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What are you guys smoking right Now?



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    Looking 20’s-30’s retro with those cool aviator sunglasses.   It reminds me of the Sheriff in the movie
    “O Brother Where Art Thou.”
    If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.  Glad to see you up and about, get well soon.
  • Having some Hobbits Friend in a Yello Bole Hand Made. 😀
  • Loaded my MM Dagner Poker with a rubbed out flake of today’s “mail call” GH “Dark Flake-Unscented”.
  • Middleton's Kentucky Club Mixture in a MM Diplomat, I bought several Middleton tubs about a year before they stopped making some of what I thought was some pretty good blends, just my thoughts though.
  • @KA9FFJ
    Looking good man. Nice to see you burning one.
  • @mfresa
    I know of the bent egg of which you speak...
  • vtgrad2003vtgrad2003 Master
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    I'm having brain freeze right now...I'm fu...ing stumped! :D Hmmm, "envy another man's pipe", you puff on them, you blow through them to 'clear them out', you ream them...god, there's got to be something there to work with! :D
  • @vtgrad2003;
    Keep thinking. I have the upmost confidence in you.
  • We had our three granddaughters overnight, so I haven't had a bowl since yesterday. I got to go to their house and let my buddy Maverick out. I think I'll have a bowl on the way.
  • After an extensive walk, I'm now relaxing with some John Dengler's Pirate's Chest In a Fulushou. I know the pipe doesn't have orange or black, but the bowl is shaped kinda like a pumpkin.?.?😏
    Sidenote: John Dengler Tobacconist was established in 1917 and still resides in the same location in old historic St. Charles, Mo.

  • @mapletop, congratulations, hopefully grandkids coming soon...
  • @mapletop;
    Sounds like you did it right. When my son got married I had hip replacement surgery pending and was taking Oxycodone for the pain. I visited the bar a little more than I should. The combination of Oxy. and alcohol wasn't a good idea. I got so drunk I passed out. To this day my son's in-laws won't have much to do with me. Sure and its their loss, by God.
  • @opipeman Weddings in general certainly have strange dynamics, I have may put my foot in it with my new son in laws mother who over heard me commenting on her 14 year old nephew's piss poor attitude / culture; another victim of bad parenting.
    However you would need a very high resolution time keeping device to calculate the amount of sleep I have lost over it:)
  • @Londy3 I have noted your beer choices over time and see that voodoo ranger is one of your go to choices, I mention this only because I for the first time yesterday saw a commercial on TV for the brand.

  • John Cotton #2 in a homemade bent egg.
  • Finishing the day with some Cornell and Diehl Autumn Evening in a reworked Paronelli...
    For a change of pace, this is a very good blend (IMHO). Not every day you experience a blend with a light casing of maple...

  • Londy3Londy3 Master
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    Congratulations 🎉
    Yes, I definitely enjoy some Voodoo 😎
  • @RockyMountainBriar
    Who knows buddy, cellar it for 5 / 10 years and it may wind up being a super mellow experience... or not...
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    I just looked up the type of wood used to fire cure the Malawi tobacco.  It’s a type of Beechwood, also used is green banana stalks, and another fruit tree wood.
    Green banana stalks may be the “floral/green” aroma/flavor I am detecting?
  • I heard somewhere that in the Costa Rican jungle they use green banana stalks to wipe their asses with...just sayin'... :D
  • @vtgrad2003, @RockyMountainBriar;
    Banana stalks, pine cones? OMG that is primitive. Why don't you become civilized and use corncobs like normal people?
  • While 60f may be shirt sleeve weather for some of you, it’s break out the sweater weather in SE Louisiana. Smoking some The Untouchables in my Ascorti. 

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