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  • Ordered a tin of Capstan Gold Ready Rubbed today.
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    2020 is already halfway gone! Technically, a little more than half the year has passed, and it is hard to believe. For the P&C Staff, days fly by faster than we count. But here we are, on the eve of Christmas in July. So, we decided to plan something special; before that announcement is made, however, which of our Faithful remember Norman Rockwell? He is arguable the most famous American painter to date. Living a long and full life, Norman Rockwell provided our culture with an abundance of phenomenal works. Long before P&C began featuring his artwork, we loved his use of pipes. It was only natural for us to get involved. Now we have many great offers that allow you to enjoy the pleasant pastime of pipes while gazing upon exquisite imagery. Let’s jump back to our special plan, Christmas in July! P&C got hands on some great pieces that bring about memories of the holiday season. We are marking all the Norman Rockwell Christmas items off 20%! This deal is valid for a limited time so make sure to order by 11:59pm EST on July 25th!  
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    Harvest Moon, a Hearth & Home Cavendish-cut blend of Burley and Virginia with a pinch of black Cavendish and a smidgeon of cherry. For the next week, a tin of Hearth & Home Harvest Moon pipe tobacco will only cost $7.50 each; over $2 off the already low everyday retail price!
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    Purchases are limited to 2 tins per customer!

    Sun Bear begins with a base of fine red and bright Virginias that are carefully balanced with Basma leaf from 2014 and Izmir Orientals from 2013, subtly baptized with silver tequila and elderflower to elevate its innate floral qualities, and as a flourished finale: organic raw honey harvested from the South Carolina hives of C&D’s head blender, Jeremy Reeves.

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    The Signature series of Hearth & Home is made up of perhaps the most unique mixtures offered in the modern era. It features the prized English blends 10 to Midnight and SunjammerCaramel Apple Pie and Berry Nice also appear as delicious aromatics. If a non-aromatic is more your style, Louisiana Red or Marble Kake are perfect picks. Long story short, Hearth & Home Signature has something for everyone! And from now until 8/3/2020, all Hearth & Home Signature bulk tobacco is only $2.50 per ounce. Load up your cart and enjoy Russ Ouellette’s life work in your next bowl.

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  • Irresistible Chocolate (Aromatic) Pipe Tobacco  MILAN'S BLEND OF THE MONTH
    This unique blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos creates a very mild, smooth smoking experience with subtle undertones of chocolate. The texture of the tobacco makes for easy bowl packing and a clean smoke. The room note is very light and pleasant. Overall, this is a great aromatic for both the new and experienced pipe smoker.

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    Here's an interesting Etsy shop selling pipes and accessories.


  • @motie2 I LOVE pistachios!
    Tnx, I guess another one to add to the list... 🙄
  • From 1810 to 2004, an Irish company provided the world with a variety of tobacco for consumers to enjoy. Murray's Pipe Tobaccowas a time-honored brand for nearly 200 years. Fortunately for pipe smokers all around Murray's came back! One that the P&C Staff is particularly excited about is Murray's 1862 Whitehall. There aren't many English blends fit for all-day smoking; luckily, this mixture addressed that problem. Starting with Virginia and Burley, some Virginia-based black Cavendish is added. Finally, Latakia's touch is thrown into the mix, enough to add the desired smokiness without engulfing your palate. Our Faithful can expect to enjoy a pleasantly sweet smoke with nutty nuances. All of this can now be enjoyed at a reduced price! For the next week, a tin of Murray's 1862 White is only $7.49 each; that is $2.50 off the everyday price. Pick up a tin to enjoy the Irish roots, and as always, let us know what you think. 
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  • Nearly 300 years ago, meerschaum popped up in the pipe community for the first time. And although briar tried to steal the show decades later, meerschaum remains as a prized material today. Beyond absorbing heat remarkably well, allowing for a cool smoking experience, the nature of this mineral deposit makes it unique. When soaked in water, it becomes soft enough to delicately carve. The Turkish artists create masterpieces for all to enjoy. Flowers, abstract designs, and everything in between can be found amongst P&C’s Meerschaum Depot pipe selection. Beyond the beauty of these magnificent pipes is the special offer we put together. Luckily for our Faithful Pipe-A-Palooza is in full swing! And you guessed it, Meerschaum Depot is included. Until the end of this annual sale on 8/13/2020, all Meerschaum Depot pipes are 15% off! When you wander through all our options, we are confident you’ll find a piece that fits your personality. 

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  • 10-20% Off Captain Black Pipe Tobacco Cans, Pouches & Bags!!

     To purchase the Captain Black Pipe Tobacco on sale, please click on the link below:

  • Cup O' Joes

    Quality Pipes & Tobaccos

    From now through August 13th...

    Save 15% on all Sutliff Crumble Kake Tins!

    Three great blends at a great deal!

    *Current price reflects discount.*


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    Esoterica & Germains on sale at www.thebriary.com
    We just put out our allotment of Esoterica and Germains.
    We have been asked to not list the specific blends so that is that.
    Interested? Please call us @ 205-942-9001
  • Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and South Carolina all share something in common. Each state housed Cornell & Diehl headquarters during the past 28 years. Cornell & Diehl is known for a few traits, among them is quality and variety. Sourcing the best tobacco around these guys take them and produce hundreds of different blends for us to enjoy. Let us face it; no matter what you prefer to experience in your briar Cornell & Diehl have an option. After Hours Flake is the epitome of a navy flake. The natural sweetness from the Virginia tobacco with added dark rum for flavor, makes this blend perfect for aromatic fans. Is non-aromatic your style? A Va/Per blend called Bayou Morning Flake should be added to your cart. And for the English lovers out there, Black Frigate is hearty and unique. Virginia that is infused with rum, a healthy portion of Latakia, and some Turkish tobacco that will leave you wanting more. If none of those wet your whistles, take a gander at any one of Cornell & Diehl’s offerings. Now, what about the offer inside of this email? For that, we must remember all smokers take great care in maintaining their pipes. Which is why for the next week, when you purchase a tin of Cornell & Diehl pipe tobacco, you can add a Decatur Pipe Shield Polishing Cloth to your cart for $3.99; that is 50% off the everyday low price! Now is the time to grab your future favorite tobacco!

    This offer will expire on August 14th, 2020 @ 11:59 PM ET
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  • 20% off C&D tins at 4 Noggins through Wednesday August 12th. 


  • Good ole Bengal Slices has been a P&C Faithful favorite from way back in the day. A classic blend brought back to life, as many are, by our very own Russ Ouellette. However, today we are here to feature the sibling. No, not Russ’ sibling, rather Bengal Slices counterpart. Bengal Slices White. Virginias are combined with Cyprian Latakia, Orientals, and the top note is omitted. Results, easily prepared, slightly lighter, and cleaner finish than any blend in your current rotation. Bengal Slices White is exotic in flavor and pleasing in the aroma; its complexity will keep you engaged bowl after bowl. What really puts this blend over the top? The clean finish referenced above is so pure that a pre-meal smoke won’t interfere with enjoying a flavorful plate. For the next week, you can pick up a tin of Bengal Slices White for $11.00. Which makes it over 40% off MSRP! Instead of one, you might consider adding two or three to the cart; this deal is too great to miss.

    This offer will expire on August 16th, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST 
    This offer cannot be combined with other offers.
  • I'm tempted to try the Bengal Slices White. I'm not a fan of the Bengal Slices with the top note. 
  • For nearly a decade, Savinelli has delighted enthusiasts across the globe with their annual Saint Nicholas line, presenting a variety of the marque’s iconic Italian shapes in a subtly festive and tasteful palette unique to each year. For 2020’s edition — the eighth installment of the line — deep red, hand-tooled rusticated finishes join accents of brass- and ruby-colored acrylic and pearlescent white stems for a presentation evocative of the holiday season. Spread across nine distinctively Italian designs, including the popular 320 KS, 106, and 311 KS models, today’s special update showcases this latest edition to the Saint Nicholas line with 144 fresh pipes to choose from. Find your favorite and embrace the holiday spirit today.

  • Wilke Pipe Tobacco
    Since 1872

    Free shipping on orders over $69 (U.S. only) to go along with our 10% off savings already on Bulk Tobacco. And check out our August Wilke Cigar Club: Pier 28 Maduro Rabito Box-Pressed 3 pack $25.99 Cigar Club 3 pack 

    WILKE No. 436 Exclusively Made for Abercrombie and Fitch

    A Deliquete blend of Virginia Turkish, Black Cavendish, and Latakia  
    2oz.    9.65      4oz.    18.00      8oz.    34.75      16oz.    67.00

    We look forward to a long relationship with our loyal customers please feel free to call me with any questions 508-717-2948 or email: [email protected]

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    10-20% Off Revolution Tabac Pipe Tobacco!

    Developed by EA Carey over six months of experiments with different tobacco blends. A blend of our two best light aromatics and Latakia. It will have the taste of a light English blend when the strands of Latakia ignite and then go back to a light aromatic blend after the Latakia has burned. The result is a mild tobacco with a hint of English flavor.

    50g Tin - Regular $11.95, Now Only $9.95
    2 oz Bag - Regular $9.95, Now Only $7.95
    7 oz Bag - Regular $22.95, Now Only $19.95
    12 oz Bag - Regular $34.95, Now Only $29.95
    15 oz Bag - Regular $38.95, Now Only $34.95

    But hurry, sale ends August 19, 2020. To purchase the Revolution Tabac Pipe Tobacco on sale, please click on the link below:


    <<It all started out when I thought about my favorite tobacco. It’s a fine tobacco and I had been smoking it for years. But then I asked myself: Is this really the best of what’s available today? Am I smoking it only out of habit? If I wanted to try a new blend, which one would I try? Every shop has dozens of blends, all with descriptions that don’t really tell me anything. 

    Since I’m at EA Carey I do have one advantage. Carey has 32 tobacco blends and I have access to all of them. I can smoke them with my choice of Carey pipe. Yes, I had an advantage not available to the average pipe smoker…. A big advantage.

    As I said, I have been smoking my favorite blend for years, so I didn’t really know anything about the 32 Carey blends on a first hand basis. There was only one solution. I had to smoke each one in a test and make my own notes. I chose to smoke two ounces of each of the 32 blends.

    Now, I smoke a pipe a lot but that was not easy. That is four pounds of tobacco. Off and on, it and it took me about three months to finish the project. 

    I then divided the 32 blends into categories and rated them as type and preference. My preferences are for a mild tobacco that I can smoke all day, and yet I wanted something different, a bit of a unique taste. It seemed that while many of our Carey tobaccos are high quality, most were just not that unique. It seemed to me that there was not much difference in one blend to the next. 

    I finally selected six quality blends that each had a distinct taste. But making the best blend can be elusive: which of the six blends should I use and how much of each one? There are 1,956 possible combinations with six blends. 

    This is where it got subjective. I selected the best blend according to my tastes and then modified it with the other five blends. I then used a scale accurate to 0.001 ounces and prepared one ounce samples of various blends, labeling each in plastic pouches. I don’t know the exact number of pouches I consumed as I discarded many of the blends as unacceptable. This step took me about a month.

    In the end I had my first two choices, both I thought were great. Then a funny thing happened.

    The First Discovery -- The burn rate of one blend was different than the other. The first one burned slow and easy and didn't require re-lighting to the same extent as the other. That’s very handy when I am busy, such as driving a car.

    The Second Discovery -- The first blend changes taste from time to time. That’s because it contains a small percentage of Latakia. When that strand ignites it tastes like a mild English blend. Then it goes back to the basic blend which is mild and smooth.

    This whole thing took about six months to complete. I needed a name. I thought of the Russian Revolution because it changed an entire nation. I didn’t think I would ever cause a national revolution, or even a pipe smoker’s revolution. I still liked the name Revolution, even if it’s in my own small way. Revolution it is. “Revolution Tabac.”

    - William Miller, President of EA Carey>>

  • Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia Hot Pressed Pipe Tobacco


    Code: MBPV

    Sale ends 08/14/2020
    While supplies last.
  • https://www.pipesandcigars.com/shop/savinelli-brand/1701470/

    Italy has been a prominent player on the global stage during various historical times. The country is full of natural and manmade wonders alike. Aside from those comments, its culture is envied by many; whether it be food, romance, or famiglia, we all find something to enjoy with Italian roots. At Pipes & Cigars, our number one is their contribution to the world of tobacco pipes. Particularly Savinelli. It is widely known that the highest-quality briar grows in Italy; the Savinelli family worked tirelessly to ensure pipes coming out of Italy match that quality, notably Achille Savinelli Jr. It disturbed him that (at the time) the best-selling pipes in Italy were imported instead of homegrown. To make a long story short, he changed that fact, and we now get to enjoy authentic Italian briars from Savinelli to this day. For this iteration of T.G.I Thursday, we will marry Savinelli with a couple of other Italian-inspired products. Viprati Meets Salvatoreis a new offering from P&C. It combines the popular Hearth & Home Marque Viprati with the Don Salvatore Stainless Steel Pipe Tool, an all-in-one pocket-friendly gadget. The tobacco gets its name from Russ's favorite pipe maker Luigi Viprati; actually, Russ created it at his request, and it became a top-selling Va/Per. So, what are we doing exactly? From now until 8/19/20 at 11.59 PM, when you purchase any Savinelli pipe, you can add the Viprati Meets Salvatore sampler for $10! Having an MSRP of $30.50 makes this a deal you don't want to miss. Stack your cart and see why the P&C Staff enjoys the many wonders of Italy.

    This offer will expire on August 19, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST 
    This offer cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Starting August 14th...
    We're at it again!
    One lucky Savinelli customer will win $100...

    Here's how it works:
    > We've placed a $100 bill inside of a Savinelli Pipe Box.
    Purchase Savinelli Pipes beginning August 14th.
    > Be sure to check the inside of your box upon shipment arrival!

    We'll announce when the winning pipe has been received
  • BriarworksUSA.com

    We don't often make our pipes with 9mm filters, but from time to time we get requests from customers who prefer a filtered pipe. We have just loaded up a nice selection to the website for you to check out. You'll see them on the main page under new products if you click the shop now link below.  We even had one rare light sandblast in the batch. You may want to hurry though since those don't hang around for long.

  • P&C is here with a special announcement; customer appreciation week has officially kicked off! Annually we take a whole week to celebrate and thank all our Faithful. How exactly? With completely insane deals, offers and promotions. As always, Monday features Tobacco of the Week, today’s feature is Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Reserve. When its predecessor, Plum Pudding, hit the market, success immediately followed. It quickly became a top-selling fan-favorite blend to smoke. Blender Joe Lankford was later offered a limited portion of exquisite small-leaf tobacco. He sparked an idea and chose to modify Plum Pudding. Starting with the same recipe, Mr. Lankford swapped out some of the Orientals and put in the rare sun-cured leaf. Turning the famed cake into a plug, Plum Pudding Reserve was born. Providing a distinct room note with a unique taste made this limited-edition mixture sought after across the globe. Usually, 4-ounces of Plum Pudding Reserve flies off the shelf at the $31.99 price point. But it is customer appreciation week, so from now until 8/23/20, P&C is taking $8.50 off! That means you can pick up a tin for only $23.49, over 40% off MSRP! This deal won’t happen again, so get yours today. Also, keep an eye on your inbox; if you think this deal is insane, you’ll want to see what else we have in store…


    This offer will expire on August 23rd, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST
    This offer cannot be combined with other offers.
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