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Happy International Pipe Smoking Day

It's the best day of the year, International Pipe Smoking Day! How are you celebrating today?


  • I've already visited the Pipes and Cigars website and blown most of my lunch money on a fresh supply of tobacco.
  • I had my lunch money stolen while smoking my pipe! :-(        |^|
  • The happiest day of the year
  • Ordered some bulk tobacco yesterday...not realizing that my online retailer would have be offering a 10% discount today in honor of IPSD....
  • Got my order in today , great IPSD discount at Pipes & Cigars,
  • I took a drive down to the river today, and sat on the bank and smoked a bowl of Old Dark Fired to celebrate IPSD. The weather here for February is just incredible this year.

    @Deadpool57, I've been bullied as well, and it doesn't feel good. Looking back over the years, I would have to say that my parents and teachers were the worst.

  • IndyJGIndyJG Apprentice
    Smoked a couple of bowls of McClelland CPCC Samovar on the back patio after work today. Beautiful weather with the high in the upper sixties. Awesome for February in central Indiana. Hope to get a couple more bowls in later this evening while enjoying a backyard fire pit.
  • I celebrated by buying a new pipe, a Bjarne Nielsen Freehand. Not only did I get a good deal, but got an additional 10% off in recognition of IPSD. Would have bought it without the 10%, but appreciate it all the more. Had a Nielsen Freehand years ago, a persistent individual just had to have it, so I sold it. Yeah, have regretted that decision. Anyway, happy IPSD to all.
  • P&C had a problem with the delivery of my last order so they sent me a coupon for $20.00 on my next order. In no short order I immediately used the coupon and purchased 2 tins of Molto Dolce, 1 tin of Maple Street, and then took a chance and ordered my first Latakia blend Captain Black "Black Sea". I know it's technically a Captain Black aromatic blend - but it's their first with Latakia and thought it might be my best way of easing into Latakia. As I said before I'm not a fan of English blends - so this might be a viable option to try a Latakia.

    I also spend a good portion of the day smoking my pipe while walking along the trails of Deep River Park with my wife. We were taking advantage of the unseasonably warm February Midwestern weather.  

  • It was a lovely afternoon, so I sat out back with the chickens and smoked a bowl of Berry Nice from the Hearth and home collection.
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