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The World We Live In

The world we live in...my thoughts for today

What's wrong is right
What's back is white
What's up is down
What's holding losely
Is holding tight
What is a boy or a girl
It's really how I feel
What's fake is real
What is yours
I can steal
What is a life
Is not for real
When we speak truth
They will twist the deal
What's near is far
What is peaceful
Is called war
What is freedom
Is a disgrace
What is honest and pure
Is a slap in the face
What is love for your country
Is unfair or unjust
Giving benefit of the doubt
Is viewed as distrust
We are all created equal
As long as it's for them
We have freedom of speech
But we have to reteach
Making America Great
Yet they want to Impeach
Defend your life and your land
They rise to make a stand
Protect the innocent
Then prove that you are
The system is rigged against the good
They lie and shout in the neighborhood
I work for what's mine
I'll take what is owed me
What lawyers make grey
Is a criminals new day
Politicians preach what's right
While working in darkness at the dead of night
Soon this shall pass
Said the Lord most high
They laugh, grin and spit in your eye
When He comes in the light
They'll be blinded at night
Hold fast to your faith as the end is near
As our opposition trembles in great fear
We've already won and so it is written
Pray to our Lord as our sins are forgiven



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