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Music to smoke your pipe to...

Recently I have become aware that I sometimes match specific music to my choices of tobacco and pipes. 
For example, when I'm in the mood for classical music I tend to listen while smoking a churchwarden loaded with a Balkan or English blend like Crown Achievement, Frogmorton on the Bayou, Frogmorton Cellar or Seattle Evening to name a few.

I like to occasionally listen to bluegrass and bluegrass gospel and I find myself picking a Missouri Meerschaum Cob and smoking one of their blends or a Virginia based tobacco.

I also like blues of all types and will usually grab one of my straight pipes and gravitate towards something with Latakia in it. 

For some reason I'm not picky when it comes to old classic rock (60s/70s) and classic country/folk. When I'm listening to those I don't make a conscious decision to smoke a specific pipe or tobacco.


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