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Wearing a mask, while smoking a pipe

Over the last two monthly pipe club meetings, I have been experimenting on how to comply with the COVID recommendations, while smoking my pipe. My first attempt was with a cloth mask, my wife made. This style is similar to the horrid paper / rubber band masks, but it is much more comfortable and ties on behind my head. She selected a piece of cloth that had dancing frogs on it. While, I think it adds to my dignity level, it was very bothersome to keep slipping the pipe under the mask to take another puff.

Last week, I tried using a bandana for a mask. I also used an Oom Paul pipe, since this would allow the pipe to be in my mouth and have my face largely covered. I was having great success with this technique, for a while. Then I discovered that I was becoming increasingly lightheaded. Apparently, the smoke was trapped inside my bandana. 

So far, I am not content with the new smoking experience. If anyone has better suggestion, please let me know. 



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