple Street mixed 50/50 with their Molto Dolce. Smokes cool, tastes great, smells TERRIFIC, even to the smoker, and doesn't bite. Damn near perfect, except I do enjoy an English blend with a little Latakia from  time to time....
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    Got an Order in for some Holiday blends......Should be here next weekend!
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    Still waiting for my Christmas blends, ordered several but a few I wanted to try were on back order, we all know if it is on back order you might not ever get it!  
    Still waiting on Strauss to call me about the two blends I am on a waiting list for......

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    The Molto Dolce commercials drive me crazy! They are so over-the-top that I can't help but laugh at them when I hear them on the Pipes Magazine podcast. LOL!
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    Mail call yesterday!! 
    Here is a list of what I got..... 
    Peterson's Holiday Season Limited edition
    McClelland's 2016 Edition Holiday Spirit 
    H&H Caramel Apple
    H&H Egg Nog 
    Back Order is Russ's Pick Sugar Plum, I will let you know when it arrives.
    Also Straus called so I picked up my Sleepy Hollow (Halloween Blend) and Wenceslas (Christmas Special Blend)
    Not sure what I want to start with but what ever it is I will post how it was right after.

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    McClelland Holiday Spirit
    Sutliff Black Cordial - My fav right now
    Sutliff Molto Dolce
    Just tried MacBaren Halberg Green and MacBaren Cube Bronze for the first time this week - loved them both!
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    I'm an aromatic fan, and most people I've talked to who have been pipe smokers forever will recommend Boswell's.  I gotta tell you, their stuff is amazing.  Their prices are very reasonable and their blends are noted for being 'low-to-no bite'...and I've found that to be true.  Try one of their samplers.  Their English blends are good as well, if you ever go that direction. 


    I can also recommend some of the most popular blends by Pipeworks & Wilke.  They've been around forever, and their blends are fantastic, although VERY pricey.  Be prepared for some sticker shock.  Also, be aware that the business is up for sale at this time, so if you feel the urge to try any of their blends (some of them are quite famous), now is the time.


    Best of luck to you.
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    @bbrown626 Just curious what is your first name?  I am also a B. Brown. 
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    Orlik Mellow Mixture is a regular all day smoke of mine, especially in warmer weather, but its sweetness is sometimes a bit too 'soprano' or citrus high for me. Anybody have any recommendations that are in the same vein but not *quite* so high-note sweet? Maybe same flavor profile but with a little more body?

    The second half of the bowl of Orlik Mellow Mixture is perfect, but the top half is just a bit too tangy-sugary for me.
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    OK as promised, from my list the other day I have tried:
     Straus Tobacconist's Sleepy Hollow - Smells like a couple others they have up there and the taste is kind of Bland....Wouldn't buy it again, I think my Halloween blend had more flavors.
    H&H Egg Nog - Not so sure why it was named after Eggnog because it just doesn't have that smell or taste to it, maybe someone that put 3/4 of a glass of Jack Daniels instead of Rum and 1/4 glass of Eggnog....Maybe then you could say it is not bad....LOL  Personally I hope the others are better or I am going to just blend my own from here on out! 
    Still a lot of them to try so not going to give up on finding a great Holiday blend!

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    @wolf41035 - You had the same reaction to Egg Nog that I did. You have to really use a good imagination to say is smells like egg nog. That being said, I've been smoking it a lot because the wife said she likes the smell of it.  I have less than a half tin left.
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    @PappyJoe, LOL  I hear that, tried some Straus - Wenceslas (Christmas Special Blend) last night, again smelled and tastes like others they have in stock, can't see people paying extra for something that is not that great, moving onto H&H Caramel Apple next and then the other two the day after. 
    Still waiting on the back ordered Russ's Pick Sugar Plum, guess that will be the last one I try.  LMAO 
    I am glad I do not have a wife to limit me on what pipe smoke I put in my pipe....LOL
    One Question, could my pipe be tainting the flavor? Maybe I should ream the bowl and burn it back in??  Maybe I will try them all again with new corn cob pipes although the other Aromatics I smoked in my Dr. Grabow Silver Duke Briar tasted and smelled good. 
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    @wolf41035 - your pipe could taint the flavor if you smoke a lot of latakia blends in it. I suppose that's why some people have pipes dedicated to aromatics and some pipes dedicated to English blends. I never worry about it myself. I do have a clay pipe that I only pull out when I'm trying a new blend though. I find that I can pick out some of the flavors better with it. When I tried the Egg Nog I found myself saying, "Maybe that's what they are talking about..." but I still don't think it tasted like Egg Nog. 
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