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Who Orders From pipeandcigars.com?

It's been a while since I've ordered anything from them - maybe a year or two - so I have a question. How long does it take them to process an order for items the show as "in-stock"?
I placed an order on Friday morning, received the confirmation and was actually expecting it to ship by Monday morning. (I know, I have no patience. Right?)

In the past I remember orders shipping the morning after I placed the order. Has things changed there?


  • My order took a seeming long time to process, and receive for being in the same country……or is it🤔
  • Londy3Londy3 Master
    There is a lot wrong with logistics right now. Very slow and very expensive. Kinda like the post office. 
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
    You would think they would process quicker. The orders I make with Estervals is on my doorstep in 7 days or less. 
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    I've never kept track of the time it takes, but it seems to get here pretty fast.
  • KA9FFJKA9FFJ Master
    I placed an order last Friday afternoon. Tracking says should arrive tomorrow (Wednesday)... We'll see...
  • mfresamfresa Master
    @KA9FFJ, @PappyJoe, I think my last order arrived in a similar timeframe.  4 or 5 days after I ordered.
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
    I called Pipes & Cigars customer service this morning.
    It took him a few minutes to find the problem which seems to have been a communication problem between Pipes & Cigars and PayPal.

    Paypal had sent me an email saying the payment was authorized but the money wouldn't be charged to my account until the order had shipped. Pipes & Cigars was waiting on the payment before they would ship.

    Lesson learned - I'm changing from paying through PayPal to paying with one of my credit cards. 

    Pipes and Cigars changed the shipping to overnight delivery so I should receive it tomorrow. 
  • opipemanopipeman Master
    I have a better answer than my previous post. I ordered a tin on 5/23 and payed with PayPal. It arrived today 5/25. I guess pretty fast is still a good answer.       
  • My “Uno” order from P&C was placed on the 12th, shipped on the 13th.  I received it on the 20th….but I live in the sticks🙂.
  • PappyJoePappyJoe Master
    My order arrived tonight. 
    IM Corona Old Boy lighter, three packs of pipe cleaners, a cleaning cloth and a pouch of Backwoods Butter Rum pipe tobacco. 
  • I've never ordered from them simply because their website sucks...it's like not cleaning a bathroom in a restaurant. If the bathroom ain't clean then you can bet that the kitchen isn't either and the owners/managers could care less; I feel the same way about other retailers--if they're too lazy and/or incompetent to design a decently operating and navigable website for online sales, then they probably could care less about product and/or customer service.
  • mapletopmapletop Master
    The thing that really pisses me off with P&C is the fact that the blends they produce including the Seattle Pipe club stuff comes in metalized spiral wound chip board containers that provide limited integrity for blends you want to cellar.
    Metal tins and a can seamer or the smaller vacuum packed variety are the only sure method for long term cellaring (commercially), and yes the website sucks.

  • I think we've all become quite spoiled by the likes of Amazon Prime which can deliver a package within 24 hours (even on Sunday). That's because they have their own delivery service. If I order something from a company other than Amazon Prime I don't get too concerned until ten days after the order was placed. Especially if the amount is already deducted from my charge card. Amazon doesn't deduct the price of an order until it has been shipped.
    Besides tobacco products I order a lot of DVD, Blu-Yay, and music CDs from a variety of sources. And some of the smaller Boutique Media outlets tend to be short staffed and take anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. So I've learned to be patient.
    I can recall ordering 8mm horror movies, model kits, and back issues of magazines from the advertising pages of Famous Monsters Of Filmland (Captain Company) when I was a kid, then wait a month or two before the package finally arrived . 
    I haven't had any real problem with Pipes&Cigars (unless there is a massive sale in process) ... but will admit my orders to Boswell are generally delivered within a few days of placing the order. Boswell tended to be much faster than Pipes&Cigars. 
  • 8mm "movies" just became banned in Canada and Joe Biden wants the same...the "size" of those movies shouldn't be owned by private citizens, LOL, and definitely not viewed with an AR-15 :D

  • I’ve never encountered an issue with them and I’ve ordered a lot from them. Usually comes quickly but, I’m not too far from them. 
  • DSturg369DSturg369 Connoisseur
    I've ordered from them in the past and would do so again. Never had an issue with the contents or shipping time.
  • P&C tends to get a lot of hate for their shipping and PR. Back in 2016, they infamously changed over their internal systems right around IPSD, causing many problems for many that ordered from them that day, myself included. However, they did make things right, so I'd order from them if I found something I liked.
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