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  • @Balisong
    No, really, I don't have the time or the patience to go back through them--I'll take your statement at face value.

  • I installed this on my smoking shed early this fall. I waited to take a photo until after some snow cover thinking it would highlight it better. I discovered after I downloaded the picture that one of the red rows isn't working. I'll see if I can fix it tomorrow in the daylight. We were blessed with 11-1/2 inches of snow preceded by freezing rain. I hope it isn't damaged beyond repair.
  • An excellent story (especially the last sentence, but read from the top)

  • @vtgrad2003;
    Central Iowa. North of Des Moines.
  • @Londy3;
    Please come back, Brother. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. In the case of liberals, maybe more than one.
  • @opipeman
    You're on a roll today brother  :D
  • I inspected the Flag and don't see any obvious damage. The lights are the really small LEDs. My best guess is that it was made in China.
  • @opipeman
    I recently learned that LEDs and moisture don't mix (even more so than incandescent). I have an LED light strip that's about 20' long underneath the awning of my travel trailer and has about 50 or so lights in it. Some of the lights in the string stopped working and the technician at the RV shop I took it to and replaced it (under warrenty fortunately) said he has this issue a lot and always due to water infiltration. In my case, he found some water in the casing that the LED's are in and suspects that was the issue. Don't know if that would apply to you, but it could be.
  • @vtgrad2003;
    I've never thought much of China's products and I've never been disappointed.
  • @ghostsofpompeii
    I'm happy to see your post and that you survived the stress test. I had a treadmill one where I thought the doctor was going to induce a heart attack! I've also had joint problems recently that I believe were a side effect of the Covid vaccine. I had the shots in my left arm and the discomfort was mostly on my left side. They went away a month or so after the second shot and returned with the booster. Hope yours resolve too!
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    The funniest part of my story is that I asked for the EKG because winter was here and I knew shoveling the driveway would be in my future, and I wanted to make sure I was up to the task. And while I was in his office I begrudgingly asked the Doctor to put me on those 'little blue pills' because all the other medication I was taking seemingly put the skids on my sex life. I still have the desire and a filthy mind - but the equipment isn't working as it should. And if you've ever tried inserting an earthworm in a plastic straw you'll get my drift. Well I got the pills, but because the EKG was abnormal I was sent to the Cardiologist, resulting in that nuclear stress test and a few other tests. So it goes without saying that the bottle of 'little blue pills' are sitting untouched in the medicine cabinet. Untouched ... just like my faulty equipment. 
  • Medications are a slippery slope. Side effects show up months after you start one so another diagnosis and another prescription. Repeat on and on. I badger my Doctors to get off pills and change my diet so I don't need them. After a femoral artery bypass 15 years ago and quadruple bypass three years ago I'm down to a 325mg aspirin and 40 mg furosemide daily. I've been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. 
  • vtgrad2003vtgrad2003 Master
    edited January 19
    I agree 100%. About 15 years ago or so I was diagnosed pre diabetic, hypertension, and high cholesterol. About 13 (or so) years ago I started some alternative things. I've brought my sugar down to 114 by taking Ceylon cinnamon daily (it was 122) and it's stabilized at that level for the last 13 years. I smoked pot for hypertension but have since switched over to Delta 8 (which is legal in my state) and that brought my numbers down to 120/80 and has been that for over 12 years now. So both of these numbers came down without pharmaceuticals.

    The bad cholesterol was 195 (265 overall), and diet won't fix that. My doctor (who is an excellent laid back country doctor who actually smokes a pipe believe it or not), said the standard dose for this would be a 10/40 mg of Vytorin (it's two drugs combined), which is the only cholesterol drug I respond to. After a year of taking this level and bringing my bad cholesterol down to 85, I told him I wanted to try the smallest amount available of it and I would break that in half which would only amount to 5/10 mgs. He chuckled but said okay; this was 14 years ago. Since then my bad has been between 90 and 100 every year which is a perfectly acceptable number--so a 25% dosage did almost the same job as the full dosage.

    For doctors, it's all guess work--they're like car mechanics. It's easy if you break a leg, just like if your starter fails, you fix the leg and replace the starter, but for other things, like bad injectors or something, it's a lot of guesswork, so they start at giving you the kitchen sink until the problem(s) go away...but that often times causes other problems. 

    It's up to the consumer to regulate the doctor sometimes. Remember, a med student that graduates top of their class is a doctor, one that graduates bottom of their class is, well, a doctor. 
  • @ghostsofpompeii  Man, Glad your still here, Having taken care of my sainted mother for a number of years due to her cancer, I  had many conversations with doctors about side effects and interactions, it was crazy, I literally had to make a color coded spread sheet for mom's meds.
    You really have to be your own advocate and pay attention, else wise you suffer. I hope you find some relief.
  • @vtgrad2003
    I had to stop the simvastatin because of leg discomfort. Keeping cholesterol levels reasonable is possible by giving up dairy (it's baby food), severely limiting red meat (mainly corn fed beef and pork), and, giving up fried food. My diet is fruit starting anytime after 10AM, dinner between 6 and 8PM, up to 1/2 a pound of mainly poultry, occasional fish, and, very occasionally red meat. Some type of green vegetable and an apple for desert. The fiber in the apple absorbs excess saturated fat. It's not for the average American! 
  • vtgrad2003vtgrad2003 Master
    edited January 20
    I'm with you (although I'm only 54 :D ); in fact, the only real reason I take cholesterol medication at all is so I don't have to stop eating real butter, steaks, pork, bacon, whole roasted chicken, and yes, my 'award winning' fried chicken and okra (it's not really award winning, but I want to think it is :D )! I only eat fast food when my wife and I are traveling, otherwise I always cook at home (I do all the cooking in our house--my wife has issues hard boiling eggs). But when I cook, every meal we have must have meat in it with the exception of spaghetti which I usually cook with meat balls, but sometimes don't.

  • Too many people are dying this month.

    Just today the world lost Meatloaf and Lonnie Anderson.

  • @PappyJoe
    Ummm, I think that's Louie Anderson that died, not Lonnie  :D  One's a fat guy, the other was hot looking!
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