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Monthly Tobacco Subscription Box

Are there any quality pipe tobacco of the month subscriptions? Pay a monthly fee and receive tobacco sorta thing. 


  • @vtgrad2003
    Dang. It seems like our cigar brothers and sisters get to have all the fun.
  • I smoke a ton of cigars, always have, and I know a lot of cigar smokers and probably 1/3 of them use those accounts. The reason is that they really don't feel like going through the effort of storing a cigar. It's easy to store pipe tobacco. A Boveda or two in a ziploc will easily keep a cigar fresh for a few weeks, and with the new technology of those pre-humidified 3-cigar packages they have now, there's even less of a reason to store cigars long term.

  • Since I only smoke aromatic blends a monthly subscription for pipe tobacco wouldn't be for me. Unless it was broken into two categories - aromatic and non-aromatic. 
  • @ghostsofpompeii

    So far I have only smoked aromatics. What is your favorite? 
  • I did see a while back the country squire had a middle earth sample pack if I'm not mistaken? If I was a patient man I would think one could order it and try one a month. I am not a patient man. 
  • @Zouave

    I would have a hard time waiting to try each one too.

    I'll be in the Jackson area for work in a couple weeks. I'm thinking about stopping by the Country Squire before I leave and picking up my first briar pipe! If so I will go ahead and buy the sampler while I'm at it.
  • @jacobramsey74 I have quite a few favorites ... in no special order - all three blends from East India Trading Company "Officer's Club", "Cellar Reserve", and "Royal Challenge"; Sutliff Private Stock "Molto Dolce" and Barbados Plantation; CAO "Eileen's Dream", Panama Jack "Key Lime"; and two discontinued blends that I'll really miss when my supply is gone, Lane "Wild Hare" and the best tinned cherry blend I ever smoked (from of all places Captain Black) called "Red Sky" (which I actually prefer to than the more popular "Cult Blood Red Moon").. As for bulk blends I really enjoy Scotty's "Trout Stream" and one of Russ' special blends "Warm Up" both from Pipes & Cigars; as well as Sutliff bulk blends "Vanilla Custard", "Chocolate Mousse", and "Creme Brulee". And two great tasting aromatics from Boswell "Cupcake" and "Christmas Cookie".
    There are quite a few more - but these stick in my head and tend to be my go to blends. I''s suggest trying the Boswell "Cupcake" - it's a real winner. Taste amazing, great tin note, and the room will smell like a bakery.
  • @ghostsofpompeii
    I think you can add Panama Jack Key Lime to the no longer in production list…..actually, all of the Panama Jack line, including the MM cob.
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