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What are you Drinking while smoking your pipe today?

I usually drink Woodford Reserve Double Oaked but sometimes I drink a good Scotch, Rum, Coke, Caffeine free diet coke (if my sugar is up), a good Irish Whiskey or something else. 
So today I will be drinking Sugar Free Sweet Tea.  lol 


  • So today I will be drinking Sugar Free Sweet Tea for my afternoon smoke.  lol
    Evening smoke not sure yet.
  • Black coffee every morning. Usually nothing when I'm smoking at night.
  • I drink either coffee with milk, tea (usually Earl Grey - black with honey), or just water. From time-to-time I may switch it up depending upon what I'm smoking. There are a few aromatics that really go well with hot chocolate -specifically Sutliff Frosty Mint. I like hot apple cider, especially in the winter months but it can be tricky when smoking unless it's paired with a fruity blend. Hot Apple Cinder can really screw-up a vanilla or chocolate flavored tobacco blend.  
  • Stella Artois Cidre with my bowl of Barbados Plantation. Cidre is the best of the new hard ciders IMHO. Stuff like "Redd's Apple Ale" are apple-flavored beer
  • JdalenJdalen Newcomer
    Twining's English Breakfast tea with a slice of lemon in it while smoking some Rimboche SJ.
  • @Jdalen I can tell by your picture you're a fan of the British series Fawlty Towers. I'm addicted to British comedies. There is an older comedy series called "Black Books" which I believe is still on Netflix (I've also watched a few episodes on YouTube) which centers on three quirky friends - one is the owner of a book shop, the other is his abused employee, and the third their female friend. I bring up the subject because the owner of the book store reminds me of a younger Basil Fawlty. Imagine Fawlty at about 30 years old - single - a heavy drinker - and working at a book store instead of a hotel. And equally abusive to his employee as Fawlty is toward Manuel - only not as physical. 

    What I've discovered about British comedies is either you love them ... or you simple don't get the humor. I still roll on the floor when watching the "Basil The Rat" episode of Fawlty Towers or the two Christmas episodes of Vicar Of Dibley - but there are certain members of my family who I've showed the episodes to ... and they didn't find anything humorous about either. So a word of warning to all who read this ... if you like British comedies you may enjoy "Black Books" ... if not ... stealing a line from Monty Python And The Holy Grail ... "run away"!        

  • The Brits rule TV series if only because of MI-5 aka Spooks (in GB)
  • Had Bailey's Irish Cream last night.
    Going to have an old fashioned homemade root beer here in a few and smoke some Capt. Black.
  • Al Pascia has a nice article on wine and tobacco at http://www.alpascia.com/moments/g/35761
  • Sitting out on front porch listening to hair bands drinking Sprite (no caffeine or alcohol before bed tonight) and smoking more CAO Eileen's Dream.
  • PhilipPhilip Enthusiast
    Monkey picked Oolong tea. 

    I figure it's a win-win. The tea farmer (eventually me) get the best tea leaves which the monkeys can get to, and the monkeys probably get all the bananas they want.
  • PhilipPhilip Enthusiast
    By the way, just so anyone doesn't take me for a teetotaler (which ironically I am) or a member of the Preston Temperance Society, I am unable to enjoy alcoholic beverages because of a medication I've been prescribed. I used to be what you might say a Scotch man. J.W. Red and Double Black being my favorites and when I wanted a Bourbon, which was often, Knob Creek was my go to. If the mood really struck me nothing would hit the spot like a good marc. Not something for everyone I'll admit.

    Just to be sure my Pharmacologist  wasn't erring on the side of undue circumspection, no doubt to protect himself against slip and fall types, I decided to see if his claims were true. I can assure you, no warning label is now necessary since just looking at a bottle of Rye makes me seasick.
  • dbh1950dbh1950 Newcomer
    This fine April morning, setting on the backporch, smoking a bowl of Parson's Blend, drinking a cup of coffee. 
  • Again Eileen's Dream with some coffee with cream and sugar, not much of a coffee drinker but this morning I just felt like drinking some.
  • smoking some Orlik Mellow Mixture and drinking a miller lite.
  • Most of the time, I drink water with lemon while smoking a pipe. If I do drink tea, it is always with sugar, a lot of sugar.

  • Molto Dolce/Maple Street 50/50 in a EA Carey apple, with two fingers of Jonah's Curse Black Spiced Rum..
  • If I'm smoking English blends, I drink either Earl Grey tea, espresso, or black coffee.  If I'm smoking aromatic blends, usually coffee or bourbon in the evening.  I save the Scotch for the cigars.  I prefer Ballvenie, Glenlivet, or Edradour Scotch.
  • Having a custom mix I made and drinking some Malibu Rum.  I know it is early but it is also lunch and I have no where to drive today.  lol
  • JdalenJdalen Newcomer
    @ghostsofpompeii, thanks!  I had never heard of Black Books. I'm definitely going to check out that series.  "The Germans" is my rolling-on-the-floor Fawlty episode.  I've probably see it at least 30 times over the years and it still leaves me with tears of laughter.   
  • Well tonight I am enjoying wild turkey American honey. Doesn't matter what I am smoking but if you want to know I will add it. lol
  • OK Right now I am drinking a Sprite and smoking a mild blend I made, when I get back I will move on to a more serious blend and drink.
  • Back home from Doctor, I hate seeing a Doctor, always bad news.
    Drinking Cherry Coke and smoking Eileen's Dream with some Orlik Mellow Mixture on the back burner waiting, I have two pipes out might just stack the two blends in the other pipe, never stacked them two before....
    Later I will be back to drinking alcohol....
  • @Wolf41035 - So, nu, give us an evaluation of Eileen's Dream. It sounds interesting in the ad descriptions. What's it lik eto smoke? Taste? Room note? Flavors in th etin and in the pipe?
  • @motie2 OK I will leave a review in the Aromatic smokers only thread tonight, got to many things to get done today after I make two more comments on here.  
    OK Last night I didn't get to comment so here goes....
    I had some Eileen's stacked over Orlik Mellow, loved how it mixed from smooth and tasty to a deep taste, review will be on other thread, I had Woodford Reserve to drink.
  • Rum and Coke....I know shouldn't mix it but feeling mellow today, going to smoke my Davidoff Flake Medalions and some High Society, after that I might smoke some Middletons Cherry Blend or some Peter Stokkebye Dansk Black.  Might go to some Spice rum or coconut rum after the rum and coke.  (Bacardi rum by the way).  
  • The only hard liquor I drink is rum. I've made quite a survey of spiced rums, and @Wolf41035, I suggest two spiced rums that I find better than Bacardi at about the same prices.

    Sailor Jerry and Jonah's Curse Black

    Just sayin'
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