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Cleaning and Restoration

I picked up 3 "Estate Pipes" today at a somewhat local antique venue. A Kaywoodie, a Yellobole, and a John Murray pipe, $10 apiece so I figure I did pretty well even for cheap pipes. All three including the Yellobole are imported briar. They were bought by the seller at an estate sale some time ago. The stems are in fairly decent shape, and the bowls on the KW and the JM have been reamed at some point or they just were not smoked very much. As soon as I got home I took them apart and soaked the stems in Ever Clear and ran cleaners through them until I felt they were free of sludge and bacteria (if there were any). I usually use rubber bits anyway as I tend to be a clencher so I am not too freaked out by smoking a "used" pipe. Reassembled there seems to be on a dry run no ghosting or any tobacco taste whatsoever.

Next I want to deal with polishing the stems and the briar bowls. Somewhere I read that some guys use "Berts Bees" (lip balm) to polish the briar. I could get some carnnuba (sp?) but we have some of the Berts Bees product right here at home. Any thoughts? Also I am going to polish the stems, after using some OxiClean, with toothpaste as that seems to be recommended as well, Any thoughts on that? I also have some jewelers rouge that I can use with a foredom rotary unit or my dremel that I use for decoy carving if that is better, or a scothbrite  sponge.

Looking for expert opinions here........thanks in advance.


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