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Most of us use http://www.tobaccoreviews.com 
Here's another worthy review site I just stumbled upon: 


  • @motie2 Thanks for the info. Always looking for something interesting to read about the hobby. On the rare occasions I get to talk to someone about the pipe smoking hobby I want to sound as well versed as possible. After all I'm a 'Professor'. Usually when I get the opportunity to hold someone captive long enough to pass around my latest pipe acquisitions and discuss the hobby to the best of my ability I tend to get that glazed-over look you might associate with the guest trapped into watching a two hour home video of your trip to the Ozarks.   
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    @ghostsofpompeii -- You won't be a Professor for long at the rate you're opening good discussions!!

    Meanwhile, here's one of my favorite websites: https://rebornpipes.com/tag/pipe-smoking/
  • @motie2 Once again you've discovered some excellent reading material. That Middle Earth pipe book looks good.
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    Interesting excerpt from http://www.thepipenook.com/blog

    <<Today, I want to talk about a common complaint from newer pipe smokers. "No matter what I do, my pipe just won't stay lit!" When I got started in pipe smoking some 20 years ago, I had the same lament. I came from cigar smoking, and cigars just aren't as "hands-on" as pipes tend to be. Cigars are designed to continue smoking right to the end, and as long as you take a puff every minute or so, you're good.  The occasional cigar may burn unevenly, but it will burn, and keeping one lit is not usually a problem. When I switched to pipes, I had the same mindset, and got frustrated to no end that my pipe kept going out. I attributed it to some sort of failure on my part, and would increase my smoking cadence to "Ludicrous Speed." What I received for my troubles was a mouth full of lava, and a pipe that still would not stay lit!

    Through the years, I've learned a few tips and tricks about the art of pipe smoking. Learning to pack your bowl in the "sweet spot" (neither too loose nor too tight), when and how to tamp, and how to navigate several other variables such as wind and humidity have all added to my success at smoking a pipe. But that doesn't mean my pipe stays lit from the charring light to the bottom of the bowl. In fact, that almost never happens without a little boost from a flame every now and then. In fact, I've had to re-light my pipe while typing this several times. And that's okay!

    The bottom line is that pipe smoking is not cigar smoking.  They are very different things, just as cigars and cigarettes are very different (thank God). I would think the most difficult adjustment would be had by cigarette smokers trying to switch to pipes, since cigarettes will practically burn their way to ash all by themselves, but never really get the chance to burn out because the smoker is constantly and manically pulling that ember towards its final curl of smoke. >>  ~ Eddie Gray
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    For fans of Middle Earth:

    It is a Tuesday in February and a slight evening breeze springs up on St Giles Street in Oxford. John has just emerged from The Eagle and Child pub, or “The Bird and Baby” as he and his friends affectionately call it, which has been a popular haunt for many years, before World War II and its horrors.   With laughter and lengthy discussions still ringing in his ears, he pulls his fur collar coat tighter around him while walking home. He feels like writing a letter to his eldest son, who shares the same name, to tell him what the Inklings are doing. The gatherings at the pub do not only consist of informal literary discussions, they also drink beer, eat and enjoy one another’s company.  While writing “we had a delightful evening dining off ham”, he dwells on the name Inklings.  “Hwaet! We Inklinga on aerdagum searopancolra snyttru gehierdon” - Lo! We have heard in old days of the wisdom of the cunning-minded Inklings).

This is a parody of the opening verses of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf, revealing a life-long love of ancient languages and mythology. The phrase also plays on the idea of filling reams of paper with ink (“Lo! We ink”), which the Oxford University members of that informal gathering, called the Inklings, have been doing for years. Take John’s work, The Lord of the Rings, completed in 1949 three years before and still unpublished. Or else The Chronicles of Narnia, written by his friend Clive, another member of the literary group, who is also fond of fantasy worlds and mythology. 
    John is in the mood for recalling the past, and although it is late, he relaxes by his fireplace to enjoy the last glowing embers. He lights his pipe and lets his mind drift back nostalgically in time. He can see his mother, passionately devoted to ancient languages and legends, who tried to fill the void left by the death of his father by telling him and his brother stories of fantastic worlds. He can also see Father Francis Xavier Morgan, Roman Catholic priest at Birmingham Oratory who took over custody of him and his brother when their mother unfortunately died. Indeed, it was he who introduced John to the art of pipe-smoking and encouraged him to study languages, seeing that he seemed to have a gift for them, especially ancient ones such as Latin, Greek, and even Finnish. This in turn inspired him to invent new languages of his own. As he puffs on his pipe he can see the words engraved on a tombstone that in a certain sense changed his life: “Adeiladwyd 1887” (“Built in 1887”), perfection in the guise of Welsh words with which he fell in love.  So Welsh was added to the endless supply of beautiful sounds and perfect grammatical structures, a melodic language which he could draw on for his future linguistic inventions along with Finnish, Latin and Greek. The Lord of the Rings, still lying unpublished in his desk drawer, is in fact an attempt to create a world inhabited by a realistic and aesthetically acceptable language.

    Indeed, he created Middle-earth around his languages, and not the other way around as many people would believe. As he starts to feel tired and his eyes droop, he recalls his first book, The Hobbit, published by Allen&Unwin following the review written by Stanley Unwin’s ten-year-old son, Rayner.  Indeed, there is no better critic for a children’s book. The idea for the Hobbit came to him one hot summer day while he was correcting homework on English literature. One of the students had left a page blank and John wrote on the spot the beginning of Bilbo’s adventure: “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit”. He is convinced that its sequel, The Lord of the Rings, with its parallel world and themes of peace and freedom, will appeal to readers of all ages, ideas and culture, coming from a man in love with Nordic myths, philology and religion. While he takes a last puff on his pipe, tired out by the evening’s events and memories, he recalls the origin of the art of smoking pipe-weed, invented by Hobbits. He remembers Tobold “Old Toby” Hornblower, who first grew it in his garden in Longbottom and developed other varieties of the finest quality of pipe-weed, including Southern Star, Old Toby and Longbottom Leaf. Even Tobold does not know the origin of the plant that was introduced to Middle-earth by the Numenoreans, the “Westmen”, and in Gondor it grows as a wild plant, although its inhabitants do not smoke it, but appreciate its sweet smell. However that may be, the inhabitants of Bree claim that they were the first to use the plant for pipe smoking, and then the practice soon became widely known, spreading to the Rangers of the North, Dwarves and Wizards. 
    Then John hears a dull thud, and realizes that it is his pipe that has dropped onto the rug and that he had been dozing for a few minutes. The fire has gone out and it is time to go to bed. In his bedroom, before getting into bed he looks lovingly at his wife Edith, his partner of a lifetime. Then, like Sam after having said goodbye to his friends Merry and Pippin in the last lines of The Lord of the Rings, he “drew a deep breath and said ‘Well, I’m back’”.

  • Great stuff. Thanks
  • motie2motie2 Master

    An amazing collection of tinned, vintage pipe tobaccos [with pictures and descriptions] for sale.

    Too rich for my blood, but if there's something here you've been lusting after......

  • Thanks motie.

    Loved the vintage tobacco
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    Interesting POV: 

    Pipe Smoking 101 at the website of "The Catholic Gentleman"

    <<If you’re a Catholic man who wants to grow in his faith and become a better man, you’re in the right place .... you’ll find posts about manly saints you can imitate, beer, dressing sharp, marriage, spiritual weapons and a lot more.>>

  • motie2motie2 Master
    Who is it? -- Appears to be @Charles as a detective?

    Nasty POV:

    Pressing Questions: Why Would Anyone Still Smoke a Pipe?
    <<Basically, it comes down to this: pipes are the worst. Don’t smoke with one. Other than that, knock yourself out.>>
  • @motie2 Evilchill ... What a pompous ass. Nothing like generalizing a complete sector of society who just happens to be a pipe smokers. Can't wait to read his next series of blogs "Why Blacks Like Watermelons and Fried Chicken", "All Gay Men are Pedophiles", "Everyone South Of The Mason Dixon Line Is Married To A Relative", and "Why There Are No Asians NASCAR Drivers". With all the serious sh*t going on in the world this amazing intellect decides to write a blog about the few laid back people left in the world who prefer meditation and quiet contemplation over rabblerousing loud and obnoxious behavior. My question is "Why didn't his father wear a condom." At least it would have alleviated the aggravation I'm feeling right now. 
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Hence, "Nasty."
  • Topaz75Topaz75 Professor
    A better question might be: Why would some idiot who can't put two sentences together waste everybody's time by writing a bunch of nonsense concerning a topic about which he knows absolutely nothing?
  • motie2motie2 Master
    I like being exposed to all points of view, not just ones I agree with. (ending sentence with preposition, again....  -10 points)
  • Interesting article.  If I had a bird for a pet, I would print it out and use it for cage lining.  And to post my cool photo and associate it with that horrible scribble is most unsettling.

    What kind of person would write a horrible article like this? Why does this person have a hatred for pipes and people who smoke them? What gives this person the right to judge people who smoke pipes? Seems the real "douchebag" is the author of this horrible article.
  • Topaz75Topaz75 Professor
    It's not about being exposed to differing viewpoints: it's about being subjected to verbal abuse. Whatever happened to civil discourse? Surely this lad should be able to express his opinion about pipe smoking without all of the name-calling.

    His position is not that he's right and we're wrong. It's that he's right and we are all a bunch of "douchebags". Not a very convincing argument.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    It's apparently a convincing argument in American politics, is it not?

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    Russian Pipe Club     https://pipeclub.net/    Translation of page available through Google

    Featured Russian pipe
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    http://www.Tobaccopipes.com offers free shipping within continental US on all products. But their prices are higher on the tobaccos I buy from P&C. I don't know enough math to figure out if the trade-off is worth it. I suspect it isn't.....

    Comprehensive shape chart (click on the buttons)   http://www.tobaccopipes.com/a-complete-guide-to-tobacco-pipe-shapes-almost/

    ("Waste a couple hours here and you’ll be calling yourself a pipe smoking aficionado and have the knowledge of pipe history to back up your claim!")

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    I'll tell ya what I can't find on Google: a list of the Top Ten Best Selling TOBACCO pipes.

    Meanwhile, several varied lists of top ten best selling pipes for smoking MARIJUANA are easily found on Google.

    Oh, the humanity......
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    White Meerschaum sale at EA Carey

    Hand-carved Turkish Meerschaums are a must for any collector! These wonderfully cool and dry smoking pipes are individually crafted by skilled artisans using age-old techniques so no two are alike. Each pipe includes fitted protective case. Choose from Laughing Bacchus, Cavalier, Pirate, Indian, Sultan, Smooth, Lattice or Mini Bent. 

    Regular $19.95-$99.95, 
    Now Only $16.95-$84.95

    Sale ends July 26, 2017. To purchase the White Turkish Meerschaum Pipes on sale, please click on the link below:
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  • Sheet music with pipe smoking illustrations on cover

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