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Does anyone have a personal blend that they mix themselves from two or more mass produced blends? Something like mixing 50% Virginia with 50% Green River Vanillia?


  • The above example btw is what I am thinking about mixing, so any suggestions would also be appriciated!
  • My two personal blends are made by The Country Squire.
  • Don't keep me in suspense @pappyjoe...what are they?!
  • @pipeprofessor - Senior Chief and Lighthouse Keeper. Senior Chief was their blend of the month for August 2015. Lighthouse Keeper is similar to Senior Chief but a little lighter. 
  • @pappyjoe how long did it take to get your blend perfect?
  • I had started thinking about what I wanted in a private blend maybe 6 months before I talked to Jon David about the first. He made the first sample and I tried it, we talked about it and tweaked it more. It took maybe 3 tries to Senior Chief the way I wanted it. So maybe 8 months total. Lighthouse Keeper is really just a lighter version of Senior Chief - we basically changed some of the proportions and took out one of the flavorings. I view Lighthouse Keeper as not a finished blend yet as I may make another adjustment to it.

    Neither one is a strong aromatic - they are more of crossover blends. I have been told they would be good for someone who wanted to move from aromatics to English Blends
  • motie2motie2 Master

    Once again, for newcomers, and for any aromatic smoker who hasn't tried it....

    Our own @Ghostsofpompeii is always coming up with a new combination of tobacco blends. He's even into "stacking" (packing layers of different blends/flavors in one bowl). 

    In my humble opinion, this is his finest creation: Mrs. Hudson's 221B Bakery Street Blend

    Sherlock Holmes probably smoked a strong English blend. Naming a sweet aromatic after him would be inappropriate and ungentlemanly. The name "Mrs. Hudson’s" is a reference to Sherlock Holmes' landlady. 

    Mrs. Hudson’s 221B Bakery Street Blend is made from Sutliff bulk tobaccos, sold by the ounce, and blended together as follows: 

    Three parts (or 3 oz.) Sutliff Vanilla Custard

    Two parts (or 2 oz.) Sutliff Chocolate Mousse

    One part (or 1 oz.) Sutliff Crème Brulee

    Some folks substitute one part (or 1 oz.) Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce (tin) for the very similar Creme Brûlée.

    Historical note: The original recipe called for “….a pinch or two of Sutliff Irish Creme.”  @Ghostsofpompeii confirms it may be omitted without harming the blend.

    Mrs. Hudson's 221B Bakery Street Blend — easy to light and keep lit, great taste, great room note; no bite, no goop, and no negative ghosting.

  • @motie2 Thanls Motie. That is probably my only claim to fame.
  • I've mentioned this before as my favorite mix, 1/3 Edward G. Robinson and 2/3 Half &Half. It is claimed to be the favorite of author Shelby Foote. It is my go to smoke, at least it will be again when I start puffing in 9 days.
  • AceFourAceFour Master
    Well that was fun blending up a pound of "Morning on the Pizer", "Evening on the Pizer" and "Red Queen V".   Ran out of my stoved VA for RQV and used the good old substitute, "Black XX" which I used in my first test batches.  Give it a little more ompf.  

    All set for heading out to the river Wednesday . . .

  • opipemanopipeman Master
    Brings back a conversation I overheard between two carpenters back in the day. Foreman "Is it straight?" Helper "Nope." Foreman "Is it level?" Helper "Nope." Foreman "Is it square?" Helper "Nope." Foreman "Nail her."
  • AceFourAceFour Master
    Packed up Dix, Morning on the Pizer, Evening on the Pizer, McCrainie’s Red Ribbon 2000 and Dark Star for the getaway. Need to buy some new line for the inland fishing pole. Smoking Red Queen V with coffee to pair.
  • motie2motie2 Master

    Well, I finally got to jthe RQV. Verrrry interesting. 
    Can you tell me what’s in it?
    D and WD still await.

  • AceFourAceFour Master
    RQV is 3 Virginia's and perique.  
  • vtgrad2003vtgrad2003 Master
    edited July 21
    @opipeman Back in a former life I owned a drywall company (college didn't start until my late 20's); perhaps our most often said line when up three scaffolds in a vaulted ceiling with all kinds of angles and the 12' board of sheetrock didn't fit quite right was "can't see it from my house, nail the motherfucker!". 
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    Or, that's good enough for a town this size.
  • motie2motie2 Master
    This explains why this generation of tile layers can't slope a shower stall floor towards the drain opening.
    "Flat and level is good enough....."
  • Or when “carpenters” install custom kitchen cabinets and were not going to make the setback on the toe-kick😠.  I don’t pretend to be a professional carpenter, but jeez, even I know there needs to be a setback.  I’m just glad I caught the mistake before they had the cabinets set and “finished”.  Although, It might have served them right if they would have had to remove them all and start over.  I sure as heck do not want a broken toe😭
  • DSturg369DSturg369 Enthusiast
    50/50 mix of Prince Albert and Lane's 1-Q. Smells like fresh baked cookies or brownies. Very pleasant taste as well.
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