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  • @KA9FFJ yes sir. I’ll be keeping close eye on my temps and there is a possibility that they will start making us wear masks the whole shift. 
  • I gave a rare dislike to your post @Michael308 , not for you, but for your situation. I know you have to have a lot on your mind with having to go in. I'll add you to my prayers, and stay safe out there.
  • Yeah, sometimes a DISLIKE must be explained.......
  • @motie2 , agreed, I never use it unless I dislike what someone is going through. 
  • @Michael308. Oh crap dude.  Keeping you in prayer. Check temp often and other possible symptoms. 
  • Prayers appreciated... This morning the city I work for was struck by an E3 tornado. Absolutely destroyed the city and neighborhoods. I went in to assist with rescue efforts. Went through multiple destroyed houses looking for survivors and had to walk all of the neighborhoods going door to door because the roads are completely covered in trees and power lines. The power is out to the whole city and won't be back on anytime soon. They advised us that we will be working everyday continuing with search and rescue/recover efforts, clean up, and looting control. We are all already extremely exhausted and its just the first day. We need strength and endurance to keep us going. 
  • Wow @Michael308! I'm so sorry to hear that! Living in Kansas, I am all too aware of the devastation that tornados cause. Both physically and mentally. Praying for you and your whole community. 
  • @Michael308 I'm at a loss for words. I can't imagine what's going through your mind right now during this situation. As if you didn't have enough to worry about during these times. You can count on me to keep you, your family, and city in my prayers.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited April 2020

    Perhaps a day early, yes, but in midst of tragedy maybe it'll bring a smile....

    In honor of his birth on April 15th.......

  • @Michael308
    Tough and tiring job ahead buddy. I was our Citys' Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator for over 25 years. Being on the Atlantic coast, we always get hit by coastal storms and man do I have stories. I can remember many, many times in that period where we were out for days on end getting people out of harms way. For some reason I always seemed to get the water rescues (particularly in the winter when the water was freezing ass cold).  Just remember what you are there for, and there will be things that you will never forget, or thing you can do nothing about except maybe say a prayer. Good luck, God Bless, and remember the most important thing is to be careful and get home to your wife and daughter at some point in the days ahead.
  • Peoples Republic of New Jersey....

    Rather than prescibing something stronger than tylenol for my pain, my “teledoctors” ordered up a several hundred dollar TENZ unit.

    We are so stupid.

  • @motie2 I was given something stronger than Tylenol after a surgery and almost became addicted (percocet I think). On the bright side you don't need to refill the TENZ.
  • Gordon
    Don't sell the Tens Unit short. They do work. I admit when i finally got mine it was post back surgeries, but I still to this day have back issues. It was prescribed for me when I was still having back and sciatic issues, and it did seem to work. At least it reduced the severity level. Years later my wife had some sciatic issues and I would put the Tens on  her and it helped her along with Salonpas patches in between. My Physical Therapist years ago explained to me the "spasm pain cycle" wherein the pain signals the body to twist and bend slightly to alleviate the discomfort which in turn causes the nerves to get out of wack thus causing more pain with new nerves involved. I would lay in a reclining chair at night with tears running down my face trying to figure out who drove a metal rod down through my left leg. Years later it was my right side. I am just thankful we don't have a third side.

    The Tens unit is designed to relieve the muscle spasm or tightness which in turn takes the pressure off the impacted nerve. Now I am not a Doctor, but I have slept in a Holiday Inn on occasion.
  • @pwkarch

    Thanks for the encouragement, buddy.
  • I'm just going to send prayers out to this entire group and our communities. I think we all need it. 😷🙏
  • Hemotologist just diagnosed “ANA positive at high titer.”

    WTF?  Google says a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

  • @motie2
    What does that all mean? What are we talking about? You can't just leave a message like that......

  • Prayers to all.  These are incredibly challenging days.  Unfortunately, the personal and nationwide-challenges seemingly continue to mount.  I wish I could help everyone in our group dealing with so much.  I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said.
  • It means my body is producing antibodies and attacking something, but no one knows what. Or not.

    go figure......
  • @motie2
    An autoimmune disease? With your back and sciatic issues could be Arthritis. My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has had it for years now. She is and has been on Methotrexate (actually a chemo drug) when taken for RA is often prescribed as Rheumatrex (sp?). As you and I both have opined previously, getting old is not for sissies. Hang in there, still praying for you and let me know what is happening.
  • Hope everyone is well,
  • @motie2
    If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.......(nah, who am I kidding).
  • Started my new job this week, and it's posing plenty of new challenges and frustrations, but it'll help me grow and stretch as a person. One of the new things I have to do is dress up in protective gear to make sure the products stay clean from any possible particulates. Here's a pick I took after my shift to give you an idea of what I have to wear all day, minus the shoe covers that couldn't make it in the pic.

    Once covid ends, I won't have to wear the face mask, otherwise it all will stay as is.

  • nelliefoxnelliefox Enthusiast
    That's quite a uniform you are wearing...............tell us if you ever get comfortable w/ the mask on and how long it took.

  • Still haven't heard from or seen Leonard in a while.
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