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Shaking the dust off an old blend

Hello pipe and tobacco aficionados, I hope you are having a good day and all is well. The other day as I was moving forward with task and other activities and as I looked over at my pipes I noticed one of my pipes from the early days of my pipe smoking which was, "back then" :-). As I looked at the pipe it reminded me of a tobacco blend that I really enjoyed and smoked around that time as well. I searched to see if this blend was still available and found out that it was not, (no longer available). Then it hit me, could there be a possibility that I had a tin put away from back when I had stoped smoking my pipes "a break in service" for awhile. So off I went on a search and find mission, "Yahoo" found some :-). The tobacco blend is "Mixed Wessex Mellow Brown and Subtle Aroma". During my review of this blend it appeared that many pipe smokers really enjoyed it as well. If you have ever tried this blend what is your thoughts and have you found a match if you ever tried searching for more ? With that, remember too smoke what you like and like what you smoke. Take a little time to contemplate. :-)
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