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  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
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    Agreed buddy. It's really sad how things are turning away from us pipers.
    As it stands at the moment, I know how fortunate I am to have 2 B&Ms within 25 minutes of my house. 
    For how long, only time will tell...
  • We have two “Tobacco Row” stores, one at basically each end of town (NorthEast-ish/SouthWest-ish).  Billings is in the Yellowstone river valley, basically between ~100ft. tall sandstone cliffs.  There is also another in center Billings downtown called Stogie’s.  They all have walk in cigar humidors and some ~50-100 pipes that are mostly lower end machine pipes.  “Lower end” including Savinelli and Peterson basic lines, real pipe tobacco (not RYO-which the Tobacco Row’s also have), both tinned and bulk, and some pipe smoking accoutrements.  Stogie’s is more “upscale” and has a few more “expensive” briar pipes, some in the $300-$400 range (retail B&M price) anyway.  Thinking about it, the “west end” Tobacco Row has several nice big meerschaum pipes.  There were a couple that caught my eye, but they wanted ~$500 or so each for them.  More than I want to pay, but probably within reason for get-it-now B&M retail pricing.  I’ll bet those meerschaums have been in there for at least five years.
  • Old inventory costs more than those damn pipes do at this point!  
  • Beware of Diebel's in Kansas City.  Fred Diebel, a friend for many years or one of his minions stole 23 pipes from me that were sent in for repair after a fire at my house.  Probably his son but never heard back from anyone.  He lived next door to friends in Brookside in Kansas City and they could not even help.
  • @WilliamD
    That's really sad. I've always been comforted knowing that, in general, anyone associated with pipes should and could be trusted. Kind of an unwritten law thing.
    So sorry to hear that story...
  • @KA9FFJ I concur, my experience in the pipe smoking community has been overall great, however, its not 100% and in the case of businesses it even less.
    My heart goes out to @WilliamD, and I'll leave it there, rather than speak to the retribution that would be visited upon........
  • Very sad indeed. Makes no sense at all.
  • Wife had to go shopping today, so I had her drop me off at Harbor Freight while she hit 2 or 3 stores. 
    After getting a few things there, I walked across the street to Tinderbox.  They have 20% off all their tins! After finding a couple, I also got 2 oz of their Honey Maple blend.
    Always try to support B&Ms whenever possible...
    When you walk into their foyer, this is who greets you:

  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
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    I'll probably be trying their Honey Maple blend this weekend. Meanwhile, I need to make a label...

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