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  • @mapletop @ghostsofpompeii  Man, you guys beautifully articulated exactly the way I feel.  As pipe smokers, we are truly up against it with the never ending drumbeat of the anti-smoking campaign we we are now lumped into.  Still, this hobby is a dying art only if we allow it to be.  
  • Live through WW2 again... yikes. 
  • @ghostsofpompeii Some people can't help themselves and appoint themselves as the moral authority over everyone they encounter. I would've wanted to say, "It's effective for dealing with noise pollution." But in reality, I would've thought of that a minute later after I grumbled under my breath and shook my pipe at her.

    On the plus side, at least you annoyed her.
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    They blew it on the logo.  How can they have missed it?!!  
    Take a look at the guy hiking on the left in the logo, why doesn't he have a pipe in his mouth?..he's lunting!
    Check it out.
  • Yeah, I've noticed that before. Doesn't seem to make much sense if you're all about lunting.
  • Jim102864
    You nailed it on two points, first I agree on not letting pipe smoking die.
    But equally important it that Pipe smoking truly is an ART that deserves to live on.
    From the pipes themselves to the technics. and methods of treating tobacco's and then blending the various tobacco's to the various technics and rituals of preparing and smoking a pipe.. 
  • @jfreedy I believe I tallied up 10 miles last month walking between the couch and the fridge.
  • @thebadgerpiper @mapletop @ghostsofpompeii
    Agreed with your current comments above. 
    I find that "lunting" gives you a bit of a reputation and an open door to ask others to join me. Also, most lunts end with a park bench or a front porch where I quietly finish the bowl. I've found many friends who enjoy the walk and have actually been converted to pipe smoking along the way. Follow me and I will make you a smoker of pipes... :smiley:
  • Doing some lunting around a huge Ford dealership parking lot while waiting on an oil change... :)
  • KA9FFJ

    So I guess that would be termed "Urban Lunting in the Vehicle jungle"

    A Lunting we will go
  • I was hoping someone caught it @mapletop ... :)
  • Going to get some lunting in this afternoon
    A Lunting we will go

  • So I guess that would be termed Urban Lunting in the vehicle jungle.
    A Lunting we will go

  • mapletopmapletop Master
    edited August 2018
    Went Lunting in the garden ( my wife calls it the jungle) today as its supposed to rain again and i hate when my my ripe tomatoes explode.
    Anyway I have been trying to determine what tobacco is best for Lunting as it seems I smoke my pipe faster than when I'm sitting contemplating the universe.
    So far I have found the SPC Plum Pudding smokes a bit cooler.
    A lunting we will go.

  • To Lunt or not to Lunt, that is the question; whether 'tis  nobler to stay home or to Lunt and suffer the wind and rain while trying to light  one's pipe.

    Went Lunting shortly after a storm with the wife in tow ; the destination, roughly a mile away was a park where free concerts are held each summer.
    While I was able to enjoy a pipe on the way there, I was not able to smoke OUTSIDE at the concert. When did we as a society become so inane.
    Anyway the performers were the Buckingham's and their performance was surprisingly good; they had a great horn section and besides playing their own music they did covers of a lot of other bands of the same era. Fairly impressive.

    A Lunting we will go.

  • PipepalPipepal Newcomer
    I do it unofficially.have the type of personality where.I'm  Not a joiner.waiting till cooler weather comes to resume doing it
  • Same here @Pipepal.  New England has been a hot, humid mess for months.  Far and away one of the more miserable Summers we've had in some time.  No lunting here until the cool, sunny days of autumn arrive, whenever the hell happens.
  • Yesterday was the first day in weeks that the temperature did NOT go over 80° or 90° in this part of Maine.
  • mapletopmapletop Master
    edited September 2018
    Well it was a fine day to be Lunting in the garden today as it is getting to be that time of year that I love and hate.
    Love the produce, hate the processing but I'm not complaining as the results far out way the hassle and its all herbicide and pesticide free
    A couple of days and the tomato sauce and salsa will be processed and put up.       ALWWG

  • mapletopmapletop Master
    edited September 2018
    Finished picking the last of the tomatoes (I'm willing to pick) for the season and had filled a pipe and was smoking while watering the wife's flower beds to keep them going as the influx of humming birds and butterflies this fall has been the best it's ever been.
    Anyway, she came out to me, observing for a few moments and asks, :"wound this be considered Lunting or is this a substitute for Lunting. I told her I'd have to seek a ruling as I am not an expert on the rules.
    I have to say her sense of humor or willingness to bust my stones has improved  since she retired.
  • When's it gonna stop raining? If I was physically able, I'd be building an ark, and I live in New Jersey, bereft of hurricanes and the like. It just won't stop raining. Not heavily mind you, but every night and a lot of every day.... my main complaint is that the deck furniture is always wet so I can't sit out there and smoke a bowl. :'(
  • @motie2 My heart goes out to you as it looks like Tuesday will be just as bad, but on the plus side Wed - Fri looks like you will have dryer conditions.
  • mapletopmapletop Master
    edited September 2018
    Was out Lunting this evening and did some fishing. Lunting being the curious term that it is gave me pause to wonder, if your out fishing and smoking your pipe is it still just called fishing or would it be called Funting?
    Anyway I think I caught Billy Bass's cousin Mr Limpet; Aw com on, you don't think that fish looks like Don Knotts, well come to think of it, I guess most fish look like Don Knotts or vise versa.
    Nothing says your out Funting like fish spit and Maltese Falcon. I suppose I should have smoked it first.

  • It has been hot and dry here all summer,,, good for smoking outdooors, no mosquitos.. Two week ago we got 9” of rain, which we really needed,  and mosquitos like crazy,, tough one, which we really didn’t need.
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