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Look what I found, Just info. sharing.

Hello Pipe and Tobacco Aficionados I hope all is well out there. I wanted to share that I was fumbling through some of my tobacco jars and found some original "old school" tobacco. I located, not Peterson but some "Dunhill Morning Pipe", a full jar untouched for who knows how long it has been there :-). I opened it up and loaded my Savinelli Bruno from the 1980's in order to give it a go. I must say that it was a little on the dry side however I unloaded all of the tobacco out of the jar and added a "Raw Hydro Stone" stone and sealed the jar back up for several days and "Wollah" very good. Matter of fact I really like it a lot and it may become my go-to for a while at this moment and time. I just wanted to share because I have not visited the TPL family in some time. Remember, smoke what you like and like what you smoke, and take time to contemplate. Be safe out there.


  • opipemanopipeman Master
    I need to dig through my jar storage, who knows what I'll find?
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
    Even though I keep an inventory list of my pipe tobacco and update it every 5 or 6 months, I forget what I have stashed away. 
    My New Year's resolution was to open one of the oldest tins in my stash every month.
    For February, I opened a tin of Grousemore I purchased in 2019.

    I will probably open a tin of Dunhill Apertif or Standard Mellow Mixture from 2018 for March.
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    A couple of years ago I started to list all my stash and got bored before I finished the list. Whenever I look through the tins and jars(which isn't very often), it's like discovering them all over again. Maybe my Bride is correct, maybe I am a little weird. Well... at least I'm good at it. 
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