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  • My main hobby, after pipe smoking, is playing the ocarina. It is a small vessel flute as seen in several Legend of Zelda video games. Which leads to another hobby: video games. My other passion would be cooking!
  • @PappyBadger can you play a lot of stuff on that....it has like 6 tones if I remember right.
  • @thesubcon dont forget your love for all things Apple. hahaha 
  • @thesubcon most ocarinas can play a full scale with all sharps and flats. They also have multichamber ocarinas that go as far as 3.5 octaves. You can virtually play any song as you would on any other instrument. They also come in various keys to make fingering for certain songs much easier. Check out David Erick Ramos on youtube!
  • PappyBadgerPappyBadger Newcomer
    edited August 2016
    Here is a classical tune on a triple ocarina. At 1:25 it gets pretty intense.

  • @abreathawayfromglory you shut your mouth!!!!!! ;-)

    @pappybadger cool man...I had a friend that had a small one that only could play few things....I mean don't get me wrong, it could still play the zelda theme.
  • @pappybadger That's awesome that you play the Ocarina! I love the Zelda series, and the Ocarina is so iconic from it. What's your favorite game in the series? If I had to narrow down two, it would be Ocarina of Time and Link's Awakening DX.
  • @thebadgerpiper I would have to go with A Link To The Past followed by Majoras Mask, then Ocarina of Time. I love all the games for different reasons, but those are my top 3.
  • @PappyBadger I'm working on ALttP at the moment. It's a great game for sure. Still waiting to jump into Majora's Mask on my 3DS. Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into that one.
  • mhajecmhajec Enthusiast
    @thebadgerpipe when I read ocarina the first thing that popped into my brain was Zelda too. Great minds I guess, LOL. 
  • Movies, Books, a bit of Woodworking
  • IndyJGIndyJG Apprentice
    Reading, Microsoft geek, history and art buff, watching IndyCar races, listening to music especially jazz as of late, watching silent/classic film and British drama.
  • @mhajec Exactly. All ocarinas should come in a treasure chest and play the item discovery tune.
  • New Hobby, not really new but wanting to make pipes.....lol

  • My hobby was Wood Carving, I did ok with it but my hands have gotten too shaky to continue it. Now it's collecting and refurbishing pipes and going to Sci-Fi Fantasy conventions, where you can discuss with the authors and slurp a few beers with them.
  • I was into photography but because of the cost of digital equipment, I had to stop, I plan on getting my amateur radio license because I always enjoyed radio, I plan on getting it next year, its something I would like to do as I will turn 55 in 2 weeks, and I am very active in several Masonic organizations as well.
  • I've had many "hobbies" over the years but I turn 64 in a few months and find less and less time to pursue hobbies. I have painted, I have written poetry, I worked as a photographer for over 30 years which took the "hobby" out of it. I have carved pipes and I have even built cigar box guitars (even though I can't play them). 

    Pipe smoking is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle.
  • And @pappyjoe drops the mic! BOOM!


    BTW, I decided against the banjo. I'm learning to play the mandolin. It is loads of fun. I'm practicing Advent and Christmas hymns right now.
  • Recording music, pipe making, exercising, trying new cigars and of course pipe tobacco.
  • Cigars and Cooking.
  • playing paintball, collecting Zippos, Camping also a Scout leader. Knives, Tools, Cigars, Hookah, Medwakh. Reading my Bible,
  • @tomatobodhi and @thesubcon Cool to see some other theology guys. I'm working on my degree right now and will be for a while.

    My big hobby is playing and coaching soccer. I love it. I like to read. And I enjoy talking and listening to theology.
  • Professional fireworks. Hunting. Fishing. Hiking. Coaching throws for a kids track and field club. Shooting. Archery. All shared with my kids, except fireworks. They have to be 18 first.
  • Didn't read the entire thread...so

    Since returning to the Briar Band about six months ago, 
    • I've also returned to blending my tobacco. I find that is fun and, for the most part, I can get the level of "English" (read Latakia) I want in a blend. One pleasant discovery...P&C has Cigar Leaf in bulk and that is now my favored base rather than any of the Virginia varieties. Gives a more...hmmm...mellow base note.  Sort of like a standing bass rather than a bass guitar in a jazz quartet, if you get the metaphor. Saves money, as well.... Let me know if you want some of the recipes.
    • About two decades ago, fountain pens came into my life. Owning and using fountain pens is a lot like eating potato chips...can't have just one. Some 400+ later... I've pens that range from $7 to over $1000 MSRP (trust me, I hit a great sale on that $1K pen...) and I DO NOT collect fountain pens. I accumulate them...the difference is every pen I got gets into the rotation at some point. Age of the pens..got a couple that are better than a century old...and I just ordered an "annual edition" of an Owners' Club Limited Edition from manufacturer whose production facilities are in Ohio...that will be just about the only pen I will get in 2017.
    • Oddly enough--my work. I actually love what I do. Still work full time for a major US corporation. Don't even say TGIF...CWFM. I have the responsibility and luxury of working from home...virtually... Work a lot and have fun.
    • I write and occasionally blog...I have a couple of blogs...they are for different "things".  Two novels in process.
    • Dachshunds. 'Nuff said.
    Have fun and be well...

  • A lot of interesting and talented people in the group. After reading through the posts I've come to the conclusion that I'm might qualify as the group's official 'SLUG'. Since retiring my greatest hobby is binge watching movies and complete seasons of TV shows. Apparently being a couch potato is my hobby.

    But other than that I'm a musician/composer (keyboards) with a home studio, enjoy listening to music and was a staff writer for a few small press music and entertainment magazines in the past, and until recently wrote music reviews for the progressive rock website Prognaut.com. My wife and I enjoy going to as many town festivals and county fairs throughout the year - especially during the Fall, and browsing through antique shops. Don't do much buying ... but really enjoy looking at all the old stuff on the shelves and display cases and pointing out similar items that were once in our homes or in the house of relatives or family friends. I really enjoy looking at the old toys from the past.    

  • Been a while since I posted but figured I would jump back in on this thread.

    My hobbies include:
    Philosophy/Theolgoy (discussing, reading, learning)
    Coffee (different brewing methods and roasting)
    Antiquing (finding estate pipes)
    Hiking & Exploring
    Trying new craft beers

    There are many more, to many to list them all, but these are my top 10 at least. Fortunately it seems like almost everyone here has many hobbies as well!
  • Music, listening not performing. Classical archery, including crafting my own wooden arrows and shooting foam critters. Shooting live critters, mostly whitetails, rabbits, skwerls, and the occasional opossum or coon if they raise their heads. Weight lifting, as long as the weights don't get too heavy. Smoking cigars, as well as collecting any antique pipe or cigar related tobacciania. Sleeping, and afterwards brewing a fantastic cup of coffee prior to any human contact. Tasteful female nudity for educational purposes.
  • PhilipPhilip Enthusiast
    Wow, so many interesting things, I love it. I have a million things I enjoy but I really love it when people are interested in things I may not be. Mr. Tomato playing the hammered dulcimer and even guys making their own beer. 

    By trade I'm a watchmaker so I don't know if that counts as a 'hobby' or not so I'll toss out a couple of my not so ordinary past times. Playing the banjo and rock tumbling. Somewhat linked to pipes is my habit of collecting pipe tampers, which could, and probably is, a topic of it's own on this site. 

  • Volleyball
    Listening to all forms of music
    Camping/ Hiking
    and Video Gaming.

    Not exactly in that order.  
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