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Trading Post!! Trades?? Pipes? Blends? Pipe related stuff??

How about a Trading Post?!  
Not sure about the rest of you but on occasion I get a Tobacco blend I just do not like!  Was thinking we could list what we had and maybe we could do some trading on here.  
Maybe you like a Blend of Tobacco someone else has and does not like?  Why not trade them a blend you don't like or maybe you like but feel like trading because you think they might like it or you have to much of it..... 
Same for a Pipe....Maybe you have a few extra Pipes and might want to trade it for something else or another style Pipe?  Why not do a trade with people you know will enjoy it?
Not sure if the new Regulations will stop us from Personally trading stuff but it shouldn't!  So lets give this a shot.....Sound good?



  • I will start, I have some Non-Aromatic Blends I just don't like, if anyone is interested in Non-Aromatics please let me know and I will let you know what Brand and Type it is, after that you can let me know what you have to trade, I prefer Aromatic Blends.
  • Also have a pipe or two I would think about trading.
  • Going to Strauss today or tomorrow, so might be buying a new pipe.....
  • Nothing I'm interested in trading right now but I'll keep you in mind.
  • Well if the Dr. tells me to stop smoking I will have a BIG list of Pipe and Cigar stuff listed here, I sure hope he doesn't tell me that because I want to win a pipe from here. 
  • I don't have a whole lot of inventory at the moment but I like having the option of the trade on here.
  • Keep your ears open because my supplies might be going up for trade or sale.
  • I have lots of aged tobaccos (3-16 years old) for sale including hard to find Esoterica--Penzance, Tilbury, Dorchester; previous makers of Escudo, Dark Strong Kentucky; McCllelland Seattle and K.C. pipe clubs, anniversary and orientals;   some flakes.  Also will be taking 20 pipes to the LV show to sell including unsmoked T. Knudsen, Ilsted, Barbi, Rasmussen, Charatan Coronation (Lane Era NIB), Upshall Empire, Becker morta, Rad Davis, Eltang with bamboo, Jorgensen and Skovgaard, Savinelli non-pareil, Johnson-Weaver, XL IMP meerschaum, Jon Rinaldi, estate Amorelli and Jacono.  Contact me at [email protected] for dimensions, photos, and prices.
  • AT EVERYONE  I found the post, it was down in the middle....
    So if anyone has some Blends they don't like or they have a lot of and want to try something different.....List what you have and what you think you would like to try and see who responds to your post.
    You can exchange addresses and do some trading.
    If someone fails to mail what you agreed on then list their name here and they will be put on a Black List so everyone knows not to do any trades with them.
    Lets give this a shot people, I have some Blends I would do some trading with, if interested I can make a list and post it.
  • If no one wants to trade I guess I will use the tins I have for mixing blends.
  • Wolf, I have a few Aro's  around, I'll get back to you tomorrow with a list.
  • @Woodsman Sounds good, I will look over your list and then give you my list.
  • OK It is raining outside, going to look over my tobacco and see what I don't like that I would trade, will put up a list this evening.
  • OK I think we will wait until after the Secret Santa thing, after Christmas might be a good time to do some trading.....what does everyone think?
  • @Wolf41035

    Good wishes to you on your Doctor visit! Best Doctor I EVER had smoked a pipe!

  • My memory is slipping,I keep saying I am going to add a list of what I have to trade but keep forgetting, maybe since there is Snow on the ground and I don't have much to do later this evening I will get that list made along with two other lists I have been meaning to do. 
    Dr. is a quack, well my Back and Neck specialist is, he keeps wanting me take pills that are doing nothing for me, about to tell him off next time I actually go see him.....might ask my primary care Dr. to send me to someone else. 
  • I have a Butz Choquin Gentelmen Noir Rhodesian pipe I'd be willing to trade for something around the same value. It's a good smoker but I've only used it twice. Let me know!
  • BC Gentlemen are them stubby looking pipes aren't they?  I think they run about $80 new in box.   I am sure someone would be interested in a trade, I like longer stems, straight and bent, just not into short pipes.  
    What kind of pipes and tobacco do you like, if you list a few things you might get a couple offers. 
    Still working on my list, sorry it takes me time to get it all together.  lol
  • Ya it's a stubby nose warmer. I have about three of that style and want to branch out a bit.

    Looking for a Canadian style or a nice Poker.
    I would also consider trading for a nice hand made tamper plus some tobacco.
    Let me know!
  • LOL Never heard them called Nose Warmers, then again I don't know anyone that has one. 
  • Well either way, it's a small pipe but it's a good smoker.
  • @cwpipes9 maybe one day I should try one, who know I might enjoy it.   I am currently making pipes out of wood and stone so I have been staying busy, still need to kick my but and get that list on here, I have it part way done but not anywhere near finished and I really don't have that much.....I have more Cigars than I have pipes and Tobacco.  
    I think one of my problems with getting the list done is I have to many hobbies, just today I was out checking my Trap lines, in the past week I have Raccoons, Possums, Rabbits and a Coyote (today) to finish up, I skin them, dry the hides and tan them, not to sell but for fun. Today's Coyote has a full Winter coat and looks really good, not a mangy one like you get on traps most of the time.  I have pictures but I do not want to post them here because I am afraid people would complain!  A lot of Anti-Hunting/Anti-Trapping people in the world now, shoot I have seen people complain about fishing pictures......So sad!
  • @Wolf41035, What do you use to keep the hair on the hide ? I don't have alot of any one
    blend, not counting my CB original, and most of my pipes are estates that I've cleaned.
    DG and other factory made pipes. I do have an opened tin of Rattray's Marlin
    Flake a sealed tin of Rattray's Brownee IIRC that I would trade for an aro or LL Dark Red.
    I have found an extreme liking to Cult Blood Red Moon, cigars and pipe tobacco.
  • I've got 1 Nosewarmer great for under a hat in a drizzle.Tuffy
  • @LostMason First I flesh them, then I stretch them and let them dry a little natural then I add a little salt for some, others I do the same but after a day or two of salt I clean then off and using tanning solution, you can buy it from any trapping supply company and most work well, the one I will be trying next is Johnny Thorpe's Indian Tan.
  • Back to trades, once again my mind slipped and I didn't finish my list, I think I need to start making notes! 
    Does anyone else have memory problems?  I think mine is I have so much I try to do to keep my mind off my health and not working that I get so busy I forget what to do and when....
  • SaintbubblesSaintbubbles Newcomer
    edited April 2017
    I acquired some aromatics a month ago in a trade/purchase and have decided that they are not for me. I want to get them in hands of someone that will appreciate them with a little trade. Here's what I have:

    Lane RLP-6

    Lane Limited Buttered Rum

    Peter Stokkbye Nougat

    Lane Limited Dark Red

    Leavitt & Pierce Cake Day

    I don't have weights but they are all in full 4 oz mason jars. They have been kept in jars since purchase. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I just want to try some different Virginias, Virginia flake, VaPers or dark fired Kentucky blends. Hit me up if you are interested.
  • I have a can of CJ Pease Jack Knife, some Uhle's Burley, and an ounce of CS Hunting Creek I'll trade for something in Latakia, or Virginia and Cavendish.
  •  @saintbubbles I wouldn't mind trying the Leavitt & Pierce Cake Day and some Lane Limited Dark Red. I will post my list and you can pick what you would like to trade.

    @mfresa I wouldn't mind trying the CJ Pease Jack Knife and some CS Hunting Creek, never tried them before. As I said above I will add what I have and let you decide.

  • My List 
    Not going to say how much of all of them because it depends on trades but here goes.
    Orlik - Mellow Mixture, will trade about .75 Oz.. 
    Seattle Pipe Club - Pike Place, will trade up to 1.5 Oz.
    4th Generation Tobacconist - 1957 Erik Michael's Blend, about 1.5 Oz.
    Drew Estate - 7th Avenue Blonde only want to trade .5 Oz.  I like this but willing to share.
    Straus Tobacconist house blend - Wenceslas, trade about 2.5 Oz.
    Straus Tobacconist house blend -Sleepy Hollow, maybe .5 Oz. but no more than a half ounce unless it is a great trade!
    H&H - Egg Nog, trade 1 Oz.
    H&H - Caramel Apple Pie, trade 1 Oz.
    Russ' Monthly Blend - Sugar Plum, trade between .5 - .75 Oz. depends on trade.
    I have a bunch more but they are 1 Oz. or less because I like them but willing to do some trading, just ask if I have what your looking for, if it is Aromatic I might just have it. 
    Apples, Whiskeys, Rum and a couple others.

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