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Change of season, new pipe and blend.

KABUL07KABUL07 Connoisseur
Hello Pipe and Tobacco Aficionados, hope all is well. As the new season starts to take over I found myself with a new pipe that I have seen on the market for some time now. At first and for some time I really did not pay too much attention to this pipe but it was different to me, it was the style of the pipe that caught my eye when I did see one. I finally broke down and moved in for the kill, ($$). Not a bad price I payed for the OMS "Devil Anse", (sitter) pipe. It's been some time for me in reference to purchasing a new pipe, "money to tight to mention" but what the heck, I will have a birthday before year end. :-). When I decide to give this new pipe a try I will smoke a new blend called, "None of your business" from Watch City also for the first time as well. New season, new pipe and new blend, should be nice. Remember, smoke what you like and like what you smoke, take time to contemplate. Stay safe out there.
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