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  • I like to scoot around on this baby when I am cabareting, or participating in a poker run for a good cause......

  • Bike 4 I miss my baby! I had to adult and buy a house instead! My days are not over riding!
  • Prior to becoming disabled after getting hit by a drunk driver I was an executive chef so cooking was/is my main hobby.  I also love to read, every day from April to October is spent following my beloved Boston Red Sox, and I have two kids who keep me busy!  I am also a history buff, especially local Rhode Island and New England history, and of course living in the ocean state I love the Atlantic ocean and spend as much time as possible at the beach or eating chowder and clam cakes at one of the many clam shacks we have here.
  • I loved Woodcarving, I dreamt about doing it when I retired, needless to say, my hands now shake so hard  that it is not possible. Oh well.
  • Hiker007Hiker007 Enthusiast
    I am arriving late to the post. Enjoyed reading everyone's hobbies. I have many hobbies. Unfortunely, I also have many projects that are not yet completed. I went through a spell of depression and lost interest in many things. I have begun to regain focus and plan to return to many of my previous hobbies. I first need to get organized again. I also would like to write a book, but I am having a hard time getting started.
  • My favorite hobby of late is irritating Beau York on the Country Squire Radio podcast.
  • PhilosoPiperPhilosoPiper Connoisseur
    I gotta say @pappyjoe, your new hobby provides extra enjoyment while listening to CSR.
  • I was into photography very seriously, I got into it during the film era, in fact, I still have my 3 Nikon film cameras which are obsolete, I cannot afford a digital system so I had to leave the hobby, hopefully maybe someday I'll be able to do it again because I miss it. If I had it to do all over again I would have become a professional photographer but it's to late to do it now.
  • @pipeman83 - You can get a good digital camera for a lot cheaper than it cost to buy a good Nikon F3 back in the days of film. I'm a retired military photojournalist (although they called Public Affairs Specialist in the Coast Guard when I retired) and I miss the days of film photography and working in the darkroom. 

    To me being a professional photographer in the digital era is more challenging because I've always considered a digital camera - and I have 2 - to be nothing more than the old pre-loaded Instamatics. You just have to point and shoot. And with the built in cameras on smart phones and tablets it has become even more easy for everyone to become a photographer. 

    My daughter went to college and got a Fine Arts/Photography degree and then attended the Seattle Art Institute for 2 years more photography and can only find occasional freelance photography jobs. I kept telling her the instructors were lying about how much money professional photographers make because they only talked about the tops in the field. Those high paying photographer jobs are few and far between.

    On the other hand, great photography is an art form these days and digital cameras and computers make it easier.
  • rustedrailpipesrustedrailpipes Apprentice
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    Photography and photo editing is my main hobby when I'm not working.  Mostly Americana and Railroads.
    I enjoy watching baseball, mostly on TV.
    Reading about trains, history, or almost anything.
    I also enjoy Instagram and social media these days
  • Hiker007Hiker007 Enthusiast
    @pipeman83 It is never to late to purse your dreams or goals.  
  • In order of frequency....

    Singing (got a solo comin up this Sunday @ church)
    Cigar & Pipe Smoking
    Cigar & Pipe Acquisition
    Tobacco Acquisition
    Pipe Refurbin
    Flying (pilot for 25+ years now)
    Collecting Watches, Pens, Books & such
    Scuba diving
    Fly fishing

    Some more than others.

    Others, not nearly enough.
  • Left out Scotch, Bourbon, Beer & Wine.

    But, come to think of it, I'm pretty sure those aren't necessarily hobbies...  More like vocations.  :)
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Not answering the phone,
    Not going to endless meetings,
    No doing everything by committee,
    Not being on call 24/7,
    Not suffering idiots gladly,
    Having only one boss: SWMBO.

    It's been four years now since I retired.
    If I knew it was gonna be this good, I would have

    1) taken better care of myself
    2) retired decades ago. <giggle>

  • Michael308Michael308 Master
    edited May 2019
    I have a lot of things I enjoy doing.... Cooking, grilling, bourbon sipping, hunting, trout fishing, shooting, lake kayaking, camping, reading, PC gaming, wood work, antiquing for new to me pipes, and finding new tobaccos. I have a few new ones I'm going to try such as refurbishing old pipes and fly fishing.   
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Retired: Trying to do as much nothing as possible while keeping up with SWMBO's honeydew list.
    I sit on the rear deck, read, and smoke my pipe.....
  • Currently my hobby is staring out the picture window and watching a crew re-pave my street. Been living here over 40 years and never had the road repaved. Pretty cool. When that roller gets going my entire house shakes.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Ah, a man easy to please......
  • OlePopsOlePops Master
    @RockyMountainBriar - I was just going to read through this thread to try to get to know everyone, but NOOOO!  YOU!  You have to ruin everything! I would be a freakin' writer, wouldn't I? I would use a pen and pencil every single day, huh? Those are to freakin' KILL FOR! Do you sell those? 
  • Until 58, I liked: target shooting with rifles; cooking; reading; smoking pipes and study mathematics and physics.
    Now my eyes are not the same so stopped shooting but still doing the others.
  • @OlePops
    I might be able to come up with another.

  • motie2motie2 Master
    See, there it is: the thing that distinguishes TPL from other pipe forums --- We are kind to each other.
  • edited May 2019
    Sadly the older I get the less hobbies I have. Most of the physical outdoor hobbies like camping and hiking have gone by the wayside as my body deteriorates from the normal aging process. Reading was a biggy for me until my eyes started giving me trouble. I still read - but not for as long. Tendon damage in my hands brought my musical career to a crashing end. But I still enjoy listening to music - including my own from time-to-time. I once enjoyed model building ... usually some Universal Monster kit or ALIEN figure - and I got pretty good at dry brush painting - but the issue with my hands made painting with any degree of proficiency a no go as well.
    But as some hobbies left others filled the void. Shortly after joining the forum I started taking pictures of my pipe collection which got me interested in digital photography. So now I'm combining photography with my passion for writing by assembling a variety of old articles, music reviews, and short stories written in the past, plus an extensive chapter on my band and music history, nostalgic recollections from my childhood, and even some of the things I've written here at the forum including tobacco reviews, the occasional rant, and my responses to the more interesting topics discussed into a hodgepodge collection of random ramblings. A sort of informative yet humorous autobiographical epitaph to be hidden away for family members to discover upon my death. Hoping to get one of those ... "I didn't know Dad, or Grandpa, or cousin Joe did all those things" moment.
    I figure if I'm ever going to write down some of those childhood memories there is no better time than now while I can still remember most of them. And in the process I'm digging out old articles I'd written and completely forgot about. There was a time in the late 80s' when I wrote a series of articles for the magazine "Movie Collector's World" during the VHS video revolution called "Horrors From The Video Crypt". I just located those articles in a folder tucked away in a plastic bin in my garage that hadn't seen the light of day in about 30 years. It was pretty cool re-reading them for the first time in decades.
    So as a result of my association with the pipe community and The Pipeline in particular I've not only made a truckload of new friends and learned all facets of pipe smoking - but as a bonus The Pipeline was instrumental in helping me fill the void left behind by those old hobbies with this newfound hobby/project. 

  • Walking, Reading,Music, and doing my own history projects by that I mean searching for not so good historical events [ but not always] and finding Then and Now pictures. If their are any Vietnam Veterans out their google Paul Blizard, he lives in SAIGON now Ho Chi Minh city, and has posted about 800 pictures of historical events mostly during the Tet Offensive and the Fall of Saigon. He shows pictures of where these events took place and what it looks like now.
  • buflosabbuflosab Master
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    This is one example, APRIL 30, 1975 And 2019,
  • jfreedyjfreedy Master
    1. Fly Fishing (tying flies in the off season)
    2. Playing acoustic guitar
    3. Smoking / Collecting / Refurbishing pipes
    4. Reading
    5. Hiking in beautiful locations

  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    Not listed in any order:

    Creating music
    Stamp collecting
    Garden/yard work
    Firearms range 
    Pipes & pipe tobacco
    Estate sales/thrift stores, etc.

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