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I travel quite a bit and, like many of you, enjoy checking out the local tobacco shops when somewhere new. I've searched for a listing by city of quality pipe/tobacco shops but haven't found anything this specific. I was just in Charlotte, NC and visited a couple shops but absolutely LOVED McCranie's Pipe Shop in Park Road Shopping Ctr. It's an old family-owned free-standing pipe shop with tons of tobacco blends & tins, quality pipes and a great smoking lounge equipped with old-timers and great stories. Free coffee as long as you make another pot if you drink the last. What pipe shops would you suggest for travelers like me?


  • @jfreedy
    New Orleans - Mayan Imports. There are 3 locations: Magazine Street, French Quarter and Metairie. The one in Metairie is the better pipe shop of the 3 but can't allow smoking because of the restrictions placed on them after they moved into their current location. They have bought their own stand-alone building and will have three smoking areas when they move in November.

    Baton Rouge - Bayou Tobacco. Good selection of cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco. Smoking is allowed. Good prices. I visit there at least once a month.

    Jacksonville, MS - The Country Squire. You have to make a pipe pilgrimage there. Listen to their podcast.

    Mandeville, LA - Smokem If You Got 'Em - This is a shop I just found out about located at 1291 N. Causeway Blvd. I plan on visiting them today and will report back.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Smokers Haven NJ
    470 Main St., Metuchen NJ
    (732) 321-1442

    Mon 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Tues 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Wed 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Thurs 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Fri 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Sat 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Sun CLOSED

    Custom Blended Tobacco Menu     http://smokershavennj.com/pipe-tobacco/
  • One thing I've learned about the internet when searching for something ... once it's on the web it's never removed. So 90% of all the tobacco shop listed near me when I did a Yahoo Search have been closed for years. They even list The Tinder Box at my major mall and that's been gone for over 10 years. People sure are big on upgrading their computer systems but the information the computer is spitting back at you is even more outdated than the old computer I'm currently using.
  • Royal Pipes is the best Norman, OK (my hometown). It's located right next to OU's campus. If you're ever in Tulsa it would be Ted's Pipe Shop in Utica Square. These guys are great. They taught me how to smoke a pipe 25 years ago.
  • Ye Olde Pipe and Tobacco in Phoenix was killer! - Huge humidor and great service! I stop in every time I visit.
    I visited Princeton last month and stumbled into A Little Taste of Cuba. Fantastic place to sit and smoke and act like a Princeton literary major.
    Carmel Pipe Shop in Carmel, CA is delightful and loaded with high end pipes and tobaccos.
  • Holt's Cigar Shop in Phila; PA - Has a great selection of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, and accessories for pipes & cigars, pens, and flasks.
  • BentbrierBentbrier Professor
    Edward's tobacco shop in Denver (technically in Englewood).  Great place with two rooms in back to smoke.  Parking is around back.
  • BentbrierBentbrier Professor
    Traveling to Tulsa.  I saw reference to Ed's above any others?  Preferably open past 6pm and with area to smoke.
  • Nothing but a bunch of vape shops here

  • BentbrierBentbrier Professor
    @ocpunk714 that's a sad situation.  The picture fits well.  
  • ocpunk714ocpunk714 Master
    edited April 2018
    @Bentbrier went to a smoke shop yesterday and it’s always $15 Captain Black. Even the clerk seemed to feel empathy towards me rather than try to make a sale. Lol.
  • @mezzoduomo you sir are a man after my own heart. I've dreamt of that same shop and I'd travel to Scottsdale just to be hip enough to join you (but it's hard to justify the suit in that weather).
  • AnthonyAnthony Apprentice
    In Chicago it's Iwan Ries150 years old and 4 generations of the family in store, and it's a great Pipe shop lots of cigars but a large amount of pipes and tobacco .I always look when I travel as well, but you have to watch out a lot will be vape  shops, or cigar store with 5 to 10 pipes and some tins of tobacco ,God knows how old, they are. There's one like that in the 5th avenue area of Scottsdale, they have a small board of pipes, and you can look as long as you want, the minute you go near it, they just ignore you. S0 mezzoduomo  maybe you can go and take it over and show them how it's done! LOL
  • mezzoduomomezzoduomo Apprentice
    @Mangoandy Seersucker!  Tropical wool!  All inside in air-conditioned comfort. Maybe we shift to vests and open dress shirts from Memorial Day to Halloween. I'm a flexible, understanding boss. You know, if I win the lottery, opening such a shop would be a great way to fritter-away some unneeded cash. LOL!
  • Only Smoke Shops around here since The Tinder Box closed down are those generic Smoke For Less Shops that rarely carry anything other than cigarettes, some cheap cigars, and that cheap packaged pipe tobacco ... not even the old codger OTC blends. If you're lucky they might have Captain Black original.
  • @Anthony - You might want to start checking how old those tins of tobacco are when you find them. Most pipe tobacco age while sitting on the shelf.
  • I'm adding The Cigar Monkey in Merced CA to the list. Mike is a great guy and will help you with anything you need.
  • The Owl Shop in New Haven, CT is the quintessential pipe shop.  I've written of this place before.  They have about 7-8 of their own blends, some of which have been available since they opened in the 30's and a nice selection of pipes and cigars for sale, along with a few classic tins.  A wonderful place, and the only tobacco shop in Connecticut allowed to serve alcohol.
  • After the one-and-only half-assed "pipe" shop in Lewiston closed down a few years ago, about all we have locally is a couple of independent convenience stores which both carry a few different pouch pipe tobaccos. A few vape shops & head shops, and one gun & cigar shop in Auburn.
  • SLCarricoSLCarrico Apprentice
    I second Bentbriar 's recommendation for Edward's Pipe and Tobacco shop in Englewwod. Neat old building, nice hosts, plenty of room to sit and have a pipe.
  • I’ll be in Pembroke, NH this weekend. Any good pipe shops in the area?
  • I’ll be in Boston tomorrow. Any good pipe shops there?
  • When in St. Louis, try:
    John Dengler Tobacconist 
    700 Main St. 
    Old St. Charles, MO
  • I think I may try out L.J. Peretti in Boston, MA. Anyone been there before?
  • This was hanging on the wall in the Irish Pub down the street in Boston. 
  • @jfreedy,  your photos of L.J. Peretti in Boston are really nice.  Looks like an interesting old fashioned tobacco shop!  Curious to know what the tobacco brand is in those stacked yellow tins behind the gentleman in the white coat.
  • @charles, don't know for sure but they look like Rattray's tins.
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