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  • Gentlemen
    Unfortunately I only made one get together. I am again under the weather, and fall asleep too early as I am up good part of the remainder of the night and  morning. I hope to be back however.

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    WELL SAID @ghostsofpompeii
    Well said...
  • motie2motie2 Master

    And we all have made it that way. 
  • My feeling also, their are plenty of other forums available to let off steam.
  • @Leonard I think I'll go for a walk.
  • I don't know about anyone else here - but being confined to the house has probably made me sicker. Since I'm not as active and out walking around that much my arthritis has gotten much worse. When I wake up in the morning I fell like The Tin Man in need of a proper oiling.
  • motie2motie2 Master

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  • Agreed - I am a political beast by nature, BUT TPL is a nice distraction from all of that.

  • I agree with you on being trapped inside.  I went to the Doctor the other day and I have gained 25 pounds since my last visit,  It is too hot to walk outside and the gyms are closed.  I don't know about you but taking a walk with a mask on makes it twice as hard. 

  • When I was furloughed for two months, I only ate twice a day since I was not doing anything to save money and I lost about twelve pounds.  I’m not sure if it was fat loss, or muscle loss from not moving.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Except for two non-zoom doctor appointments, I have not been out of the house/away from home since late-April. That is why I so treasure the Friday night Virtual Pipe Club meetings. And tonight our beloved admin/System Lord will be joining us. Very exciting!
  • I began to develop antibodies to the infusions I was receiving for my Crohn's disease. The medicine basically stopped working and I went into another severe flair. Dropped 20 pounds in just a few weeks. My gastroenterologist has me on 40 mg of prednisone until I begin my new medicine, another infusion. The weight is coming back on but I can't wait to get off the prednisone. This will be the third med attempt to treat the Crohn's. The first two worked for a year and then failed.  
  • @Kmhartle;
    I pray that the third time is a charm! Crohn's is a miserable thing to endure! Pray big, worry small.
  • @Kmhartle I am sorry to hear that, and taking prednisone is no joy either. has your doctor talked about FMT?
    I know it's in it's infancy but I've heard it has worked for some people.
    Hope for your continued improvement
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited August 2020
    Ok, I need your good rhoughts.

    On our way home from having my monthly eyeball injection to hold off my dry macular degeneration which has gone wet, we had a rather severe auto accident. No one hurt, thanks be, but in my understanding of how the world works, shitestorms come in threes, the same way weddings and funerals come in threes. This, from the POV of clergy attending them.

    SWMBO is having a CAT scan this afternoon. It is what it is, but I’d like a good report. 😔
  • Gordon
    I hope all is OK with you and SWMBO. Yes, things run in cycles for sure. I always say if it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. I, unfortunately am right back where I was i 1/2 years ago in terms of my health issues.

    I will say a prayer for you both even though I don't have the same channel as you do.
  • @motie2 Hope all is well for your wife - and sorry to hear about the accident. As of late the old adage things come in three ... well these past few years that old adage "comes in three" has been shot to pieces; replaced by "comes in bunches and never ends".
    From 2019 through 2020 life has been a series of shitestorms that seem to have no end. And not just for me.
    Adding insult to injury - not only have I been under house arrest by this China Virus for the past 140+ days ... but after a several storm hit my area we had four days with no power. Just got it back last night after being down since Monday at 4:30 P.M.
    For people living in the city being without electricity can be bad enough. But if you live in a rural area with a well and septic it also means no running water - and no running water means no toilet. So I ended up blocking my bowels for the past few days by taking anti-diarrhea pills, and pissing in the woods behind my house like a hobo. We dedicate the toilet in the back bedroom for urinating during emergency situations and don't flush it until you can no longer stand the smell. If we're lucky we can get three flushes before the water in the lines is completely depleted.
  • Thanks, brothers! Now we wait for results. Since 2018, it’s been me on the medical merrygoround; I’m kinda sorta hoping to keep her off it.
  • Dang, you guys have it rough.  I hope everything works out for the better for all of you. Comparatively, I'm living the dream.  The only things I worry about are losing my job and trying to figure out where I can go without a stinking mask, which I have so far been able to do.
  • Praying for you both, Gordon. Keep us posted please. 
  • It's true getting old really sucks, however I have noted some real stoicism on the part of @motie2 and others with regard to the malady's they are forced to suffer through.
    I too have had my issues, But when left with few alternatives, either live or die, I salute you're tenacity  and  you're temerity; god bless

  • @motie2 Sorry to hear about your accident, I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. 

    Everyone, if you can keep @Michael308 's family in your thoughts and prayers. I won't go into details, but his wife is in the hospital due to a severe illness (not covid). They could really use your help.
  • @Michael308
    Keeping you in my prayers. Hoping your wife gets well soon. Stay safe!!
  • To @motie2,&@Michael308, hope that you all get better soon.
  • I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. My wife started a sinus infection on Thursday and by Friday afternoon it had turned into something much worse. She started running a fever and it got up to 102.6. Tylenol brought it back down to a manageable range. So we went to bed. An hour later our little girl woke up and wouldn't settle back down so we put her in bed with us. About 5 minutes later my wife went into a full blown seizure (first one she's ever had even after having brain surgery). The seizure lasted for several minutes and when it stopped her eyes rolled back in her head, she quit breathing, she turned completely blue, and I couldn't find a heartbeat.... I started chest compressions and after about 20 to 30 seconds of compressions she started breathing again and had a pulse. EMS arrived on scene about 15 minutes later and she was still unresponsive. We got her loaded up and she came to enough to say a few words. En route to the hospital she had another mini seizure and another after we arrived at the hospital. After running a bunch of tests it was determined not only did she have a sinus infection but she also had Viral Meningitis. They admitted her and I had to go home due to Covid regulations. I was finally able to bring her home on Sunday. She is slowly getting better. But it's definitely gonna be a process. We have a neurology appointment next week to find out the extent of the damage and what our next steps are. As of right now she has really bad short term memory issues. I'm just thankful to still have her with us. 
  • @Michael308
    That is as scary as anything I can think of. I always tell folks to pray big and worry small, but that will be hard for you under the circumstances. I will continue to pray for your wife, you and your little one. You will get through this. You are not alone.
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