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The Country Squire in Jackson, MS

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I've been listening to their podcast for a while and decided to place an order today for the first time.  It looks like a pretty cool place (wish I lived near there so I could pay them a visit).   I'm an aromatic guy and went for some of their own blends.  Really looking forward to trying them out!  Do you all do business with these folks?


  • @TakeMeToTheShire I order from them. If you like aromatics, Im a big fan of Rivendell. At Christmas they put a a great blend called figgy pudding that is similar.  You won't be disappointed with the tobacco you get from them!
  • I have sampled their wares (both aromatics and  non aros) in the past and was not a fan myself but everybody tastes are different, nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes.
  • @Zouave I went with some kind of vanilla they blend that's a best seller, and I got some "Old Toby," one of their Tolkien-inspired blends.  Their podcast is a lot of fun and I recommend it to those so inclined. 
  • @TakeMeToTheShire, Country Squire blends are good smokes, in fact, I smoked Old Toby for the first two years of my pipe journey.  Green Dragon is also good if you like Virginias.
  • @mfresa Thanks for the tip.  It's funny, even though I've been at pipe-smoking for about 16 years now, I'm probably the most uneducated and unsophisticated smoker you'll meet.  I still don't know what a "Virginia" is, or what Latakia is, etc.  I just know what tastes good to me.  Every time I've bought that really dark (almost black) tobacco, I don't like it at all.  Every time I've bought something in a fancy and expensive tin, I've not like it at all.  I bought some Frog Morton for the Tolkien reference and threw it away it was so bad (to me).  The only things I like are Carter Hall, Captn Black, and the lighter vanilla/cherry-type blends sold in bulk in local shops.  I don't know what makes them what they are; I just like the way they taste and feel. 
  • @TakeMeToTheShire, smoke what you like.  Life is too short to smoke something you don't like.  I've tossed or given away tins of stuff that sounded good but turned out to be forgettable as far as I was concerned.  By the way , "Virginia" is a genetic strain of tobacco, not to be confused with any other strain of tobacco leaf (Burley, Latakia, Perique, Oriental).  Frequently Virginia is used as a base for blends of various types with those other leaves.
  • @TakeMeToTheShire To the best of my knowledge Latakia is a processed tobacco and not a specific plant. The actual tobacco species used to first create Latakia has never been identified. 

    The same is true for Cyprus Latakia. It’s different varieties of oriental tobacco processed in the same method as Syrian Latakia. 

    90 percent of the Perique used in blending today is a burley imported to Louisiana from Kentucky and Canada and processed using the perique method. The other 10 percent is a strain of tobacco grown in the St. James Parish region along the east bank of the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. 
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    Sounds like you might have an aversion to Latakia…like me🙂
    Might as well smoke railroad tie shavings😖
  • I am a huge fan of Country Squire and own many of their blends
  • Gpolly1Gpolly1 Apprentice
    I'm heading up (I'm from Florida) to Kosciusko, MS around Christmas to visit some family. Told my wife that we'll have to make a pit stop at the Country Squire while we're there. Love the podcast!
  • The “Bill’s Blend” I got from the Squire is growing on me.  I loaded a nice bowl of it Sunday morning and got about 35 minutes of a nice smoke.  The taste lingered for the next couple hours.  I’ve not connected that much with their “Old Toby” but I’ll keep trying.  
  • @jacobramsey74, I also bought my first pipe from JD.  A quality churchwarden at a good price.
  • The guy at the tobacco counter was awesome. He let me smell all of the tobaccos and I went with Second Breakfast because it smelled like those chocolate covered cherries with the filling inside. 
  • Just picked up Ruins of Windsor.  Will try and light up tonight
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