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Hello Pipe and Tobacco Aficionados, hope all is well out there in the world of P&T enjoyment. To start with, some of you may think this sounds a little "corny" but I just finished enjoying one of the original, black and white 1939 film series based on Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, "Sherlock Holmes." Staring The Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Personally, these are the only Sherlock Holmes movies that I really enjoy, in my opinion you can keep the others. When watching these movies during this era pipe enthuses will notice plenty of "Peterson Pipes" and plenty of tobacco. :-) Now here is my question for all of you tobacco pipe professionals. Have you ever "purchased" a pipe that you really liked and wanted and it is still sitting in your pipe rack non/never smoked at this time. For whatever reason, you've had the pipe now for some time but it has not be smoked. I would like to know some of your reason or reasons (for not smoking the pipe), if you just so happen to fall into this category. I do not wish to be in this position all by my lonesome :-). I had a pipe for several months and just smoke out of it last week. I just felt that the tobacco I was going to smoke would be great in that pipe at that time and it was good. :-) Your feedback is always welcomed and remember to please, smoke what you like and like what you smoke. :-)


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