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Favorites, Neutrals, Rarely and Nevers

I've been dusting and polishing my collection lately and I found that I have 3 groups that most of my pipes fall into.

First is my favorites, the ones that come to hand like old friends, that you most often choose them to smoke. Those are 20% of the total.

Second are the ones you pick up and think "Long time, why not?" 35%

Third, the rarely or never group, These are the ones that for one or another reason are pipes that are Collectors Items
 that are too delicate to smoke, you save them to try out new tobaccos, they're not comfortable, are just too big or small, etc.. 25%

Almost all of my pipes are 1/4 or 1/8 bent with full bent or straight in the minority. 

Anyone else find these numbers like these?


  • DSturg369DSturg369 Connoisseur
    Same... I have a few that I just like to look at and hold from time to time.
  • I have tons that I have not smoked…..yet, but ultimately they are all headed for it, unless I decide to sell them first (refurbs).  The one pipe I am having difficulty deciding when to smoke it is my silver rimmed, silver spigot, amber stemmed, Peterson 03.  I smoked my 2013 Antiques, another tough pair, and the ASPC Tinsky dublin. I have a few Peterson POY’s that I have yet to smoke, but not because of any hesitation, it’s just that I have so dang many other pipes that have already been smoked and they smoke well.  I may have too many pipes🤔
  • mapletopmapletop Master
    I don't have any unsmoked but I have quite a few rarely smoked as they are my Sunday go to meetin pipes who's beauty I'm trying to prolong.
    I can at times be the stereotypical absent minded pipe smoker, just ask my wife who helps search when I've misplaced one:)
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    Can a man have too many pipes??
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    As men we complain that we really don't understand women. Actually, women don't understand men either. God knew what he was doing!
  • I think I can smoke more than one pipe at a time……🤔
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    That is a hoot! I almost wet myself.
  • As of late I find myself drawn to about four pipes from my collection of well over 50. The two I tend to reach for most often is the Matches 860 Pipe, the Peterson Dracula pipe, Both of which are pretty similar in shape ... and smoke quite well. I need to make a conscious effort to rotate my pipes more often. It's easy to fall into a pattern when your smoking time is significantly cut back. Since I don't smoke in the house until late evening when my wife is asleep at the other end of the house, the only time I smoke in the afternoon is when the weather is good and I can enjoy smoking either outdoors or in my Man Cave Garage. But last winter it was just way too cold - and this summer's hear wave has made it unbearable to smoke in the garage. So when the temperature is in that 'Goldilocks' stage I grab the nearest pipe and make a beeline to the garage with a fistful of music CDs. And the two pipes in the pipe rack next to my chair are the Matches 860 pipe and the Dracula pipe. I spend more time contemplating what music I'm taking with me than I do the pipe.   
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