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On A Quest: Kohlhase & Kopp 2020 Limited Edition Circus Edition 100 g. Tin

After having just posted a comment suggesting I've accumulated more tobacco blends than I'll be able to smoke in my lifetime, I find myself once again on a quest for a blend I'd like to add to my already over-capacity cellar. It caught my eye several months ago at a time when I didn't have the extra cash to spend - and now wouldn't you know it ... the blend is unavailable at the normal on-line vendors I frequent.
The blend is Kohlhase & Kopp 2020 Limited Edition Circus Edition in a colorful 100g tin.
I can't seem to find it anywhere and the flavor profile seems to be something I'd like.
Welcome to the Circus!

Salty Caramel Popcorn | Lemon | Honey

Escape the circus that surrounds you every day and visit us in our ring. A world where joy, fun and pleasure reign! Far from everyday life and everyday thinking. We probably don't need to mention that you can smoke in our ring to your heart's content. At the start of our show, we would like to introduce you to our »Kohlhase & Kopp Limited Edition 2020«. After all, no mixture is better suited in view of our lion, Bruce, who fearlessly cuddles a gazelle, or our hero, Hector, who will plunge from 10 meters into a 10-liter bucket.

So, pack your pipe and take out your lighter! Hardly has the flame kissed the tobacco than a salty caramel popcorn aroma takes over the ring. A broken Virginia provides a cool burn. Aromas of lemons join the sweet wisps that are wafting through the ring. The caramel sweetness gradually wears off and a creamy taste of honey spreads across the tongue, strongly supported by our palatable Black Cavendish. The sweet honey aroma lasts to the end until all that is left in your pipe is tobacco crumbs. Just the right time for the grand finale. Our clown Archibald enters the ring, you will shake with laughter, and a pipe does not hold itself so well in the hand anyway.

100g Tin/3.53oz


If anyone has tried it - or better still - knows where I can find a tin please let me know. I'm intrigued.


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