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  • CharlesCharles Master
    Glad to hear from you @motie2.  I truly hope your situation can be resolved a quickly and as painless as possible.  Sorry for your most unfortunate troubles.
  • CharlesCharles Master
    Still worried about @xDutchx.  Not sure how else to reach out and contact him.  Like to think is OK and has just moved on to something that occupies his time more. 

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    @motie2 With all the real a-holes there are in the world that deserve all the ill will and suffering that should come their way ... you are one of the good guys who doesn't deserve to be going through all this misery. We're all thinking about and wish you well and a speedy recovery. And agreeing with Pappy ... "it's about time the Doctors get their sh*t together". It's hard enough living with one issue, but when you multiply it by three - and can't get any relief from either, it makes you wonder just what medical school these guys went to. I don't know how much good this will do you ... coming from a fallen Catholic ... but my thoughts and prayers are with you.  
  • @motie2 We all care about you and your recovery.  This is the part of life none of us likes...health issues.  Be strong, friend.  We're all rooting for you to return to full health and happiness.
  • @Oddjob27 Welcome back!  It's time to enjoy a few bowls before travel consumes you once again!
  • motie2motie2 Master
    @ghostsofpompeii thank you, amigo. Still suffering.. Seeing doc tomorrow for fiifth catheter withdrawal, which four times has resulted in it being put back in. Pure hell.

    thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

    still worrying about brother @xDutchx
  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    We'll be thinking and praying for you all day tomorrow @motie2 We've been missing you brother...
  • Rshey1Rshey1 Apprentice
    @motie2 We are keeping you in our prayers. I haven’t been a member here long or even a pipe smoker for more than a few years, but I’m amazed at how genuine and truly concerned this forum is.It’s a rarity in this day and age.
  • @motie2 good to hear from you, sorry I’ve been a couple days late.
  • Thanks for the update @motie2 . You were in my thoughts today while I was at work, and I said a prayer for you. I know it's not much, but remember you have people cheering you on over here during your ordeal.
  • SwmaplesSwmaples Apprentice
    @Oddjob27, good to see you back.
  • pwkarchpwkarch Master

    OMG, I wondered why I had not seen you on here....in fact I sent you a PM the other day to ask if you were OK. I had no idea you were so "under the weather". I guess I need to get on here more often, and pay attention when I do go on here. I have no excuses except trying to earn some living and survive here.

    At any rate, you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Please get well soon, and let us know how you are.
  • AnthonyAnthony Apprentice
    @motie2 sending our thoughts and prayers out to you as well!
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your kindness. Nothing three doctors have tried, iincluding surgery has worked. I am truly f'd. Five ER runs in one month. Please share with others?
  • Thanks for the update @motie2, wish their was something I could say or do to help,running on empty.
  • Another M.I.A. member is Wolf. It's been quit a while since I've heard from him.

  • Sittin up in the cave, smokin Orlik Golden Sliced in my Lane Era Charatan, a gift from Dutch, wishing him the best.

  • pwkarchpwkarch Master
    I sent a message to Wolf as well....as you note he has not been on here  recently either.

  • Looking at old emails...I have not heard from @xDutchx since January.  Anyone know if hes on another board?  No word back and I sent three or four messages.
  • He just dropped off the forum and stopped responding. He was giving away some of his pipes in December and I think he knew something was going to happen. 
  • Like Motie I've had on again off again health issues this year so I've instructed my wife that - God forbid - something happen to me in the immediate future she should post a message on the site letting members know. It was the concern and frustration of the ongoing mystery over the whereabouts of Dutch that initiated the discussion with my wife. We all have family and close friends who care about our health and well being and are immediately consulted in such matters... but there is another unseen community of friends who are just as concerned by our absence but seldom considered  when the unthinkable occurs and bad news must be passed on. May sound like a morbid dinner table conversation but in my failed attempted to locate Dutch (Chris) I realized how hard it might be to pass along info to others when there is none to be found.     
  • This conversation hurts my heart to think about. You guys are becoming good friends. I hope to meet several of you face to face someday. 
  • I am with Joe (ghostsofpompeii), I am also going to instruct my wife to simply post my obit here when I do go to the great smoke shop in the sky. Not that anyone will miss me, but so you know you will not have to read my crap anymore. It is funny, in this day of 'social media" you can feel rather close to people whose only contact is electronic in lieu of personal physical interaction. Particularly when there is a common denominator.

    And I am going to propose what is just an idea. How could we put some kind of meeting / reunion together at some point in the future. That would be a huge task, and due to the huge geographical area from which we come, the logistics would be considerable. I think it would be really neat to meet face to face with our group, or at least those that could attend. Probably just a "pipe dream" but it sure would be fun. Although it is my idea, I in no way could put in the actual effort to organize such an event. Maybe one of our younger "dudes" who have more free time would need to shoulder the effort. This would probably be almost impossible to pull off due to schedules, location central to all, etc. 

    Just an idea...............
  • @ghostsofpompeii I think I've asked this question before, but if you know his name and his location (city/address), is there a chance to google the same for a possible obituary or local newspaper info? I'm sure you already thought of that, but sometimes info is slow coming in that subject matter, and what wasn't there earlier, may be there now... Just thinking aloud...
  • Motie2
    Been there except without the complications, it's a pain like no other.
    Say yes to any pain reliever they offer and do not hesitate to let them know when something is not working. You heal best when you are not stressed by pain.
    I wish you a short episode. 
  • @KA9FFJ I tried that but got no where. As a matter of fact there is a website called Legacy.com where you can find obit information, and once again I can up empty. So as an eternal optimist I prefer to think that Chris is simply not active in the pipe community
  • Yeah... I really do hope that's all there is to it (-10 pts @motie2) ...
  • @ghostsofpompeii @KA9FFJ - to complicate the search for Dutch even more is believe he is a truck driver. The impression I got is that he drove an 18-wheeler.
  • @pwkarch I think the idea of getting together is an excellent idea.  I suppose we'd have to gauge the level of interest before putting the effort into the logistics.  I would love to get together with all of you guys.  I know it would be a worthwhile experience.
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