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Lingering Smell of Pipe and Cigar Smoke

Like a lot of us, I started out as a cigar smoker. I still love cigars, but the pipe has recently won my heart for many reasons. The one I want to talk about today is the amount of time the smell of pipe tobacco smoke lingers compared to the smell of cigar smoke. I can smoke my pipe and my wife barely notices. However, when I smoke a cigar she likes for me to take a shower as soon as I come inside. I was just wondering why that is and if anyone can explain. Have a wonderful day!


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    I've often wondered why cigar and cigarette smokes clings more than pipe smoke. 

    I have no clue, especially considering that a pipe can last for over an hour.
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    Thank you @PappyJoe I will do so!

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    I smoke my pipe in my truck all the time and when my wife isn't watching I'll have a bowl in her car while running errands and it never lingers. I smoked a cigar in my truck once years ago after a round of golf and it stunk for days. Like Pappyjoe, I have no idea why. My bride has never told me to take a shower, but she has told me I stink on occasion. Sometimes, I hadn't even smoked a cigar.
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     I am a bit picky about the way my car smells, but I smoke in my old VW that was my grandfather's on occasion. Smoking a pipe in an older car just feels special. My daily is off limits no matter how much I'm tempted. I guess cigar smoke is more concentrated than a pipe's. The nerd inside me wants to find out the scientific reason behind it. 
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    Some things just defy scientific reason; like the female mind, why a car breaks down right after the warranty runs out, why there is always a witness when you fall down, why those produce plastic bags are so hard to open.
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    I think cigar leaf goes through another process (fermenting), that most pipe tobaccos do not, perique being the exception.  Perique is still different than cigar leaf fermenting because it is stewing in it own juices and (I think) anaerobic (no air) because of the high pressure in the barrels.  I think cigar leaf may ferment in a more aerobic environment.  

    Like @vtgrad2003, I have no idea if I’m actually correct or not.

    You want to know stink?  Try a candela wrapped cigar, the Baccarat’s I have, I smoked one in my insulated 28’x35’ shop with a 12’ ceiling once….once…..it stunk up the whole shop for several days even after opening the overheads while backing my vehicles out🫢

    By the way Nub Cigars are brutal that way also, I’ll never buy another.
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    @vtgrad2003, your theory sounds very plausible.  You must be an economist/scientist!!
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    Well, I am an economist as you know, but because our forecasts are worse than your local meteorologist's, I probably can't be called a "scientist"  :D

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    It's very true. It's one reason why my wife doesn't mind my pipes much. However, she is definitely not a fan of any smoking at all. 
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    Iforgot cigar leaves are fermented! All that extra juiciness is sticking to our clothes. 
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    I've always heard that pipe tobacco smoke dissipates, whereas cigarette smoke lingers longer in the air. And it has something to do with the paper in cigarettes. Go to a BINGO game one evening in a place that allows smoking and you'll see what I mean. Cigarette smoke seems to hang in the air forever. after an evening of BINGO my eyes are red and watering ... making it appear as though I just left the funeral of a close friend or family member.
    But when I'm smoking my pipe the smoke dissipates so fast it practically disappears after leaving my mouth.
    True, when lighting your pipe you'll find your head momentarily enshrouded in an cloud of smoke, but once you've gotten past the initial char light and final light, you'll find yourself once more in a relatively smoke free room.
    I know a good cigar is supposedly wrapped in a tobacco leaf and not paper like a cigarette - but the two are smoked in a fashion, so it's possible both cigar and cigarette share that similar lingering smoke effect. And since cigar smoke tends to be more pungent than pipe tobacco it may add to lingering aroma.    
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    motie2motie2 Master
    Cigar and cigarette smoke tends to linger more than pipe tobacco smoke for a few key reasons:

    1. Volume of smoke: Cigars and cigarettes generally produce a larger volume of smoke compared to pipes, leading to more smoke particles lingering in the air

    2. Chemical composition: Cigarette smoke contains more tar and other sticky compounds that adhere to surfaces more readily, causing the smell to persist longer

    3. Tobacco preparation: Pipe tobacco is often looser and burns at a lower temperature than tightly rolled cigars or cigarettes, potentially producing less intense smoke

    4. Smoking duration: Cigars are often smoked for longer periods than pipes, allowing more time for smoke to accumulate in the environment

    5. Filtration: Pipes often have a stem device that can act as a filter, potentially reducing some of the more pungent compounds in the smoke

    While pipe smoke does have an odor, it generally dissipates more quickly and is often considered less offensive than cigar or cigarette smoke. However, the perception of lingering smoke can vary depending on factors such as ventilation, room size, and individual sensitivity to odors.

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