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Whole leaf blending and pressing

I pulled out the bright and lemon whole leaf. After de-stemming it filled an entire mixing bowl. Amazing that it was only 235g of tobacco. Looking at the bowl I was having my doubts but I did a hand rip and stuffed in the new press. It was full to the top but spongy. Opened the C-clamp to max and angled it to push down until I could fit the bottom of the clamp under. I cranked that sucker down. The results



After 10 days it cannot crank any tighter. 1/2 lb of whole leave pressed into a 2 1/2" x 3" x 3" square. Placed it in a really hot in the truck so it probably stoved for 16-20 hours.It is unreal. 233g dense as a board plug. It has a nice mellow sweetness and no hay/grass and no harshness at all. 2/3 bright, 1/3 lemon whole leaf. The casing was bought and was lemon/inverted sugar water. I will start making my own casing in the pressure cooker from here on out.



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