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EA Carey has 10-20% off their Full Bodied Black.

P&C has MM Cobs on sale


  • If it wasn't for EA Carey, I wouldn't smoke at all.
    Carey pipes are absolutely wonderrful and more than competitively priced, with a huge eBay market for used and estate Carey's.
    I bought my first Carey back in the 1960's and never looked back. Seven out of my nine pipes are Carey's, the eighth is a Duncan Hill Aerosphere, distributed by Carey, and the ninth was a gift. I have less experience with Carey tobaccos, but I can recommend their Classic Black Aromatic -- a good all day blend.
  • @motie2 Never had an EA Carey pipe. Upon your recommendation I will probably have to pick one up. I've seen them on eBay from time to time. I'll start shopping...
  • @KA9FFJ, there are several currently on Etsy as well. 
  • Dont think I have ever smoked a carey. But I am game to try any pipe.
  • Thanks @PhilosoPiperI'll check it out...
  • Just a note that if you get a Carey you should get some Papyrite Sleeves as well. You can get by with a double turn of stiff paper towel cut to size, the stem will hold it in place when you put it on.
  • The papyrates are cheap.
  • @motie2 - from time to time I read your comments and recommendations regarding the Carey pipes and filters.  As I haven't owned or smoked one of these, I couldn't comment one way or another.  

    So, based on your continued praise and after checking out the website via a posted link above  somewhere, I looked at, chose, and decided to give one a try.  I just placed an order for a cherry colored straight billiard and a sleeve of extra filters.  Should be here in about a week.  Curious and looking forward to experiencing how this pipe smokes.  

    My only questions so far is: how long is the filter good for?  I'm guessing four or five bowls. And: can you run a pipecleaner though it while smoking if needed?  I don't know what those filters look like or if it is possible.  

    Can't believe I just purchased another pipe as I just ordered another Peterson bulldog last week from Smokingpipes.com as my first pipe purchase for 2018.      
  • @Charles -- First, your questions: << how long is the filter good for?  I'm guessing four or five bowls.>> Yes, that's what I get, however, some Carey smokers change the papyrate sleeve every bowl. Think that's excessive. The sleeve are white; I change 'em when they are no longer mostly white. I don't wait until they are dark. I should mention that the papyrates are not filters -- there is nothing between the tobacco and your mouth; a straight shot, which leads to your second question: << can you run a pipe cleaner though it while smoking if needed?>> Absolutely, as papyrate sleeves are not filters; they are absorbents (and they are really cheap, bought in quantity).

    I own nine pipes at present (I had many more in my first pipe life). Seven are Carey's, one is a Duncan Hill (made by Carey) and one, a gift from a generous friend, is a Charatan. Two Carey's and the Duncan Hill are from my first pipe life. The other Carey's are eBay purchases. I'd opine that the way to buy Carey's -- new or used -- is through eBay. I paid EA Carey $15,00 each for my first two Carey's back in the mid-1970's. I've not paid more than $30.00 for the Carey's I've bought on eBay since the fall of 2016 when I resumed pipe smoking.

    I've never had a pipe that smokes as well as a Carey, and I've never had a Carey that didn't smoke well. I did buy two Carey's whose finish and color I did not like, so I went and asked some of our pipe making/refurbishing friends here on TPL, and they advised me what to buy (Leather dye, as it happens) and now those two pipes are beautiful in my eyes.

    I'd be more than happy to answer any and all questions about Carey pipes. (Not to be confused with the spectacular works of art and craftsmanship that are COREY pipes, as widly admired here on TPL.)

    [repost] Before and after leather dye as recommended here on TPL. NOTE: The Carey with the colored acrylic stem are part of a Carey line called Harbor pipes. I don't know why. They differ from most Carey's in that the slots in the stem are only two in number, one on each side, whereas the regular line of Carey's have three slots on top of the stem and three below. Yet, they all smoke the same. Go figure.



  • Big difference in the before and after photos @motie2. Beautiful refinishing!  Thank you for your advice regarding Carey pipes.  Looking forward to smoking mine when it arrives.  I purchased a tube of 250 papyrate sleeves along with the pipe so I should be good for a long while.    
  • Until I was finally able to find a place to buy the filters I was using the same one for a month or more. I'd actually wash it off when it got too dark. It wasn't that I'm cheap, it's that I wasn't as knowledgeable about pipes in general when I bought it. And the fact that I bought it at an antique store I assumed they were no longer being made. I asked the guy at The Tinder Box about filters for the pipe and he said, "I haven't seen a Carey Pipe for years". And since the pipe I bought from the antique store was still in the original box dated sometime in the 70s' - and it appeared unsmoked - and had a few extra filters in the box, I used them sparingly thinking it was a discontinued product. Then one day I was on EBAY and discovered a place where I could buy an entire tube full of Carey filters for dirt cheap. I also discovered that the Carey Pipe Company was still in business and making pipes. So now I change filters after about five smokes.

    The Carey Pipe is a great smoker - but @motie2 will probably concur, that they can be a tricky pipe to light. Since it draws air from the outside like fish gills if your pipe is packed too tightly, you can still get a draw when puffing on the pipe. But the air you're pulling is isn't from the draw-hole of the pipe ... but the gilled filter system. You can draw you're ass off but you still won't get the pipe to light. So I always put a pipe cleaner through the pipe all the way to the bowl before packing the bowl to make sure there is no obstruction. That way when I pull out the pipe cleaner I'm sure there is nothing blocking it. And when I draw on the pipe to light it - everything is right with the world. And a Carey Pipe is a great cool smoking pipe. Even some of the cheaper aromatics that have a tendency to give you tongue burn smoke a lot cooler in the Carey Pipe because of the filter design.        

  • @ghostsofpompeii thanks for the pipecleaner tip.  I will use it when I smoke my new Carey once it arrives. 
  • The solution to @ghostsofpompeii's problem is to cover the six slots in the top and bottom of the stem.....if you must. I've not had that problem. I use the gravity fill method, with in between finger tamps. Usually takes about three or four gravity fills to fill a bowl. I guess that makes me a loose packer. 
  • Just got my E.A. Carey pipe and the sleeve of papyrate filters in today's regular mail.  Everything was shipped in a flimsy plastic envelop.  Pipe was in a box but not wrapped and the sleeve of papyrates were dropped in the envelop.  When I opened it, the ends of the sleeve were off, the sleeve is bent and most of the papyrate filters are now flat.  Apparently, it is too much effort to tape the ends of the sleeve and wrap some cardboard around it for strength and protection.

    Out of everything I have ever received from online purchases, E.A. Carey is absolutely the all time worst in packaging. 

    Sent them an email outlining what happened and the email was rejected.  The pipe seems fine but I need to look at it more carefully before lighting it up in case there's damage and I need to return it. 

    Not very pleased right now.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited January 2018
    Let 'em know it.

    Note: I have not purchased a pipe from Carey, either here or in Great Britain, since the very early 1970's. That's what eBay is for.....

  • I tried a  very heavy cut flake in my Carey Sitter and it was very difficult to keep lit, I re-lit so much that it wasn't that enjoyable. TRhis doesn't mean that I don't like the pipe, just don't use that particular tobacco in it. I smoke the pipe often and it always behaved well.
  • I some how have ended up with quite a few Magic Inch pipes. The one thing they have taught me is how to pack a bowl better. With the "vent" in the steam, if you are use to packing too tight, you will never get a good draw, but once I learned to pack better (since they were some of my first) all my pipes smoke better now.
  • Just to update regarding the damaged sleeve of papyrate filters I received in last week's regular mail:

    E.A. Carey is willing to send a replacement sleeve of those filters at no additional cost and have extended their apology for the damage.  They do not want the damaged sleeve of papyrate filters returned as do not think it is worth the expense and trouble of returning.

    Honestly did not expect to here a reply much less expect a replacement.  That is rather kind and professional of them.

  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited January 2018
    @Charles -- I'm glad things worked out. :)
    Had a feeling they would....
  • @motie2 I haven't checked, does Carey's still have the 30 day guarantee?
  • Thanks @motie2, much appreciated. 
  • CharlesCharles Master
    edited January 2018
    @Woodsman, I can answer that with a yes.  Not only do they mention it on their website, but the box that contains the pipe has the thirty day guarantee on a card. 

    Here is their website:  www.eacarey.com/
  • There is more variety at the shop in Great Britain:   http://www.eacarey.co.uk/

    I have limited my patronage of Carey's US shop to tobacco blends. I buy my Carey pipes, used, on eBay -- greater variety, better prices.
  • @motie2 I'm with you on the variety on Ebay, also 4 or 5 bowls per Papyrate Filter.
  • @Woodsman -- Yes, I think the "one papyrate sleeve per bowl" folks are overdoing it.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    edited January 2018
    <<Different people have different opinions on the different systems available in the pipe smoking world. Balsa, charcoal, 6mm, 9mm, philtpads.... the list goes on. Carey's Magic Inch was patented in 1948 and has been going strong ever since. But not everyone understands the logic behind the system, so here's a quick video to help...>>

  • EA Carey is having a Pipe sale, some good prices.
  • wbradkwbradk Apprentice
    I picked up an old one still in the box, vintage 1972, on Ebay awhile back.  I had purchased one back in the 70s, but who knows what happened to it over the years.  I do wish that the stems were of more quality, but I do enjoy their pipes well enough.
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