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    Nah. We should just keep calling them OTC since the tobaccos in question originally were sold over-the-counter in drug stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets. That differentiates those blends from other blends created over 100 years ago and sold only at tobacconists. 
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    I am fortunate to  have attended the ARESIA  Convention in Boston basically it is one of the largest East Coast Sci-Fi conventions and people of all ages attend, None of us have ever had` much contention between age differences and we all  seem to converse and amuse ourselves and we never blame the predecessors for our problems. Of course I never heard anyone yelling about "Boomers" which seems to be flung about in the Pandemic. As I predate said "boomers" by about 5 years I  guess I can't be blamed
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    I have tried, not all , but most OTC Tobacs in the 57/58 years I've clinched a Briar, and I have to say that most of them or OK to great with a few that are not so good to God awful. So there!
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    SWR, Grangers, Carter Hall.
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    SWR aromatic, Captain Black White, Dark & Royal, Half & Half.
    Velvet and SWR get honorable mention.
    I have not tried Granger, Carter Hall, Paladin or Prince Albert (in the can or otherwise), but someday I will.
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    KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    Back in the late 60s, Flying Dutchman was an OTC at my local drug store. Always enjoyed a bowl of that ribbon cut now and then...
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    I took up the Briar in about 1964 and have tried a lot of different tabac from tinned to B&M blends to mixing my own. Some winners and some losers, but I have also found that my tastes have changed over the years. I smoked and still smoke "Captain Black" and have some jarred to age for a few years. I still try other blends and occasionally find a winner. That is what makes pipe smoking such a great hobby. There is always something new to try.
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    If you like Captain Black,  check out Lane 1-Q.  It's the same blend (if it's not, it's so close I can't tell the difference) and you can buy it as bulk for a lot cheaper per oz. 
    Most online stores carry it:
    Pipes and Cigars,  etc...
    Read up on it yourself and see if you think it might work for you...

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    @KA9FFJ Thanks for the tip on Lane 1-Q.  It's getting near Autumn which is my favorite pipe-smoking season, so I'm open to some suggestions.  I do like Capt Black a lot, but I know I'm way overpaying for it here locally.  I think those small bags at the grocery store are only 1.5 oz or so, and they've gone up to around $12.  I just did a small order with Country Squire for 2 oz. and it was a couple bucks less than that.  I guess the grocers get us via "sin tax."  Cigarettes around here (I don't smoke them) are almost $10 a pack. 
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    This AM I was messing around over at Pipes and Cigars and remembered that for years I enjoyed Admiral's Choice.  Great price on a big bag of tobacco.  I've not smoked it in years and don't remember why I stopped buying it. 
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