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Saint Patrick's Day

Well another Holiday is coming up and I think this one means more to me than any other!  I am part Irish and my Uncle who I was very close to passed away and the funeral was on Saint Patrick's Day......
With that said I want to buy a Peterson's St. Patrick's Special Edition pipe and smoke an Irish blend through it!!  So I know where to get the pipes and have been saving but sure do not know what I want to smoke, anyone have any suggestions of a great Irish Blend and where to get it?  Want a Traditional Blend, does not have to be Aromatic as long as it has Irish Heritage.  
I just hope they have not sold out of the Peterson's Pipes before I can order it.....Who knows places to buy one from, I only know of one place. 
Could I go direct through Peterson's I wonder?  Wanting the bent stem Green/Black and Silver one  from this year but if I can't get that one any Irish Pipe will do. 
SO.....Who else has any Irish in their Blood? 
What are you going to smoke?
Jud we already know you will smoke what you smoke that day and it won't matter that it is Saint Patrick's Day so you don't have to tell us....LOL  Although we are getting used to hearing it....Do you ever have a special day you smoke something special?  I am kind of curious now Jud?  You have to have something?? 
Anyway I hope everyone has a great Saint Patrick's Day and look forward to reading your comments. 
Just so you know, I am Cherokee, German and Irish with a hint of English....In that order.  Yes a lot of Cherokee Blood (45%), then a bit of German (25%) and Irish (25%) equally and very little English (5%) but it is there. Give or take a percent or two....  lol



  • AnthonyAnthony Apprentice
    Smokingpipes.com has plenty and they are great to work with. I haven't done any Irish blends so sorry no ideas for you there. As for any Irish nope 100% Italian, My Mothers family comes from Calabria, were some of the best briar can be found, and My Fathers family Tuscany were there are some pretty good carvers. I have a couple of Peterson's and very much enjoy them. I hope you have an outstanding St Patrick's  Day!
  • When it comes to Saint Patrick's Day I think it's the one day we all come together and claim Irish citizenship. Like @Anthony I too am of Italian origin ... my grandparents are from Sicily ... but on Saint Patrick's Day we always have a Corn Beef and Cabbage simmering in the Crock Pot. And at some point in the day I make a trip to McDonald's for a Shamrock Shake. I imagine neither of which are actual Irish traditions.

    As for an Irish blend of tobacco you might try Peterson's "Irish Dew" or "Erin Go Bragh" Irish Whiskey - both of which I saw in a Pipes And Cigars.com catalog. 

  • I do have some Irish in me. But I don't have any Irish blend suggestions. Sorry there. I do love to drink a "healthy" portion of whiskey though. At which point any tobacco will do.
  • I married my wife in her home town of Elphin, County Roscommon, in the Irish Republic, Most of the Irish Pipsters I met smoked local tobaccos, mainly Aromatics. Some smoked Petersons Blends, many smoked plug tobaccos unavailable here like Murray's Yachtsman Navy Plug.
  • Well the other day I decided I didn't want to spend $114.00 give or take a few dollars on that Peterson Pipe yet, I will still get one bot not right away, anyway I went cheap and ordered a MrBrog Pear root wood pipe and it came today, looks good, it is kind of bigger than most pipes but still looks good.  Also ordered some pipe tobacco, Ordered some Erin Go Bragh and some CAO Eileen's Dream, CAO is back ordered but the Erin Go Bragh was in stock, hope to get them both before the end of this month. 
    I will smoke them when they get here because I am not just going to smoke on Saint Patrick's day, I want to smoke the blends all month. 
    Some think I am crazy and some might think I am not much a pipe smoker, I really don't care, I smoke what I want when I want and like to try new things and that includes making Holiday traditions, I will smoke a Halloween Blend in October, I will find a good Fall Blend for Thanksgiving, I smoke Holiday/Christmas Blends in December, Irish Blends in March, Spring Blends in Spring, Summer Blends during parts of the Summer and I am sure I will find other traditions or remember some I had in the past and start doing them again.  The way I figure it, pipe smoking is to relax and make you enjoy life and what better way to enjoy your pipe and life than to make your own traditions that include your pipe while at the same time trying new stuff. 
    I smoked a lot of Captain Black while I was in the Military which is when I bought my first pipe, I smoked a few time after I was out but not as much, picked it up every so often but until the year before last it had sat for several years.  Same with Cigars, I smoked them long ago and then stopped smoking them, last year I started smoking them a lot more until the tractor fire this past October, it stopped me from smoking anything and when I could smoke it was my Pipe first.   Now I am back to smoking both and do not plan on stopping, I will switch back and forth but both will be smoked and smoked often!  Both relax me a lot and believe me I need to relax!!   

  • MMr. Brog No. 300 Pear root  Mr Brog Green Pipe
  • @wolf41035 - the idea is to smoke what you want and like. Screw everyone else. 
  • @PappyJoe LOL  Sounds like great advice, kind of the same thing I do with drinks and hobbies. 
  • I most heartily agree.
  • Ah a wee bit warmer outside, might wander out for a bit and have a dab of smoke in me ole pipe.  lol
    Finally going to warm back up a little here so going to go out to garage and start up my four wheeler, got to keep it running once a week so the carb doesn't gum up again.  that is a pain in the arse to take apart and clean when the needle gums up.  Hurts to ride the thing but don't think I would ever get my money out of it if I try to sell it, tried to take a slow casual ride but the darn thing doesn't understand slow and easy.  Might have to give it to a family member that I think can handle it or I don't care about.  lol  Joking, wouldn't let anyone ride it unless I thought they could handle it, the thing is a death trap, about like my Mustang, no one drives it because if you touch the pedal to hard your going sideways down the road!
    Anyway going to be up to 67 today, it says it is 52 now so in an hour or so I will go out and open the garage and start the beast and let it run for about 20 minutes, that should keep it charged and the bowl clean, since it is going to be semi nice outside I will take my pipe and a bowl full of Tsuge first day of Spring.
  • If you wanted to make your own Blend for Saint Patrick's Day, what do you think you would blend to keep the Irish Tradition?  Everyone will say Irish Whiskey but what else are you thinking?
    Wanting to make a unique Irish St. Patty Blend for personal use. 
  • Here is a link if you want to learn more about Saint Patrick's Day and/or Ireland. 
    Don't forget..... 
  • glohmanglohman Newcomer
    I did not like Elieen's dream at all and I so wanted to. I just had war horse bar which is a reincarnation of an old Irish working mad tobacco, not the best flavor (kinda bland burley), but smooth and stout.

    What ever you smoke, drink some Irish whisky.
  • @glohan - I have half a bottle of Jameson's Caskmates that I decided to save for St. Patrick's day. I'll be smoking some Peterson's Old Dublin. 
  • You might want to look at some Peterson blends. Sherlock Holmes is as old-timey as they come - a Virginia/burley -and you might like their Irish Whiskey blend as well.
  • I would go with some Sam Gawith Brown #4 Kendal Twist, or some Gawith & Hogarth Black Irish x, or better yet go with both!

  • Going to have to get some more storage for my pipe tobacco!  I have four large humidors full of Cigars and Two antique smoke tables with storage full of my Pipe tobacco, I smoke a lot but not the same thing all the time so with that said I think I need a bigger area.  lol 
  • Found my old post "Mixing blends or other tobacco to make your own blend." so decided to move my thoughts of mixing my own Saint Patrick's day blend to there.
  • Spring chicks?  LOLBaby Chicks
  • Really hoping to get my two Irish Blends so I can smoke them and do a review before Saint Patrick's Day. 
    I hate when one blend is back ordered and you have to wait to get either of them. 
  • Deadpool57Deadpool57 Apprentice
    Luckily, I'll be out of the house considering we are cornbeef and cabbage cooking.  So I will be traveling to the pipe shop with some green beer, a flask of jamieson, and having a swell day! Anyone else cooking some irish classics this day (actual irish food: Lamb, Pork, etc.)?
  • @Deadpool57 I will be cooking something from my Irish Cookbook, I will be partaking in some Irish Whiskey and hopefully Smoking some Irish Blend from my Green Pipe.  LOL
    Cabbage sounds good, why leave?  LMAO   Just be careful when you drive home, don't be getting to Irish with the Drinks!
  • Deadpool57Deadpool57 Apprentice
    Only after many waters hahaha
  • Irish Soda Bread, Boxty  Potatoes, Irish Breakfast of Bacon, Irish Sausage, White Pudding, Black Pudding. and Brown Bread, and Tea.
  • WOW @Woodsman, sounds like a full days worth of eating! Potato soap sounds good for lunch, not sure what I will do for dinner and for desert I will just drink some Irish Cream or Irish Whiskey while I smoke one of my Irish Blends.  What is Irish Bacon and Irish Sausage? only thing I can think of is it is soaked in Irish whiskey, also what is White and Black Pudding? Sad because I am part Irish.  I know the soda bread and Boxy potatoes, also know Irish bread and Tea.
    Thanks to Woodsman I am going to have to get out my Ireland cookbooks and look a few things up.....if not in them I will have to do a search unless he shares it here first.  lol 

  • OK Never mind on the Black Pudding and White Pudding, we always called the Black Pudding Blood Pudding and the White Pudding is called Hog's Pudding.  We also called Irish Bacon, hog back bacon or just Back Bacon.  I am also going to guess Bangers and Mash is what your talking about with the sausage but may be wrong there?
  • dbh1950dbh1950 Newcomer
    Yes, Wolf41035, time for Spring chicks and St. Patrick's  Day. Still recall my first bunch of chicks, Barred Rocks and a few odds thrown in. Next came the Rhode Island Reds, daughter won several ribbons with them at 4H.
    As to special St. Patrick's Day tobaccos, none in particular, I have tried several of the Peterson offerings as well as Erinmore. 
  • glohmanglohman Newcomer
    I make rubens. When ever you make corned beef and cabbage you end up with tons of cabbage, potatoes, and carrots left over and no corn beef.
  • @glohmas Not me ... I bought a hefty hunk of corned beef just to avoid the problem you mentioned. Usually a corn beef brisket has more shrinkage than those guys from the Polar Bear Club who make complete fools of themselves by jumping in ice cold water every winter. Especially when slow cooked in a crock pot - I'm talking about slow cooking the corned beef in a crock pot and not the guys in the Polar Bear Club. Humans taste better barbecued over an open fire. So this year I super-sized my brisket even though there are only two of us, and I'm suppose to be watching my sodium intake. My wife went out and bought a third cabbage because she thinks there won't be enough for the size of the corned beef brisket I got. My blood pressure may skyrocket and I stroke out ... but this year I'm making sure I have a good size chunk of meat on my plate to go along with the cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. With more than enough left over to make sandwiches for days afterwards. 
  • Irish Bacon is Salted not Smoked and is chop shaped because it includes the piece we call Canadian Bacon, Black Pudding is indeed a Blood Sausage mixed with grain, onion and spices cut into rounds and fried, White Pudding is made with ground pork with similar ingredients sliced and fried, Irish sausages have no sage and are blander. Brown Bread is like a Soda Bread made with a much coarser whole wheat flour. The Irish don't use corned beef, they use Slab Irish Bacon and Cabbage. Left over Cabbage, etc. is used to make Bubble and Squeak at later meals. My Wife and I go to a market in a mainly Irish population to stock up.
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