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5th Annual TPL Christmas/Holiday Gift Exchange

Hey everyone!

The time has come for another Christmas gift exchange! On one hand, it doesn't seem all that long ago since the last one, yet this year has felt like it went on forever... Still, we won't let Covid stop the fun this year! Best of all, we're all already social distancing. 

The same rules apply this year:
Sign up on the link below if you want to join. Remember, only join if you plan on participating
It's important to sign up on Elfster, as that's how names are drawn/addresses are sent to each other.
Build up/edit your wish list so your Secret Santa has an idea on what to get you. You're not limited to pipes/tobacco, but remember to keep it reasonable.
The last day to sign up is Sunday, December 6th. Names will automatically be sent on Monday the 7th
Spending limit is $30. You're free to go over if you wish, but no one is required to. We're all at different places in our lives this year, especially with covid.
Gifts should be sent out by Friday, December the 18th to try to reach everyone before Christmas.
Have fun! We could all use a little good tidings this year.

We've had a great time each year, and I'm proud to say that there haven't been anyone that's ended up on the permanent naughty list due to skipping out on sending their gifts out. Let's keep the tradition trucking along and continue having a great time!



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