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31 Days Of Halloween - A Pipe And A Movie

Some of my favorite things include Halloween, horror movies, and pipe smoking, so I thought I'd lump them all together for the next 31 days leading up to Halloween night, while also incorporating my newfound interest in photography to create a little something I'll call "31 Days Of Halloween - A Pipe And A Movie".

For the next 31 days I'll once again showcase my pipe collection in a series of photo shoots incorporating the horror movie I intend on watching that evening, matched with the pipe I'll be smoking.  Might even mention the blend if I can plan that far ahead. I'll also include a brief capsule review of the movie along with a 1 through 5 bowl rating system for the movie. Get everyone into the spirit of the occasion.

Hope it inspires others to join in on the fun with a photo shoot of their own, or at least a few movie recommendations. No one said pipe smoking couldn't be fun. And of all the things I've been accused of throughout my life - being boring isn't one of them. So please join me for a pipe and a movie during the 31 Days Of Halloween.     



  • @ghostsofpompeii, If you haven't seen Rob Zombie's "The Devils Rejects," it is in my opinion his best horror flick. He also did a remake of the original Halloween, and IMO he did a fantastic job there as well.
  • Another delightful photo composition from our own @ghostsofpompeii......
  • @xdutchx Rob Zombie did a great job with The Devil's Rejects". Also liked "House Of 1000 Corpses". But wasn't too fond of his remake of "Halloween". He explained a little too much about Michael Myers. I like the element of mystery surrounding the character from Carpenter's original. Was he 'the boogyman' or just a determined serial killer? The ending left it up in the air. And I liked that. Too much backstory in Rob Zombie's flick, almost made him a sympathetic character. But as usual, Rob Zombie still delivered a brutal horror flick. He's got a knack for bringing white trash characters to life.  
  • @ghostsofpompeii -- Yeah, mon. I and I noticed de tin in de picture.
  • I'm liking this, Great mood capture.
  • @ghostsofpompeii -- Great stuff: please keep it coming.....
  • You live in a museum.

    ...but do things move a little at night sometimes?
  • Day Three: For almost four decades John Carpenter's 1978 holiday slasher flick "Halloween" has been the perennial favorite for viewers during their Annual Oktoberfest Movie Festivals. After all, the title itself suggests 'this' is the movie to watch on Halloween night. But then in 2007 Carpenter faced a potential contender for iconic Michael Myers in an innocuous little tike dressed in a pair of patchwork pajamas and a minimally decorated burlap sack over his head with crisscross stitching and a pair of button eyes. And who is this Halloween terror that dares to unseat Michael Myers from his throne as the King of Halloween? 'SAM' ... hardly a name to inspire terror. Though small in stature, Little Sam has brought grown men to their knees and far worse. This manic little demon can slice and dice you in the twinkling of an eye with the slash of his razor sharp jack-o-lantern lollipop.

    The movie I'll be watching tonight is Director Michael Doughterty's "Trick 'r Treat", an entertaining horror anthology with equal parts terror and dark humor. This anthology film weaves five interconnecting stories with protagonist SAM as the connecting thread. We have a bickering couple returning home from a night of celebration only to discover Halloween traditions are meant to be honored; a high school principal who just happens to be a serial killer; a young college girl hoping to loose her virginity ... but not in the way you think; a group of youngsters who pull a mean-spirited prank on an unpopular classmate that goes horribly wrong - for them; and a grumpy old man with a checkered past who encounters the demonic spirit of Halloween in the guise of Little Sam himself.

    "Trick 'r Treat" is solid Halloween entertainment, and Doughterty, who also directed the horrific 2015 Christmas tale "Krampus", is a master of combining dark humor with horror without turning the experience into a campy mess. This is easily another 5 out of 5 bowl rated movie (perfect score). And if you've never seen it before, once you do, it too will become a Halloween tradition.

    The featured pipe is my 'Nording Signature Black Freehand'. Unfortunately it's a Christmas gift, so I won't be smoking it tonight. But it's a great looking pipe worthy of a photo shoot. The blend I will be smoking is Cornell & Diehl's Halloween inspired "MM3: Curse Of Monster Mixture - Devil Doll Edition". A blend with both a tin note and flavor of caramel covered apples. A perfect smoke for an autumn evening enjoying horror flicks, or sitting outdoors watching the leaves turn.       

  • @Londy3 No I don't actually live in a museum, but sometimes it seems like one. And if I had the money I'd have a whole lot more on display - enough to warrant calling it a museum. And yes ... my wife often hears thinks skittering around at night in the room where I keep all my treasures.
  • ghostsofpompeii

    Don't forget some of my favorite Abbott and Costello scary flicks......and some Three Stooges shorts, several of which were spooky. GREAT posts, where did you get all of the props and backgrounds, VERY creative. Now I can't wait to see what you do for Thanks giving and my favorite, Christmas.
  • @ghostofpompeii

    I have to say you are one of the most creative people I have seen......absolute wonderful layout and composition. You my friend are talented.
  • @pwkarch Thanks for the compliment. This is a lot of fun for me, combining two things I really enjoy horror movies and pipes. It really wasn't until I started the Daily Briar Photoshoot a while back that I discovered how much fun photography can be. I wish I had a better camera capable of nice close-ups but mine isn't. When I get too close things get out of focus. What I have is a very old Sony DSC-W100 digital camera my son bought us as a Christmas present probably when digital cameras started getting more popular. The box says it has 8.1 Mega pixels which is probably pretty low by today's standards. Chances are most cell phones take better pictures. Problem is, I don't have a newer cell phone. The only one we have is an old flip phone we use for emergencies. Maybe for Christmas I'll buy a joint present of a camera for my wife and I because she enjoys snapping pictures as well.

    As for my props, I'm a kid at heart and all of this stuff is part of my collection. I'm just now finding an actual purpose for them in my photo shoots.

  • Surely you have made it out here to Salem MA in October? My family and I just went to the parade last night that kicks off "haunted happenings" for the season! By the way, I really am enjoying this thread!

  • One of many sights from last nights parade
  • @paulwansing Awesome picture, looks like fun. Unfortunately I haven't been to Salem but it appears if I ever do plan on making a trip there, October seems the time to make the trip. How long does this annual event take place? Are "Haunted Happenings a week long celebration - or are events planned throughout the month? If you have more photos of last night's parade I wish you'd post them as well.  
  • If the (alleged) Malcolm Forbes quote, "He who dies with the most toys, wins" is valid, you're a Winner!!!!

    Man, you have such cool stuff!!!!
  • @moties2 That's a great site. One of the stories is about a show I recall when I was a kid ... "Way Out!". For years I was trying to track down the episodes and it wasn't until recently that I found 10 out the original 13 or so episodes that aired. I found it on YouTube. Excellent show ... especially the episode called "False Face". Hopefully at some point in time the entire series is made available on DVD - and cleaned up a bit.  
  • paulwansingpaulwansing Enthusiast
    edited October 2017
    Haunted happenings is all month long, a street fair, several haunted houses, two carnivals, and the historic sites with a cemetery in town with the graves of a mayflower passenger, a witchcraft trials judge, and many others pre 1700. The last week of the month sees thousands  (last year it topped 10,000) of full costumed Halloween lovers descend on the streets. I have a few more photos, enjoy!
  • @ghostsofpompeii I am enjoying this, good works.
  • @paulwansing Excellent photos. Looks like a lot of fun. Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year and it seems like Salem is the place to travel to make the holiday even more memorable. Keep the photos coming.
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