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  • Considering the definition is just "walking while smoking a pipe", I'd say walking around outside the house doing yard work more than counts. While the hiking and nature pics are nice to look at, let's face it, most of us probably don't live by a nature preserve.
  • If that's the case, I've been lunting since 1967 (if walking around base camps in VietNam counts)... :neutral:
  • Most of my lunting also involves two black pugs, leashes and poop bags!  :p
  • @jfreedy Just don't get the poop bags and your tobacco pouch mixed up. If you do, we all expect a full report... :) 
  • ocpunk714ocpunk714 Master
    edited February 2018
    Now that I have become more accustomed to leaving the house with a pipe, my dog pretty much takes me for a walk. Lol.
  • Ooo...I've been thinking about joining....hmmm
  • Depends @KA9FFJ.  If you've been walking around base camps in Viet Nam with a pipe in your mouth since 1967, then you've been lunting, so it counts!

  • Does this count as lunting? 

  • Oh you guys are killing me, half an hour ago I was sitting here at home minding my own business, happy to except the monikers already assigned to me ( including the expicitives) and now I find out I'm a Lunter.  Almost sounds like a condition.
    Don't think this term is going to find its way into my daily lexicon as it might seem pretentious and I tend to think of hipsters as posers anyway. On the other hand it could be fun to use the term on my wife, I would just say "see you later sweetie I'm going 
    Lunting" I can just see the quisical look on her face, and then the question,
    "Where's your gun"
  • jim102864jim102864 Master
    edited July 2018

    The International Lunting Society stickers are cool too!  I've got one on me mug at me local.

  • @mapletop - I felt the same the first time I heard the word "Lunting" and then I found the word dates back to around 1540. 

    Though I will admit, I haven't joined the International Lunting Society. I normally enjoy my pipes while sitting.
  • @mapletop -- You could get one of those silly "gag pipes" that looks like a tiny revolver or rifle, I suppose.
  • Like @PappyJoe, I belong to the International Smoking my Pipe While Sitting on my Ass Society.
  • PappyJoe & pipeman83
    I'm with ya, I find pipe smoking is best enjoyed while sitting, contemplation is much easier when you don't have to pay attention to how and where your walking.
    Not that I don't smoke a pipe when I'm hoofing.
    Wish I could smoke while hunting, well I can as long as as my expectations are real low.
  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    edited July 2018
    Went lunting around my neighborhood today. Most already know I'm a pipe smoker from waving at me in passing cars while I wave back from my front porch. But unknowns give me strange inquisitive looks as I walk by. I honestly don't think most of those people know what a pipe is... Makes you wonder...
  • KA9FFJ
    Since you mentioned it and are aware that we as pipe smokers are slowly going the way of the wooly mammoth,

    It never ceases to amaze me at all the people who notice I smoke a pipe and many who do, come up and tell me there fond remembrances of family and friends who smoked a pipe in the past.
    In fact, many come over just to smell the smoke and say things like "I miss that"; have to say it kind of tickles me.
    To date no one has ever berated me for smoking my pipe,  I think that is for two reasons, first because I'm duly conscious of other's air space, but I think pipe smokers are not categorically lumped in with the depraved cigarette and cigar smokers..
  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    Yeah... I couldn't have said it better @mapletop
  • @mapletop, agreed. My pipe comes out when I climb out of the stand, though I wish there was a deer-friendly blend.
  • Good thoughts @mapletop . I know some are skeptical about "Lunting" being a fad, but the point of it isn't to get a sticker or to look superior. Think of it as a way to reintroduce the modern world to the joys of pipe smoking. We know pipes have an aroma that most people find pleasant (whether they admit it or not), and by walking around with your pipe, you might get someone interested in trying the hobby out, or bringing back fond memories to another person.

    One of the reasons I got interested in pipe smoking was just by watching the rare pipe smoker I'd see walk around smoking their pipe. They seemed so happy and content smoking their pipes that it always stuck with me, which in turn led me to picking up a pipe. You never know who might give the hobby a try just from encountering you while on a walk.
  • Bloodhound61 
    Yeah, wouldn't that be something a deer friendly blend
  • Thebadgerpiper
    Funny that you mention the point about inspiring others to take up pipe smoking.
    As I was writing that I was thinking how do I entice other to try our hobby/passion.
    As for lunting, hell, we were lunting all along we just didn't know it. I have no problem with the idea, in fact I support it, because if it's the vehicle that draws someone to try, than in my eyes what could be bad. I know there are pipe smokers out there that carry starter kits with a basket pipe, aromatic  tobacco, pipe cleaners and a tamper in a baggie in their cars just in case someone expresses interest. Bit of a shame that its politically incorrect these days for a father to give a son a gift of a pipe as a sort of right of passage.
    So a lunting we will go
  • motie2motie2 Master

    Bradley at Stuff&Things: "Introducing a Friend to the Pipe Smoking Hobby"

  • Member #L-218428

    ILS is the first official pipe club I found and besides being apart of the TPL community, thought it would be a good way to meet more cool people. I have friends all over the globe now because of their Instagram page.

    I am just a regular city dweller whose Lunting activities include dog walks, trips to the store and random jaunts for clearing a cluttered mind.
  • Also prefer a Missouri Meerschaum when I go Lunting
  • Normally the only comments I've ever received while walking through the park while smoking is someone commenting on the nice aroma. I have gotten a few stink-eyed stares from ladies being offended by my mere presence as a pipe smoker. But I recently had a young lady walk up to me and suggest ... "Kinda' defeats the purpose of getting fresh air and exercising while puffing that pipe."  Then apparently making her point she simply turned and walked away without giving me an opportunity to respond. Which was probably all for the better.  
  • Ghostsofpompeii
    There's no shortage of selfrightousness these days, even though their all hypocrites in one way on another.
  • Watchmaker61Watchmaker61 Enthusiast
    Some people these days have a lot a nerve!! I for one hate these “modern times”. If I could built a time machine I would and I would set the clock for 1938. People today have it so easy, everything is given to them. So they have time and energy to stick there noses in other peoples business. I’ll get down from my soap box now.

  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    Speaking of 1938 @Watchmaker61 , I just watched an old classic movie from 1938 titled, "You Can't Take It With You". There is some good pipe smoking in the movie as well...
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