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Pocket Knives for pipe smokers

dstribdstrib Apprentice
I have been looking for a new pocket knife. I have an assortment of pocket knives, almost all single blade lock backs, some assisted open. I find them not really useable either to cut plug or twist tobacco. I have been leaning towards more classic designs for my next pocket knife. Trapper style or Cattleman style. I do have a Swiss Army knife which the smaller blade does work well for managing cake build up. Yet I have been looking for something made locally in the US. Not that I am bias just would like to support a local business. Have found a few US based cutlery companies. Hen and Rooster, Bear & Sons, Case, Schatt and Morgan. Was wondering if anyone else is aware of any US made knives that have classic folder styles? Also what kind of knife do you carry from day to day.


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