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Seeking opinion(s) and Experience

Hello Pipe and Tobacco Aficionados, hope all is well. I hope everyone is enjoying these cooler days along with you're special blends and pipes. I wanted to share that I finally had the opportunity to try some "Sutliff" Bengal Slices for the very first time. I first tried it in a clay pipe in order to get a true taste of the blend and during my next smoke I tried smoking it in a Savinelli, 606 KS. For those who are not familiar with this blend it is a crumble cake, so I rubbed it out and it was a NO-GO in this particular pipe during three attempts. It kept caking up do matter how I packed it. However as I tried to figure things out and looked around the room I spotted the answer, it was a "Custom-built" pot that I had punched years ago. I once again rubbed out the tobacco and loosely sprinkled it in the large deep bowl and "YEP" this was the answer for me. The latakia jumped on me like a cheap shirt and mid way through the smoke I did pick up on some sweetness. The entire smoke mellowed out as we moved forward with very few relights, the latakia really mellowed. I apologize for the long story, but I had to tell somebody :-) I think it would have been even better if I would have cellared it for awhile. If you tried this blend what are your opinions and experiences Thanks for reading and remember, Smoke what you like and like what you smoke, take time to contemplate.


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