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  • Peterson Pipe Show in Springfield Missouri !!

    Peterson Pipe Show
    March 17th, 2018
    Just For Him 
    1334 E Battlefield, Springfield, MO 65804

    To celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year we will once again be having a Peterson Pipe Show. OnSaturday, March 17th from 10am-10pm we will have over a hundred Peterson Pipes at 20% off including a limited number of 2018 Peterson St. Patrick's Day Pipes and Peterson tobaccos at 10% off including a limited number of 2018 Peterson's St. Patrick's Day tobacco tins as well as samples of Peterson tobaccos. There will be Corned Beef & Cabbage and probably some beer. We will have movies or TV shows with an Irish theme, Irish actors or attractive redheads playing all day. If you don't own a Peterson you should and if you do this is the perfect time to add to your collection.

  • The briar kennel of Alexey Kharlamov. 

    A true bulldog pipe!

  • Thought this was interesting.  Seems Jenn Lang uncovered something baffling when she went to fix the crumbling plaster in her dining room: 88 unopened cans of Prince Albert tobacco from 1918.

    @PappyJoeFurther research has revealed this occurred in Wisconsin.  Here is the full article:  http://archive.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/finding-prince-albert-in-88-cans-is-no-pipe-dream-bg4dned-141329013.html/

    Related image

    The oldest I've smoked was from 1950 and that was excellent.  These must be incredibly flavorful!


  • Take the Pipe Tobacco Flavor Wheel Questionnaire! 
  • You could blow bubbles with this one...... I suppose....

  • From our friends at Smokingpipes.com

    Proud To Be A Barbarian

    Thursday, March 15, 2018 by Rachel DuBose

    It's funny how some comments burrow into our heads and become unforgettable, no matter how they may have been intended. I once overheard someone describe the act of smoking a pipe outdoors as "barbaric." That's a strange word for describing the gentle art of pipesmoking, and perhaps the contrast of my perception of the harmless activity, and the harsh, dismissive judgement of another perspective, made the episode a permanent thought bouncing around in my head. Now, every time I head for the door, my pipe packed with tobacco, a lighter and tamper in my pocket, the word drifts through my mind, flashing in neon colors.

    No one forces me outside; I'm just set in my ways. I'm fairly protective of my pipe-smoking. It's a carefully-cultivated practice, and one that is compelling enough to take me outside, even when the weather aggressively suggests that I should stay indoors. It's the reason the rims of my pipes are charred and dinged, and that I can be found in one of the few nearby sheltered areas when the wind is high. A cultured person would enjoy the easily-predictable routine of smoking indoors, their pipes in no danger of burning too hot, and able to be knocked against a cork knocker, rather than the nearest tree or the bottom of my shoe.

    But if smoking is a reprieve from the day-to-day — whether as a moment of reflection, or a meditative process — then it has its place in the outdoors, and in fact should be even better outdoors, as both help us forget the indoors world for a while. As the days get longer, they bring with them the bustle and goings-on of a new season — it only makes sense to seek a reprieve in the outdoors now and then, viewing the horizon, and thinking, and gently puffing. If that's barbaric, then I am proud to be a barbarian.

  • Pipe tobacco consumption calculator - How long will your cellar last?

  • @motie2 that is a really cool tool!  Thanks for sharing! 
  • You are most welcome @Charles

  • New source for Sutliff Pipe Tobacco 1.5oz Pouches $4.99 each.... great selection

    <<Sutliff pipe tobacco offers a diverse line up of tasty pipe tobaccos, in three convenient sizes - a 1.5 ounce pouch, perfect for carrying around, as well as two larger bags - 8 ounce and 1 pound, for those who like to keep a little more at home. Factory Sealed for freshness - economically priced>>


  • @motie2 i see they have Dunhill EMP in bulk also. 
  • KmhartleKmhartle Master
    edited March 2018
    Honestly, I had never heard of www.kingsmokingpipesandcigars.com until @motie posted the above link.  I decided to give them a shot and place an order. I ordered a pipe and 6 tins of tobacco at 7:45 AM CST. I received a shipping notification with a tracking number at 9:30 AM CST.  Prices are very good, some even better than P&C.  I also ordered one of their house blends. Although the selection isn't as good as P&C, I believe this site has potential. 

    @ocpunk714 They also have the Nording/McClelland blends in stock. I ordered a tin of the Fox Hound. 
  • Smokingpipes.com has lots of great deals on tobacco and pipes.  I've been buying from them more and more when I need or want something and have been very satisfied with their prices and delivery.   I usually receive my order within three days which isn't bad since they're in SC and I'm in PA.
  • Just got this in today's email from P&C - ending date is March 31st.

  • Caricature pipes of F. Illi Rossi
  • Cobra Pipe, covered in python skin

  • @Charles -- Whoa!!! What shall we call that unique shape???
  • Was wondering that myself @motie2.  It's shape reminds me of a cross between a Cutty and a horn.  Not sure but it appears to be a custom job.

  • I wonder how python skin tastes should the smoker be overly zealous in flaming a bowl?
  • Tastes like chicken with a little earthiness.
  • @Charles -- Good one! I should have sen it coming.......
  • Another essay from our friends at Smokingpipes.com

    Mr. Clean

    Monday, March 26, 2018 by Chuck Stanion

    I was cleaning some pipes the other night, swabbing them out with alcohol, pipe cleaners scattered about, shank brushes and Q-tips piling up, everything covered in soot, including my hands, my work surface and, strangely, the cats, when I thought, hey, we have self-cleaning ovens (and self-cleaning cats), why not pipes?

    Congratulating myself on my genius, I searched online and discovered that self-cleaning ovens were invented 55 years ago, in 1963. How could it be that pipes are half a century behind current technology? How could pipemakers overlook this labor-saving process? I would have to lead the revolution myself.

    Ovens clean themselves under high heat. Pipes produce heat. Ovens are coated with porcelain enamel that does not bind with other materials, instead letting them bake off into ash. That sounds like it could work for pipes.

    "Why not pipes?"

    It turns out, though, that porcelain enamel doesn’t breathe the way briar does, nor does it absorb moisture, nor build cake, nor impart that distinctive flavor of briar. Instead, it tastes like the inside of an oven, as you would know if you experimented more with tasting household appliances. The inside of a refrigerator or dishwasher, for example, tastes much different than the inside of an oven. In the interest of comparative science, I had to taste the inside of a pipe bowl as well, and I’m saddened to report that it was even less satisfactory than the inside of the microwave. And I probably should have waited for the tobacco to stop burning.

    Furthermore, I embarrassingly discovered that we've already had self-cleaning pipes for 350 years. Clay pipes can be placed in a fire to bake out all the residues, and that was the primary cleaning technique before the advent of pipe cleaners.

    But I prefer briars, and my spidey sense tells me not to put my briar pipes in the fire. I have a vague feeling the result could be as disappointing as the taste test.

    So, after a day of research, and half a day explaining to my wife why I was crawling around the kitchen sticking my tongue into various appliances (she talked me out of trying the toaster), I've concluded that self-cleaning pipes are not yet technologically feasible.

    Even more distressing, I have to admit that, in the self-cleaning department, cats are superior to pipes.

  • Interesting pipe @BlueCollarBastard.  So instead of mixing tobacco and smoking it, that guy is mixing smoke as he is smoking different tobaccos in that thing. 

    Makes me wonder what the tasting differences is between mixed tobacco and mixed smoke. 

    Interesting thought and possibly an interesting experiment.
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