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New Perique Tobacco video


  • @PappyJoe;
    Very educational. It is inspiring to see the tradition of an american family business that hopefully will thrive for more generations. Let's hope the government leaves them to it and they can keep passing their product on with the pride they exhibit. Thanks for sharing the video.
  • Interesting article attached. Some of it comes from an e-cigarette site discussion of flavored tobaccos.
  • They left out the most important step in the process of making Pirique tobacco - and that's when the goat urinates on the bale.
    I bought a few ounces of bulk Perique a while back and the barnyard scent whooshed up my nostrils and refused to leave til several minutes later. I swear it smelled exactly like goat urine on a bale of straw. Memories of taking my kids to the petting zoo flashed in my brain. At the time I was attempting to create new Frankenstein tobacco blends and heard that Pirique was great for blending.Unfortunately I couldn't get past the smell when I opened the Mason jar. I eventually traded it to one of the members here for something else.
    I will say one thing for adding a touch of Perique to an existing blend ... it produces a nice thick white smoke.   
  • The Perique in Magnum Opus works out very well. Also in Escudo. Otherwise I agree with @ghostsofpompeii
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