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The Daily Briar Photoshoot - Show Us Your Pipes And Be Creative

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Let's be honest, we're all proud of our pipe collections be they big or small, and enjoy showing them to like minded pipe enthusiasts. And you can be just as proud of your collection of Dr. Grabows and cobs as your more expensive handmade artisan 'one-of-a-kind'. With that in mind I'd like to turn this discussion page into a post where members can get creative and post a photo for the Daily Briar Photoshoot, each day showcasing a specific pipe in their collection. Get creative with your camera - use people or props and spice things up making it flashy, sexy, sophisticated, or simply funny. We can all use a little more fun in our lives. Reflect the personality of the pipe in the photo. Or simple set it in an ashtray and get that perfect shot as a cloud of smoke emanates from the bowl. Feel free to post one or more photo of the pipe from different angles ... but just limit it to one pipe each day. 

I'll start things off with my Peterson Jekyll & Hyde Special Edition    



  • Sure wish there was an edit function since I hit the letter 'L' twice on the word daily.
  • It goes without saying that with all the beautiful Meerschaums out there this is not limited to briar pipes just because I penned it The Daily Briar Photoshoot. All pipes - cobs, Meerschaums, briar, pear wood - any type of wood are more than welcome.  
  • In keeping with my Peterson-Horror connection today's photo shoot will feature my Peterson Dracula Pipe. 

  • PhilipPhilip Enthusiast
    I'm assuming you smoke Cult - Blood Red Moon in that baby.
  • @Phillip Seems like the logical choice for someone like me ... but actually I haven't. I do have a tin of Militia from Cult ... but it's a birthday present that I can't touch until June 23rd ... along with a few other tins awaiting me.
  • After focusing on my Peterson Pipes manufactured in Dublin, Ireland I thought a trip just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark where my Nording Harmony Freehand pipe was produced might be in order. As the artwork on the pipe is something of a travelogue I thought that would be the perfect theme for todays Daily Briar Photoshoot.

  • Nice pipes, guess I need to get my good camera out.  
    And YES we still need that edit function!
  • After traveling from Dublin, Ireland to Copenhagen, Denmark I thought a little trip to the home of my ancestors would be in order. So I've opted to showcase my Italian made Brebbia Calabash for today's Daily Briar Photoshoot.   

  • With a name like Big Ben one might assume this pipe line would be manufactured in England ... but you'd be wrong. The Big Ben line of pipes is manufactured by the Royal Dutch Factory in the Netherlands. And for the finish on my entry in today's Daily Briar Photoshoot the Big Ben Fantasia the Gubbles Factory in the Netherlands applied a gray and white matte marbled effect giving the pipe it's unique appearance. 

  • My Chuck Sands Billiard, sorry it's upside down.
  • PhilipPhilip Enthusiast
    This is fast becoming my favorite section.
  • I can seem to stay away from Denmark. My feature pipe for today's Daily Briar Photoshoot is the Danish Frasorteret Freehand. Big and chunky but much lighter than one might expect. And an exceptional smoker. But this one requires matches because I can't maneuver my Zippo pipe lighters close enough to the tobacco to get a good light.


  • mfresamfresa Master
    @ghostsofpompeii, try the Linse lighter.  Gets down in there pretty well.  Thank @motie2 for suggesting them.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    They're like BICs for pipe smokers!!!!
    Linse Lighters Flexible Swivel Butane Flame Set of 6 NEW Lighters! $15.39
    (And yes, the stupid striped label peels off cleanly, leaving a jet black lighter.)

    Linse lighter copy
  • Thanks fellows that sounds like a good idea. Nice looking lighter as well - with or without the stripes.
  • @motie2 How do you like that lighter? I picked one up at an event about a year ago and threw it away pretty quickly. It wouldn't consistently light.
  • motie2motie2 Master

    Milady Nicole,

    I bought a package six on eBay last fall so I'd have them around. Every one has work flawlessly and none have run out of butane. I just can't afford what I want: an Oldboy.
  • Today's featured pipe for the Daily Briar Photoshoot is the 221B Baker Street pipe created by the Shalom Pipe factory in Israel. Modeling the pipe is the resident xenomorph featured in the film ALIEN 3, who just so happens to be an avid pipe smoker.

    "In Space No One Can Smell Your Smoke." 


  • Today's Daily Briar Photoshoot takes us to France where I'll feature the craftsmanship of French pipemaker Dominique Jeantet and his Signature series DOMINIQUE pipe. And who better to represent France than the famous Novelist and the Father Of Science-Fiction, Jules Verne. 


  • daveinlaxdaveinlax Connoisseur
    From the collection. The Dunhill LB, Ashtray, Tamper and Large Jar are from the 60's.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    I had that model Dunhill -- or one very similar to it -- back in the day. Apparently the former me had some taste. at least....
  • Today's featured pipe for my Daily Briar Photoshoot is a Big Ben Calabash manufactured sometime around the 1980s'. And when you think Calabash Pipe the first name that comes to mind is Sherlock Holmes. Although any Holmes aficionado will tell you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Holmes canon never once mentioned Holmes preference for the Calabash pipe. The only three pipes Doctor Watson mentions in the collective works were a clay pipe, a long-stemmed Cherrywood ... possibly a Churchwarden, and a old battered briar that had seen better days. It was stage actor William Gillette who opted for the grand looking gourd Calabash pipe to be Holmes pipe of choice. And these many years later, that profile of Holmes smoking his Calabash pipe has been indelibly etched into our subconscious. So not being one to rock the boat, when it came time to photograph the Big Ben Calabash my inspiration could be none other than the great detective.




  • motie2motie2 Master
    @ghostsofpompeii -- I never asked, and perhaps it's rude, and I mean no offense, but are you rich?
  • @motie2 No I'm definitely not rich. Not even close. Just a little creative. I'm retired and living on my US Steel pension and Social Security. And having been a steelworker that put me in that category at the lower end of middle income bracket. But over the years I have accumulated a lot of stuff ... but seldom if ever buy anything for list price. My wife and I are real bargain hunters. And the majority of pipes I've accumulated over the course of about forty years ... things I'd get for Christmas or birthday gifts. The really cool ones were pipes I'd saved up for before finally pulling the trigger. And I tend to take good care of what I do have so a lot of the stuff I have still looks brand new. I'm driving around in a 2007 Hyundai Sonata that has less than 50,000 miles and the trunk and back seat are as clean as the day I bought the car. And it drives my sister crazy. LOL I've got a lot of weird collections I've acquired over the years which you'll occasionally see me use for the backdrop of these photoshoot pictures. And since I collect weird things it's easy for my boys to find things when gift shopping for the holidays. If hey see something strange and unusual ... buy it for Dad.        
  • motie2motie2 Master
    Yeah, my mistake was the years between the mid-eighties and last summer. I wasn't smoking pipes or anything else. I had kept only three tucked away in a drawer (two Carey's and a Duncan Hill). When I think of all the disposable income I didn't spend on a pipe collection..... It makes a man's eyes moist, for sure.....

    I'm driving a 2006 Prius with 120,000 miles on it.... except at night, when I can't because my eyes' light gathering has gone to hell. Me and SWMBO live a comfortable life in the suburbs on my retirement income. I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need (well, that's a kind of lie), and when something needs fixing, we can get it fixed. After a frenetic career, I am spending retirement doing as much nothing as possible and/or whatever the heck I want.  Both my sons, Ritchie from Happy Days and Caligula,  find me "strange and unusual," and their presence from time to time is 'gift' enough. 

    Of course, I remain concerned with the recent slippage in reality and the ultimate fate of existence. But who isn't, eh?     So it goes.

    But back to the topic: THE DAILLY [sic] BRIAR PHOTOSHOOT [sic] - SHOW US YOUR PIPES & BE CREATIVE

    [Soundtrack - Zarathustra theme from 2001] (Duncan Hill Aerosphere)
    DH 3

    [Soundtrack - Handel's Water Music] (used  Carey, eBay purchase)

    [Soundtrack - This Magic Moment - Lou Reed] (used Carey, eBay purchase)
    Round top apple

    Ta-da! Creative!
  • For today's entry in the Daily Briar Photoshoot we return to France, home of the Chacom Pipe Factory, and maker of today's featured pipe. The pipe is a marbleized Chacom Style 851 Bent Brandy. And although the only other markings etched on the pipe other than the pipe maker Chacom is the name Manet, but from the current information gathered suggests the pipe is part of the Chacom Atlas Crise series. Yet upon closer inspection there is a marked differences in the stem work of the Atlas Crise from my Manet . So I believe what I have may in fact have is an older version of what's now called the Atlas series. I've probably had this pipe for over twenty-five years so re-introducing a product line under a different name isn't uncommon.






  • motie2motie2 Master
    Well, that's a different finish for a pipe.
  • I too have an affinity for the E.A. Carey Magic Inch Pipe and thought this would be the perfect day to showcase my Carey Straight Billiard as the Daily Briar Photoshoot featured pipe. This particular pipe was my first Estate pipe purchase, picked-up at a local antique store sometime in the mid-90s'. What attracted me to the pipe was the fact that although it was 20 years old, it had never been smoked and was still in the original box with the paperwork and supply of special Carey filters. At that time the thought of sticking someone's used pipe in my mouth was appalling - so this presented me with the opportunity to get a vintage pipe with no fear of contracting scurvy. And in retrospect my Carey purchase opened the door to eventually restoring and collecting Estate Pipes. The Carey Magic Inch Pipe is manufactured in London, England. 






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