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  • edited December 2021

    I believe everything I’ve ever heard from everywhere😉😉
    That’s propaganda for you.  I’m mesmerized by it’s scope.  How can it all be true, or not true?  I’m incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction, probably because of my very low IQ 🤔, because, you know, if you don’t agree with someone, you must be stooopid (with three o’s).  It can’t possibly be the reverse.
  • The world has gone mad. 
    Completely mad I tell you.
  • You think things have already gone to hell.
    Just wait……
  • @Londy3, @motie2;
    I think you are both correct. Remember as bad as it gets, we have This Pipe Life to seek some peace and sanity, as long as we don't screw it up. Keep the faith and keep on puffing brothers.
  • Your favorite pretend president offered up his Christmas Holiday Spirit message to the American people...

    "Your cold winter will be filled with fear, sickness and death" - joe biden

    What an inspiration!
  • @Londy3
    You missed the full admonition, a quote out of context is deceptive to others who didn't hear the full address. 
  • @Balisong
    Perhaps. But that's pretty much what he's saying. He is a horrible person destroying this country. 

    I think I'm done here. 
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited December 2021
    << He is a horrible person destroying this country.  >>

    Seems to be an apt description of most of our top elected officials. 

    Whatdoes that say about we who put them in office?

    They are all crooks stuffing their pockets. We richly deserve the governments we elect.
  • @motie2
    We do agree. However, we have never really put the best candidate in office longer than I've been alive. They do a great job presenting the candidates or the chosen candidates and also how they are elected. WE however, have not contributed the majority decision in the entire process. If you disagree, you definitely don't understand how it has worked for decades. 
  •  <<If you disagree, you definitely don't understand how it has worked for decades>>
    I don’t understand how I can put my pants on in the morning, much less understand how our country has gotten to this point. If I told my high school civics teacher, Henry Benadetto, what has happened to America in the past decade, he’d throw chalk at me.
  • At least we can all agree it's such a relief from all this crap to be able to take solace in our pipes and tobaccos, knowing that, when we really consider all of us as a group, we have much more in common than our differences...
  • A new Christmas holiday experience.
    Thursday early evening found me at the local mall, (Oak Brook Center) which is a outdoor mall.
    I had just finished the first of two stops and had walked maybe 30 feet into the Macy's store when a tidal wave of people yelling and hollering were suddenly running my way.
    I steeped out of their way as they headed for the door and thought, was it one of those flash mob robbery's, no, as it turned out, the mall was going into a shut down / lock down due to an active shooter situation.
    As I exited the store i saw a line of police and emergency vehicles coming toward the mall from every direction and within a couple more minutes there were three helicopters circling the mall complex.
    I managed to exfiltrate out of the mall parking lot in roughly 30 minutes through the ensuing mayhem. I felt bad for those stuck there as I heard most didn't get out till 11:00 pm.
    It turned out that the incident occurred because two of our African American fellow citizens decided to solve their differences by shooting at one another and wounding three woman bystanders.
    We generally have next to no crime out here west of Chicago, however the last couple of years there has been an up tick which is why I carry all the time now.
    I can tell you it pissed me off and I blame the enemy of the people, ah, I mean the MSM and the liberal policy's of the Chicago democrats.
    Wouldn't mind seeing a few more of the liberal dunbycrat politicians  being carjacked like earlier this week; its good for them to reap what they have sown, though I'm not really expecting a change in they're behavior.

  • What ever happenned to responsibility? The criminal is the one who commits the crime. 
  • @mapletop;
    The reasons for the increase in criminal acts and violence are so many it is impossible to define. Liberal policies for dealing with these animals doesn't do them or the honest public any favors. I'm glad you are safe and can't even comprehend how scary that experience was. I never dreamed that it would be dangerous to go Christmas shopping. Politicians aren't much help, and do little to treat the decay. How they continue to get elected is a mystery to me. You know the criminals aren't voting for them. All the years I was a firefighter, I only remember a handful of shootings. The world has changed so much in my 78 years, it is amazing. I am scared to death to think what kind of country my grand daughters will live in. 
  • Criminals are no different than any other opportunists, the response to the riots and looting last year by the liberal media and politicians ( I will not call them leaders as they embody the antithesis of leadership) has taught the criminal classes that they can now get away with anything.
    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the base behavior behind this. The message is that this is OK has been transmitted in a myriad of whys, left wing news / opinion, almost zero consequences for billions in damage, whole takeover of neighborhoods by paid anarchists, the elimination of bail requirements,  George Soros funded district attorneys who will not prosecute criminals and on and on.
    I personally believe that this a part of a planed and concerted effort to destroy this county from both internal and external forces and from where I am standing they look like there winning thus far.
    Fun Fact: FBI data for 2020 shows more criminals were killed by armed citizens than the police.
  • No garbage collection in Springfield NJ because of workers with Omicron.
    The next couple of weeks should prove informative, perhaps even educational.

  • All garbage collection suspended because of Omicron?  How many workers do they have, two?  Omicron, *pfffttt*, probably just a way of subversively joining the bandwagon and blackmailing the community for raises.
  • The contract is held by a family of a cerain ethnic pursuasion that service many communities in the northern part of the state. Big company. Several service industries are being hard hit including hospitals and “medicenters.”  Scoffnow, while it’s still possible. January is gonna be hard times.
  • Everybody is going to have antibodies for SARS-coronavirus-2 sooner or later. They're available by vaccine or exposure. Both have side effects but only one has the side effect of death. Everyone can choose.
  • @Balisong

    << only one has the side effect of death.  >>

    Which one? Seriously, I have no real interest in choosing death at the present time, so help me out here?
  • @motie2
    I have not seen any reports claiming the vaccine as a cause of death.
  • @Balisong

    ok, good. That corresponds to the reality I’ve been perceiving. (One never knows to whom one converses, until they start referring to “Lord Fauci.”)

    I have encountered those who think the vaccine does cause death on occasion. Now, while that might even be technically true, it’s not the case that “the vaccine causes death.” 

    We’re reaching the point where misplaced credulity causes Covid.
  • @Balisong @motie2

    Death is a side affect of life. 
  • ZouaveZouave Master
    edited December 2021
  • Believe what you want at your peril; the inability to to think critically may in fact kill you in the times we now live.
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