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  • Oh I agree, I think it was sort of a off-hand comment to be taken with a grain of salt. Actually I have suggested to the younger folks in my family at the start of this pandemic to keep a diary on all and everything that was going on. Up to their own reactions and adjustments they had to make. Unfortunately that was quickly dismissed@RockyMountainBriar.
  • The only thing one can count on is 2021 will either be better than 2020....... or a crapload worse.
  • @motie2, you make a good point.
  • Congratulations @thebadgerpiper! Sorry its so late. Haven't been on in quite a while.
  • @Michael308

    Welcome back. How are you doing?

  • Welcome back Michael.
  • @motie2 All things considered ok.... My wife has been going to doctors and tests non stop the past couple of weeks but they don't seem to have any answers for her. One good report came from her brain surgeon who said there were no leaks from her sinus cavity they rebuilt back when she had the two brain surgeries a couple of years ago. The meds she is on has prevented any other seizures but makes her very tired and sluggish. We go for another follow up on some tests on Thursday, so hopefully we will get some answers.
    As for me my knee, its still messed up. I'm in physical therapy several times a week and I go back to the ortho doc on the 5th of November. That being said the department told me they no longer have a use for me being on light duty and put me out on medical leave. So currently living on 2/3 of a pay check. But we are taking it day by day. Thank you for asking and I hope you and the wife are doing well!
    @buflosab Thank you.... It's good to be back.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited October 2020
    No reason you had to stand there and endure her harangue. Walk away. If pursued, loudly proclaim, “Get the  frack away from me!” In a public place, it works for many women. Sauce for the goose, y’all.
  • @ghostsofpompeii Have to agree with you, and it's not just some sort of social evolution, what is happening is the result of a concerted effort both in our country and from outside influence.
  • Don’t know where to put this, so.....

    How come some of us have email addresses listed on our profile page, while others do not?       Anyone?
  • edited October 2020
    Sounds like a “Leonard” question?
    I see mine is listed?
  • @Michael308 I hope things get better for you and your family, know that you will have friends that will have your back.
  • @motie2, I know I get my notifications on email, somewhere along the line I must have given it out.
  • @buflosab

    I recall having to provide my email address when I first registered.

  • @motie2
    I looked around on the profile page, and there are some boxes to check for notification preferences.  Maybe it was/is tied to that?
  • @motie2, To be perfectly honest I really don’t remember, although at some point I must have.
  • I checked my profile I see my email present
  • Regarding the emails, not sure why they would or would not appear on the profile page. Might have to do with a preference you set on your profile page. 

    I do know you could not register without providing an email.
  • Good to hear from you @Leonard
    Hope the St. Louis pipe show will be happening this Feb. And if so, hope to see you there...😊
  • I’ve been absent from the forum for a while but not absent from the vagaries of life.  Last June, in a window of COVID opportunity, I had a radical robotic prostatectomy to put an end to a creeping prostate cancer that I’d been watching for over a year. The surgery went very well and 24 hours later my wife was driving me the five hours home. I didn’t know that road was so rough.  All’s well with the cancer, my PSA in September was below detectable limits.
    The last week in September, I was spending a week at a cabin in New Mexico at 9000 ft. It usually takes a couple of days to adjust to the altitude. This time, not so much. I smoked my last pipe on Wednesday the 30th and it wasn’t satisfying at all. I decided I had altitude sickness and headed down the mountain on Friday.  I arrived home, 5800+ ft lower and I was a mess. Short of it, my wife a I both tested positive for COVID on Monday morning.  She did well with it, me less well. Saturday morning I went to the ER, they checked me into the hospital and an hour later, I was on a medivac plane headed to Wichita to an ICU.  I didn’t feel THAT sick, but my doc is cautious with my health.  Seems I was developing pneumonia. Spent five days in the hospital, back home on Thursday the 15th.  I’m out of quarantine, back to work and doing well.  They had me on a course of steroids which ended three days ago. It is amazing how many aches and pains come back when the steroids wear off!
    I fatigue easily and my sense of taste/smell remains mostly absent and I haven’t had a pipe in over three weeks.  I would like to have a smoke but without taste/smell there doesn’t seem much point.  I’m sure my doc will tell me to give my lungs some more time.
    In the big picture, all is well.  Unless something goes haywire, we are recovering well and life is returning to what passes for normal these days.  My best advice, don’t get COVID, it is a very strange experience.
  • I'm kinda hoping I get exposed to the "Rona Virus", if I haven't been already, I only had a fever and chills and no other symptoms back in March for a couple of days Covid or (?) I don't know.  It is the first two days I have missed work in 15 years though...so?  I figure if I get "The Rona" now and fight it off, it won't kill me when I'm older. Still, it's a proven fact that no matter what, something else will, at least in this life anyway.
  • kellyg53;
    You have had a rough ride. Glad you and your wife made it through it all. Hopefully, a tasty pipe is i
  • Glad you are doing better @kellyg53 quite the story keep kicking ass!
  • It's still October! Let's have another tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico!
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