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Hello pipe and tobacco aficionados, I hope all is well. I decided to come in out of the rain and visit a little with the "This Pipe Life" family and professionals. We are in the middle of a solid two day rain fall and 40 degree drop in temperature out here in my location, still summer but a bit chilly and damp. I decided to came into the site's lounge to listen to some Rick Braun and chat a little about the Wilke's, "Lizzie Blood Red English" tobacco blend and my choice of artist. I decided to enjoy this tobacco blend in a falcon pipe and it appears to me that I made a good decision in reference to both music and smoke. To me jazz like many other genres play a great role especially during times and moments when things appear to be just a little out of the norm. On this day artist Rick Braun is my selection and his style, arranging and over all band members seem to brings it all together for a relaxing time. I find my choice of the mentioned tobacco blend really sets the tone when it comes to pairing it all; this day, the weather and Mr. Braun. My pipe and blend is not overpowering to me even though it has both Latakia and Perique in it. I find that there is a very slight orange hit within the blend, but I find it to be very complimetery. :-)  Your thoughts and remember, smoke what you like and like what you smoke. Be safe out there. 


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    @KABUL07   It took me a while to answer your post because I needed some time to give it serious consideration. And I keep coming to the same conclusion. It's not a specific blend that enhances certain music - or the opposite - the music (or specific genre of music) that makes for a better smoke. But that impromptu combination of both coming together in perfect harmony.
    I will say that I tend to puff a bit faster when listening to hard driving rock as if I'm keeping up with the music. And it's during those smoking and jamming sessions that I end up with the early stage of tongue bite.
    But for the most part I'm simply swept away by the music - and the pipe accents the experience,  and before you know it my mind starts working overtime and I find my thoughts drifting.
    Now I do have a preference for a particular style of music when I'm sitting in the garage smoking during a thunderstorm or even a heavy rain. And that's instrumental soundtrack albums - or something by the German synth band Tangerine Dream.
    Old soundtracks from Classic Universal Horror Films like "Bride Of Frankenstein", "House Of Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man" by composers like Franz Waxman, Hans J. Salter, Frank Skinner, or Paul Dessau ramps up the electricity in the atmosphere. So when you combine the flashes of lightning ripping across the sky (and those dangerous yet amazing ground strikes) with the booming thunder, accented by the billowing cloud of low hanging smoke that drifts throughout the garage like ectoplasm at a seance, it creates a kind of magic when set to the music of one of the classic film scores.
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    ghostsofpompeii, thanks for the response/feedback, really appreciate and enjoyed the thoughts. I agree, what really sets things off, the music or the pipe and tobacco blend, one thing for sure I find them to be a great combination. "Tangerine Dream", there was time when I was listening to a selection that I put together which consisted of Tangerine Dream, Clannad, Michael Hedges, Enigma, Checkfield and Shadowfax. Enjoying a pipe blend in the garage on a rainy day :-) been there and done that also. I would listen to "Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon", which consisted of such artist as Charles Brown, Houston Person, Hank Jones, and Woody Shaw, just to name a few. What causes one to feel that it is time for a pipe, I would say, many things just like the selection of a genre; mood could set the pace. :-) Thanks once again.
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